30.04.2024 $1,000 TO $10,000 CHALLENGE (Stake)

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I've got $1,000 in the balance I'm going. to attempt to take this to 10K I've got. three attempts if I lose in all three. that is it the video is a wrap I've done. this challenge multiple times in the. past you guys really seem to enjoy it. with $100 we've also done a doar to 100. today guys we're taking it to a new. level 10K is the goal now where are we. going to start I think everyone watch it. knows Kino of course okay man let's set. up the board just like this we're going. to do a square and then add on 21 which. is my lucky number 21 is locked in and. by the way we're going to keep an eye on. the stats throughout this YouTube video. okay this is going to be a very long. video so uh get comfortable oh $6 win. nice let's lock in with a $50. B oh dear oh dear you don't really want. to start out with a loss but what can.

You do about it we'll keep doing these. 50s the goal right now is to get to 1.5k. once we get there we take this to uh. another steak original I'm thinking we. go dice we try and get some crazy hits. on dice but first of all we need to go. up boys I'm hoping Kino will come. through back to 1K good two numbers that. time what we need here is an 8X that was. uh that was almost an eight we need five. numbers to connect for the eight oh. 1.2k decent we'll take it provided it. doesn't give me 20 losses in a row right. now three numbers is that in it is not. that's got in it's not all right yeah. Kino can do that he can just it can just. toss out those losses nonstop you guys. are seeing it right. now what's that like 10 losses in a row. maybe more y Kino please there we go the. atex is in we needed it we went down to.

600 temporarily that's got to be oh. that's a 63x. already yo oh my goodness what a start. to the video guys oh my goodness that is. literally the dream star for this type. of video we're nearly halfway there and. we've just started that's insane look at. that one off the 500x. already wow right I'm going to do one. more for good measure and hopefully get. another win fine uh you know what let's. uh let's go down to 4K exactly please. all right 4K in the balance ladies and. gentlemen that is an unbelievable start. to this challenge it's going to be a. really good session a really fun video. and hopefully we get to 10K on the first. attempt let's back out real quick before. we do start boys if you want to check. out stake and get access to a $21 reload. click on settings here go to offers and. type the code quick timing within the.

First 24 hours after signing up you will. get instant access to the rakeback. system which will give you money back on. every single B place right all right. we're going to go to mines for a bit I'm. thinking we just do $100 bets and uh oh. my goodness that's one mine on the board. all right we're going to try this this a. few more times let's see how many oh my. good yo I'm so glad we are bro I'm so. glad we're doing 100 right now otherwise. this video would be like an actual. disaster like no joke bro I could have I. could have done a few 300s but I'm. sticking to 100 for now that's 90 profit. mines has just taken 300 from me so we. need to make a little bit more than that. I'm going to oh where is it I'm thinking. it's around here though so let's go one. here I don't trust this TP I really I. just don't trust it I'm going to go for.

This one okay I'm at 175 this one I. really guys I don't trust it I'm telling. you I don't trust it bro let's go here. nice that's 253 H I'm going to cash it. okay I was oh my goodness look at that I. circled it immediately that's insane all. right let's go back in guys we're back. up to Fork um three here three here 1 2. 3 however many that is I think that was. five yeah let's go one two oh my. goodness I thought I was pushing my luck. there there all right let's cash that. out the mine is right in the middle good. thing we do not click that so we're up. to uh 1.4k on the video so far okay we. are going to jump back in with a $200. bet upping the stakes here corner that's. good we're going for the top right come. on yeah that's 91 I might just take that. out I want to go for a 2X though we're. risking 200 let's go I don't trust this.

