30.04.2024 $1 TO $100 CHALLENGE (Stake)

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You guys wanted another one dollar to. 100 we're doing it on steak welcome back. ladies and gentlemen let's take this to. wheel so today we're gonna be trying. different game modes slide blue samurai. diamonds will you guys name it we're. gonna be playing it first up though is. wheels so we have 99 cents because well. litecoin likes to go down right as i hit. record apparently so that's what we're. working with 30 segments we're going to. hopefully hit the 3x or before x give us. a nice head start. all right go on. right second attempt one dollar once. again we're going to change this to 20. segments and a 3x here would be. maybe just maybe kino will do it for us. we're going to do one dollar on two. numbers 19 and 21 no way okay we're. taking this 17 to minds okay i'm gonna. put on nine mines we're gonna go for one.

Dollar uh if we get three clicks i think. this is 10 to 15 eggs so let's see what. we can do i'm gonna go for the middle. please maybe one nice go down one. there's a mine there try it again go for. this one go down one and go across one. that's a four eggs okay go for one more. nice five idea i'm gonna take that we're. 21 okay officially a fifth of the way. there we got this baby 21. we're gonna put in two bucks this time i. wanna clear a whole row okay i'm gonna. go for the bottom three and then if. we're feeling good maybe go for one or. two more. nice six six thirteen um. yes eleven dollars let's take it i could. have cleared the entire bottom row good. thing i went for one more if only i'd. gone for another one would have paid a. lot but listen thirty three dollars. we're doing okay we're doing okay i'm. gonna trade mines one more time and then.

I'm moving on to a different game i'm. not sure which yeah all right one dollar. is in we're gonna go for three or four. clicks okay one more time. okay moving on 31 dollars where are we. going next guys we're gonna try some. dice i'm hating myself for this already. we're gonna put 10 or 10 in and put in. two dollars. oh my 13. okay one more time. it went over okay one more time okay put. in one dollar try it again try it again. nice. nice 41. okay we're at 40 took a big. risk doing that. but we're almost halfway there where do. we go next that's the question i know. for a fact there'd be someone in the. comments right now typing why didn't you. play dragon tower well of course your. boy has to do it bro don't usually like. dragon tower you guys know my luck on. dragon tower is not the best but we are. here so let's try medium let's try two.

Dollars and let's try three clicks one. two. three. of course of course it's okay. let's try it again one two nice 462 43. dollars wow we could have gone almost. all the way up almost all the way up 43. i'm gonna try i'm gonna put in one. dollar and try and take this to like. halfway or just above halfway one two. try it again one. uh go up one no. okay left and then middle in the middle. um left okay give me a good start here. baby middle. right right okay middle bro middle again. middle again left middle again nice 396.. oh i was gonna go middle unfortunately. we're at 35 let's go two dollars and put. this on easy okay we're trying we're. gonna try the zigzag method okay so this. one then this one then this one then. this one here we go boys two three four. yo sorry for interrupting the video if. you guys are enjoying it and you decide.

That you want to check out steak you can. actually use the code quick timing when. you sign up to access the vip system. just click this little box and type in. the code quick timing here you can also. click the guy in the top right go down. to settings go to offers and use the. code quick timing in the top box within. the first 24 hours to get money back as. you guys can see on every single bet you. place and if it wasn't for you guys i. wouldn't be able to keep doing these. videos so with that being said let's get. back to it. 626. we take it. we take it we take it baby 41. once again let's take a risk here i'm. going expert i'm going two dollars on. expert oh man okay try it one more time. nice 388 do we go for one more is the. question. oh man this should have taken it. all right let's go one dollar and middle.

Nine seven eighty two cash that out hash. that out baby forty five dollars we're. so close to fifty all right limbo we're. gonna try 10x here uh we're gonna do one. dollar and 10x come on baby. come on oh no. come on just quick 10x and say no. okay this was a bad idea. this was a that there we go. back to bag you can do it. i believe in you oh 7.8 again all right. we're gonna put this to 5x. one there we go 9.3. come on don't want to go below 40 3.9. 3.32 all right one more oh hit okay one. more. one more. come on. nice. where's my where's my back to back. though all right. 34 dollars we just lost a little bit. here i'm gonna go over to. i'm going to put this on high risk one. dollar. if we hit 21 and 18 that's a 17x. i'm gonna change up these numbers let's. go for 19 and 21. 21 no okay try it again 21 19 219 21. heads.

