15 Best Network Marketing Books of All Time

baby reading bookTop 15 Network Marketing Books


After 18 years in network marketing, earning several million dollars, and speaking to tens of thousands of people in over 20 countries around the world,  I’ve made it a mission of mine to master the art & science of Network Marketing.

Because of that mission, I’ve read more books on network marketing than I have any other subject. Just in my home library, I have close to 100 different MLM books.  I’m so thankful for the person  who introduced me to network marketing.  It’s completely changed the direction of my life and those of my friends and family.

In previous posts I’ve covered the Top 20 Self Help Books and the Top 10 Leadership Books but if you’re involved in Network Marketing, I’m going to list the books that have helped me earn millions of dollars. My strongest mentoring for you is to go buy every single one of the mlm books on this list and devour them!  (Note: For your convenience, I’ve linked each of these mlm book titles to Amazon.)

My Top 15 Network Marketing Books

all you can do book1. All You Can Do is All You Can Do by Art Williams

I’ve read this book at lease five times. Art Williams started one of the largest network marketing companies in the world that is now known as Primerica.  Art breaks down the key to winning in network marketing and in life. If you’ve heard me speak, you may have heard my talk on “Dreams are the fuel that fire desire” which comes straight out of this book. Art is a no nonsense, plain-speaking multi-millionaire who lays out his secrets to success in this page-turner!


raising a giant2. Raising a Giant: A Books about Network Marketing by Bob Crisp

Bob was one of the fastest growing leaders ever within the Amway corporation. Bob shares his story of going from insurance salesman to living a jet setter lifestyle and losing it all. This one focuses on the keys of becoming a leader in this industry.  It will take you and your business to the next level.  My copy is filled with highlights, underlines, notes and almost completely worn out from reading it so many times. Trust me – an amazing read!


mach II book3. Mach II With Your Hair on Fire by Richard Brooke

He nails it!  This is the one book that hit me right between the eyes and revealed to me exactly why I hadn’t had success in life. Self-motivation and visualization are the key focus points in the book.  And, boy, does he make it simple, understandable and exciting.  I’ve known people to sit down with this book and not get up until it’s finished.  He teaches you how to direct, produce and star in your own movie that is your life! Richard, my friend, thank you so much for writing this book!


greatest networker book4. The Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg

John Milton Fogg uses a parable here of a guy who’s close to quitting NWM when he meets a MLM leader deemed as the greatest networker in the world.  From the story, you begin to realize that we often have to unlearn a lot of previous marketing and sales techniques to succeed in this completely different industry of network marketing.  He talks about the power of duplication and so much more.  Get this book!  It’ll shake things up, for sure!


mary kay book5. You Can Have It All by Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay, one of my biggest heroes, started her company as a single mother supporting three children.  Following her priorities and some sound, savvy business strategies, she managed to create a multibillion-dollar network marketing company and a full life that reflects her values. She shares how she did it and how you can do it too without any superhuman strength or giving up your priorities.


net easy marketing image6. Net Easy Marketing by Wes Melcher

Wes is a great friend of mine and an amazing author and speaker!  In this book, he shares how to take your NWM business into the 21st century.  He puts things so simply that veterans and newbies can relate to it.  There’s some cutting edge stuff in here you need to learn and a very simple, easy to follow game plan on how to build a highly successful network marketing business.  Buy copies for your team and they’ll thank you!


Your First Year in Network Marketing Image7. Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell

Your First Year in Network Marketing may be the best book on the mindset of how to become a professional networker. It lets you know what’s coming when you approach people, how to handle it (avoiding the rejection rocket) and how to grow with it.  Some of the scripts he gives in the book I don’t necessarily agree with as I feel they’re a bit out-dated, but Mark is an amazing philosopher and his overall attitude training cannot be argued with.


feeding a giant8. Feeding a Giant by Bob Crisp

This is a great follow up to read after #2, Raising a Giant by Bob Crisp.  His focus on “feeding the people” and being a servant leader are critical to the success to a real leader in network marketing.  Without it, success will be short-lived.  His specific strategies and advice will definitely make a difference in your mlm career.


the mary kay way book image9. The Mary Kay Way by Mary Kay Ash

This books provides timeless principles by America’s greatest female entrepreneur.  She shares her proven success principles she learned and developed over her 35 year career in network marketing. I’ve got some serious respect for Mary Kay, jot just as a female leader, but a true leader of value.  She definitely deserves 2 spots on this list!


dont let anyone steal your dream image10. Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream by Dexter Yager

Check out the cover from the seventies…. NEVER judge a book by it’s cover! LOL This is the life story of Dexter Yager and his wife, Birdie, who achieved the level of Diamond in the Amway business. It is full of success principles which anybody can use no matter what business you are in.  He dives into his 9 principles that still apply today.


mark of a millionaire book image11. The Mark of a Millionaire by Dexter Yager

Dexter Yager is a millionaire many times over and is a well-loved and well-known entrepreneur AND the Author of #10 (just above). I’ve pulled several concepts out of this book over the years to move my business and training abilities forward. It’s a quick and entertaining read that you’ll absolutely love.



45 second presentation 12. The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life by Failla

This is another timeless book that is a favorite among many top mlm leaders worldwide.  This book includes network marketing strategies on how to build your business efficiently and effectively by focusing on revenue-generating activity. In addition, he covers how to recruit people with a 45 second presentation.  The key is to keep things simple.  If you don’t know your 45 second pitch for your business, buy this book!


big al tells all13. Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System by Schreiter

This is another oldie but a goodie.  Warning – it is very cartoonish but the principles are as solid as they come. I actually just read this in a mastermind and people were amazed with all of the gems hidden in here.  It’s not going to talk about NWM in the 21st century but will cover the types of recruiting strategies you will and will NOT want to use.  His examples are often hysterical yet happen every day.


how to be like rich devos book image14. How to Be Like Rich DeVos by Pat Williams

DeVos is a great example of how to win the right way.  He is the founder of Amway and owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and possesses traits rarely found in business leaders today, including leadership, wisdom, putting others before yourself, giving back, patriotism, focusing on family.



business of 21st century15. The Business of the 21st Century by Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki is a huge well-known supporter of network marketing.  In this book, he includes a DVD on how to build your home business and become a leader within the industry.  His no nonsense, business savvy way of explaining this industry is AMAZING!  I highly encourage you to pick up this one ASAP and use it as a credibility tool to recruit.



MLM Books - The Unemployed MillionaireBONUS Book: The Unemployed Millionaire by Matt Morris (yours truly)

Even though this isn’t an official book on network marketing, I go in depth on the mindset and leadership principles I used to get where I am today in network marketing.  I go over what it takes to get to the top in your industry and how to do it the right way.  You’ll learn very specific strategies and techniques to use to advance your level of leadership in network marketing. Even though you can’t classify this as one of the mlm books, I’ve had countless people buy dozens of copies to give out to their team members.

I hope these mlm books help you achieve your goals and dreams in becoming a network marketing professional!

Make life an adventure!


P.S. – If you enjoyed this post, please comment below and also let me know if you feel like there are any other mlm books that need to be on this list!


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      Not sure what category the Slight Edge would go in. It didn’t make the overall list and it’s not a network marketing specific book so just not sure where it fits. Amazing book though.

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    Great list … but Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers is one of the best new books on network marketing out there. Should definitely be high on your list.

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