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My goal is to take this $100 in our. balance right now all the way up to. 1,000 here on stake this is going to be. a really fun challenge which most likely. is going to take multiple attempts I'm. going to go ahead and leave in as many. of the entertaining ones as possible and. then at the end I'll go ahead and let. you guys know the total amount of. attempts it takes to complete the. challenge as long as we complete it. within 10 we're going to be in profit so. that's the goal for today I'm going to. start this off on some limbo I've been. having a lot of fun here on limbo doing. a 10% AKA 10x Target multiplier strategy. I'm going to start off with five bucks. and then we'll go ahead and double it up. to 10 if we do lose a couple in a row. before we start this if you guys want to. try out this challenge for yourself you.

Guys can hit this icon right here hit. the settings button hit the offers tab. and then use the code fat new in the. welcome offer box and you guys will get. $21 for absolutely free as long as it's. your first ever stake account and you. guys deposit $20 and then wag your $20. as well you can get more information in. my Discord which is in the description. of the video below first bet of the. video it's going to be a 1.01 what a. beautiful way to started off okay wow. two in a row three in a row all right. halfway there there we go first third. fourth is that fourth bet all right nice. we're up profit okay I like that we got. to play a little bit risky in the. beginning on these challenges so I'm. going to take it we're going to half it. and let's go from here guys this is a. strategy I really like to do holy I.

Like to start low and then I like to. double it up when we lose a bunch in a. row but we are clearly not doing that. we've almost doubled the bounds so we're. halfway oh my God okay we're pretty much. there okay let's half this again guys I. feel like we're going to lose a couple. in a row that's two in a row that is. insane I'm telling you guys limbo. sometimes surpris this is me it's insane. all right we lost a bunch in a row right. here we deserve to cuz we've won so many. in a row let's go ahead and double up to. 2.5 o okay let's go to Five come on we. are due very soon let me see some green. very soon oh. boy oh come on this is such a good start. guys let's go ahead go up to 10 we have. eight tries to do this I'm going to send. this all the way into the ground this. was such a good start before this oh. we're so due guys there we go okay we're.

Back to 148 what an up and down start I. feel like we're due for at least one. more let's see I was wrong the first. time we're still up 8,000 x what is. going on guys this challenge would have. been completed if I bet even remotely. close all I had do was bet $1 on 1,000. and we would have hit it but hey 153. I'll take it man let's go ahead and just. let's get out of limbo this has been a. crazy I'm going to take the profit and. we're already up. $53.70 I'm going to try something a. little bit low risk let's go just. straight up low 16 I'm going to go $8 I. guess this is the lowest risk thing I. could do cuz I'm literally about to all. in but it's on low risk which means it. should be low risk right is that how it. works let's give it a shot guys I just. hit a crazy 170x today on Plinko while I. was streaming so if you guys want to.

Check out my stream it's on the screen. right here it's fat Noob TM on Kick I. stream three to four times a week if you. guys do want to check it out it's. absolutely a blast but back to the video. man let's see o 156 okay we're up a. couple dollars from what we came in I. believe we came in with like a 150 three. let's drop some more if we can hit one. nice juicer like on a nine that would be. crazy I think hitting for 16 is just. asking for too much it's the same odds. as hitting a 1000x on high risk 16. oo oh boy I don't think this is going. too well 124 so we're at 130 okay that's. not too bad it's not the end of the. world all right let's go and drop these. eights. again come. on holy way too many over here okay. we're at 130 let's lower the row down a. little bit guys let's take a look at. this I'm going to try this maybe we can.

Hit a 10 Max it'll be 80 bucks we'll. take it 72. actually anything good lot of FS right. there we're at 120 guys it's not looking. good we're slowly draining the balance. do a full Allin right here a true. Allin all right that's not looking too. good okay let's go to highrisk and I am. going to what did we we hit it right. over here guys this was crazy let's do. some small bets let's do one 25 here cuz. there's a high chance we're going to. lose everything if we do this so if we. get really lucky slam 170 on this video. this would be absolutely insane even wow. I just I just asked for it and we got it. man sometimes you got to manifest that. in a 24 yo okay guys we just sent. our balance all the way up and I don't. know why this chart is messed up you. guys saw how much we started with that. chart is sometimes just weird I think.