Corner let's go for the uh the middle. three oh dear that was a mistake oh I. should have gone for the corners they. were all clear all right we'll go back. in with 200 I'm going to do this. vertical zigzag on the other side too. that's 130 profit let's start picking. them off one here one here that's 180. okay guys one here or two should I say. 250 I'm going to go for one more please. please do not comment greedy if there is. a mine here okay good 295 cash it out. all right boys 4.2k in the balance let's. jump back we're going to go to dice this. was my initial plan I wanted to go to. Kino get to 1.5k and then jump onto dice. do some 25% bets do some really big bets. and take this to like 2 to 3K the crazy. thing is we are already sitting at 4.2k. as much as I'm just thinking about let's. let's call the video here let's just.

Take the 3K profit this is already a. good video I uh I really want to get. this 1K to 10K challenge done it's been. about 4 months since we did one and this. right now is my first attempt at trying. this in a very long time I'm going to do. a 150 this is a really big first bet but. since we're in a lot of profit I'm going. to risk it if this does not work out. we're going to lower this please 400. profit if we get this let's go oh man. one more time all right we can't be. doing too many of those I'll go down to. 100 for a couple okay that's a loss oh. dear. 70 we'll take it we actually need a. couple there's another one that's good. that's good that's good let's see if we. can get another one real quick 42 95 is. in I'm back up to 4 4.2 let's take that. risk again $150 bet I'm trying to get. this to 5K right now before we go to.

Plinker please oh so far away again I. might be pushing my luck but let's go oh. dear again there's one wait we're. instantly back go for it again 63.5 to. come on yes man good 4.4 again okay guys. oh man let's go to 100. 4.18 57.1 37. 17 92 is in give me the back to back Yes. Man Called It Go For It Again the triple. oh too good to be true. 61 76 just about got that all right boys. we are we are if I get this we're going. to be at five grand please yes we got it. 5K what a crazy session I'm looking at. my recording I'm looking at my recording. it says 7 Minutes how have I made 4K in. 7 minutes well we know how the 63x just. a crazy start to the session though this. is uh by far the best start I've ever. had to a 1K to 10K video let's go to. Plinko okay of course high risk is going. on there's no doubt about that I've been.

Doing 15 rows uh a lot recently I got a. 83x the other day so we're going to do. exactly that I'm going to drop initially. a $62 bll let's see what that can do for. us yeah we'll take that we'll do a. couple of 50s see how it's feeling and. then we can decide where we want to go. that could be something on the left yo. what no way this is insane this is. actually guys what's guys what's been. going on lately 50k win the other day 2. days ago 83x win on plinker 10K win. almost a 10K win I don't get it we just. got an 83x within a few seconds guys. like what I'm looking at my recording. boys I'm at 8 minutes on the recording. like like this is going to be the. shortest 1K 10K video I've ever done. first first attempt this is all profit. bro all right I guess we'll just get the. video done here like we're so close at.

This. point imagine we can't get to 10K now. that would be my luck you know we get so. far and then we can't finish it all all. right well we won't stay here though I. don't trust Plinko at all 3x is good. though I'll take that um we'll do we'll. do one more 50 imagine we just get one. more 83x just. casually oh my goodness casually walk. away with h 14 Grand yeah that would be. one video we'll drop two more and then. I'm moving on to a different sakeer. we'll go down to 9k we'll go down to 9k. go on 8X is in that's fantastic. 9.3k it just doesn't want to stop. printing it's ins Plinko is insane right. now so many 3xs too this by the way if. this is your first time watching Plinko. promise you this is not normal at all. like at all bro 9.2k in the balance go. on on the right all right we've just got. a we just got a few to go until we hit.

9k go on oh that was looking. promising okay 9k I'm out after this. okay N9 K pretty much exactly in the. balance let's check the graph here. 7.9 Prof okay guys we are going to go to. mines let's lock in a $200 bet let's get. this done with we're so close to getting. that 10K goal on our first. attempt oh I'm not feeling I'm not. feeling it I might just take this out 91. profit where does this put us slightly. above 9k um I'm going to take it good. thing I did that because I would have. clicked this tile and then I would have. clicked this one and then boom 200 gone. 9,092 in the balance right now let's up. the bat 400 oh this might be too risky. I'm going to do it though $400 bet is. locked in we're going to start out with. three in the middle one 2 three oh my. goodness yo the third click I'm back in. again 1 2 3 4 five nice that's 95 we got.