19's right there okay. 19 21 19 21 maybe. 19 let's go we're 44 again let's go back. to back 21 21 oh it hits 22 23 and 20. but not. 21. all right 42. 19 19 ah it's right there man 1921. you. can do it. all right all right all right try one. more time if it doesn't hit we move on. okay one more time for real for real. 1921. okay i'm gonna take off 19. we're. gonna put this at two dollars if this. hits 21 that's a four x. misses. come on uh 20 22 28 not 21. come on. there we go. okay try one more time 21 for the boy. change this to 11. put two dollars on it. 11 here. this is try it again. 111 misses try one more time. nice there we go run it back one more. time and now hits. guys hit every single number around it. besides 11 okay one more time. 35. in the balance okay we're taking this to. dice i'm trying to get this to 50 and.

Then i'm going to take a massive risk on. crash 15. 2. no way that hits beautiful back to back. too good to be true one more time all. right we're at 40 dollars okay change. this to 25. okay. unfortunate there we go. come on just a little back to back for. the boy get me in. give me some profit baby there we go. back to back come on back to back you. can do it 38 okay. let's put this on 55 no 51 and i'm gonna. put this on five dollars. nice just about saved us and travel more. time here we go 45 and then. ah too good to be true all right five. percent one dollar. do a couple of these. 89 no way come on this hits guys we're. gonna be almost 50 come on uh it's not. looking good. 92 yes 46. 92 we're almost at 50. i'm just gonna. take this to crash now the plan was to. get to 50 and then take this to crash. wow there's a 15x multi all right we're.

Taking a big risk this video is quite. long already um i'm going to toss in 15. and i set this to 2. okay this is pretty. risky but listen we're only going for 2x. here so don't let me down stake my money. is in this we're going up right now 1.3. keep going baby keep going we're almost. halfway there we're halfway there come. on two x's right here two x's right here. you can do a steak beautiful thank you. 59. 59. back out of this we're not going for. another one not just yet we're going to. limbo we're going for a 3x we're going. for three dollars on three eggs and it's. gonna hit right here right now this is. one more time nice there we go 62 one. more time back to back 1.99 what 2.87. you. what 748. where we're going next may surprise some. of you guys let's scroll along to be in. a minute we're going to blackjack.

Five dollars we're taking the safe route. here and we're gonna do some big hands. so 15 to a 10 is a hit let's go oh my. god all right try it again five dollars. once again 10 and a 15 twin are you. serious again. 25. 4 and a 8 to it oh that's a double. please baby we're gonna double this. beautiful stand this if we don't win. this thank you 62. 7 and 11 11 to you know what let's go 10. for the boy 16 and of course let's not. win nine and eight 13 to a seven hit. this please. okay two. and an eight two and eight we're gonna. hit this. 15 and. that's it. damn can we just get lucky for once four. and a 14 to hit this again six or seven. 22 of course. 10 20 there we go it's decent good card. why does that 21 no okay 10 bucks. 10 and a 15 to a seven hit this. i'm holding baby. to a 10 of course. 60 of course. oh we stood we stood on the 16 it.

Somehow worked out. i'm in again maybe 22. 13 to a 2 is a stand. oh he's got it yeah okay all in. three eleven hit this. beautiful beautiful beautiful all right. don't play that is six and a ten oh i'm. a double i'm a double i'm a double i'm a. double i'm here we go 10 for the boy yes. yes yes we're 10 off playing absolutely. reckless playing absolutely reckless. right listen 10 bucks right surely. surely we've got it in the bag at this. point i'm gonna go five. that's a miss oh wait you get some money. back you fit okay 11 there we go. 95 all right uh one more hit if you hit. that's it we've done it right 104 we got. it we've made more than 100 actually 104. dollars we've completed the challenge. boom let's go this took a lot of. attempts so if you guys do try this be. careful and i ended up just going full d. gen in the end on blackjack kind of.

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