To make back that 400 though 1 2 3 182. okay two more and I cash it two more on. a cash I promise nice 260 a deal is a. deal we'll take that out pretty much at. 9k again I'm I'm going to leave Min I. don't trust it let's go limbo guys we. just got to finish the video at this. point let's do 100 okay that's good. 9,052 I'm going to double up surely it's. a 2X come on yeah nice okay back down to. 100. good man 99.3k in the balance one more. and I'm out nice man 99.4k we just need. to make 550 I'm going to go back to. mines I probably will regret this that's. fine I'm going to do $100 we're going to. see if we can okay I'm going to see if I. can finish it with one mine on the. board the good thing is I've got a few. attempts at this of course let's do the. plus sign in the middle good that's 54. and now we have to start clearing off.

The corners let's do two here two here. here that's 1062 here oh my goodness we. were making some progress temporarily. let's do three three then one here okay. let's go up on the right side okay left. side that's good let's connect it oh my. goodness man yo what's up with mines. we're going to toss on two. mines oh my goodness guys I just want to. get to 10 do we have to go back to Kino. or what's going on here like please 226. okay nice that's. 280 nice that's 350 wait wait wait wait. wait wait we could actually finish it uh. at the same time this this gets Us close. again I'm kind of pushing my luck I'm. going to go for one more this is 350. nice that's 44 I'm going to take this. out I'm going to take this out nice 5.4x. let's try that again let's do a line. here that's good let's do a a line here. oh man oh okay try it again let's do a.

Line here good here no man all right. we'll do the plus sign apparently we. won't we'll do the corners then Corner. that's 118 and then we'll start building. out the middle that's good that's 226 go. up in the middle good 350 right here. we'll go we'll go one one here or here. or yeah 440 please give me this and I'll. cash out 560 boys I want to get the. video over and done. with yes 725 wait are we there we're not. quite we're like if I get one more with. there but do I want to risk. that no no bro I'm going to die I can't. take it 5050 let's go $250 bang $500 bet. all right all right we got to calm down. with that $250 now another loss 250. again that's a win that's another. loss yo this is 5050 man there's one all. right give me a few good 48 of course 71. 54 give me like three in a row here nice. another one just about 50.5 to one more.

Good. 9.2 I really want to risk of 500 but at. the same time we just won five times in. a row let's go for it again nice come on. baby just give me a few wins in a row. 7.9 please nice 85 is in good nice. 9.1. 39 60 what am I at 9.2 again. 9.4 guys I'm going to put it all on this. one betat. $670 wait that actually won't be enough. I have to do a $700 betat no we don't. what am I talking about we don't need to. do that much math sorry guys math is not. math let's do uh this should be enough. here we go ladies and gentlemen we get. this right here the challenge is done. boom nice 10K in the balance first. attempt ladies and gentlemen $11,000 to. $10,000 wow what a video so many ups and. downs obviously mostly up like uh this. this this was insane saying this was. within the first 2 minutes and then. right after that we had the Plinko hit.

Which got us up to uh eight what like 8K. or something 9k went down a little bit. temporarily and boom done first attempt. this is all profit one thing I want to. quickly say is that most of these. challenges do take multiple attempts my. last 1K to 10K video which will be on. the screen now this video here I believe. took nearly 20 attempts to record I did. it over 6 months that video was not. profitable at all this one however makes. up for that and I can't believe this is. my first attempt first time trying this. in a long time as well and uh it just. perfect we've had the most insane month. on stake 50k win some huge Plinko wins. which will be out over the next few days. or the next week you guys will see what. I'm talking about we had that 10K loss. but overall I'm up an insane amount this. month thank you for coming out we're.

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