It's cuz the Bitcoin price is going up. and down but yo this is literally the. first try and we're already at 341 I. feel like we just can't mess this up we. got to play a little bit safer but I. can't believe that high RIS just came. through I'm going to push the luck real. quick just a little bit and then let's. get out of here and we'll do something a. little bit maybe a little bit lower RIS. but wow I just hit two 170s in one day. that is insane what is the odds on this. 0.02% okay I guess stake is loving me. today RTP must be kicking in come on. okay I'm going to leave it right there. let's go ahead and get out of here guys. let's see what we end off Kinko with. what is that 323 all right we'll take it. I want to decide what game mode to do. next I feel like Kino's a little too. risky I don't know man let's do Slide.

The last video we did which was a. challenge like this was the $1 all the. way up to 100 and slide really came. through for us it looks like we're. actually on a streak right here we got a. 2X a 2X and a 4.72 this might be a bad. time to hop in I'm not going to lie guys. so we're going to keep it a little light. let's do 25 let's go 30 let's go 30 I. feel like we got to do something decent. but we got to stay light at the same. time just cuz this is literally the. first try and like the luck is so insane. like I just do not want to mess this up. let's go here let's go three and then we. got to go for a five we'll go like two. and then we got to go for like a like a. 10 on like a like a I was going to do. five but we'll we'll see we'll see what. happens guys oo I would love if this. hits this would be so sick wow it.

Actually hit okay guys we hit a five we. hit a three and we hit a two a pretty. good return actually we're at 373 bro. slide stays coming in clutch for us I. honestly think I'm just going to take. that and just leave cuz it's on a streak. and I I'm a big believer in the streaks. I feel like the streaks are just going. to rip when they go like that that's not. how actual stats work work but that's. just how I like to think you know it's. the gam fallacy I'm going to play a. little bit of blackjack here this always. goes wrong I not going to lie to you. guys this always goes wrong when I play. this Blackjack on The Originals I have. horrible luck we're going to double give. me a 10 please wow that's the first time. I've actually had good luck doing that. wow okay we're actually going to win. this feels so weird winning on this okay.

Let's try. again ooh this is a potentially good. hand in the books yo we're up 50 bucks. we just won two in a row if we win three. in a row I'm completely out ooh oh man. this is a iffy one. oh oh wow okay that's fine that's fine. that was we we were probably going to. lose that one if I'm being honest oh my. God this is a beautiful hand oh we. didn't get a 21 that sucks okay I think. we're back at what we were at cuz we. just lost a couple okay here we go also. guys if the balance moves around a. little bit it's cuz bitcoin's going up. and down like absolutely crazy as you. can see this bount messed up I think. it's because Bitcoin goes up H we got to. hit this guys oh I was hoping for a low. card oh oh yes okay nice okay 400 guys. do another one. Bo wi this I'm out flip a 10 flip a 10. beautiful all right you know what guys I.

I made some money on there I think we. made 50 bucks I'm going to I'm going to. get out of here I think this the first. time we played The Originals Blackjack. without an absolute nightmare headache. that was like a normal respectable. session of blackjack let's go to dice. I've been big on the 10% but I've also. really liked on dice just going for. 50/50 so let's throw 25 bucks on here my. goal is to turn this into 500 on Dice. and then slide out let's do it first. one's going to be long can't lose two in. a row right I guess you can nice there. we go two in a row here make up for it. nice I want to flip this but I feel like. it's going to hit three in a row here. and I was right now it's got to be here. easy peasy guys all we're one off I have. no clue what this next one's going to. be I guess I don't all right let's try.

Again nice okay o that was way too close. we're still up I think we're up by. one. okay there we go two in a row I'm going. to count that as 500 I'm not going to. Chase it let's get out of here guys this. is literally 50/50 I really don't know. what game mode to play to be honest. we've played a majority of them we. haven't done Dragon Tower I am never. refused to play Dragon tower on this. unless we're playing Masters and going. really risky which maybe we'll do but I. want to try this guys on a video let's. go ahead and give us a shots I'm going. to go ah and just put on instant B just. so make it more entertaining and I'm. going to try to hit a 90x right here oh. it's a0 58 it might be better odds to. just go for a three tile but I guess. there is a 7x which kind of balances out. compared to the uh the other strats.

Let's give this a shot guys maybe we hit. a 90x this would be amazing I've. actually hit two of these recently on. stream so let's see if we can hit. this I'm going to H okay that's a seven. nothing too crazy we'll go down to 400. Max and then maybe we'll try a three TI. or something else but let's go ahe and. run it I might up this to two bucks. let's see let's go down to 450 and then. we'll up. this come on Kino I know you want to hit. all right here we go let's up it I just. really like this strategy and this. pattern too. we could do the daisy Gambler strategy. actually may maybe we'll try it. out go down to 400 and give it a shot oh. it's a seven I was hoping that was a 90. but it wasn't sadly for some reason this. corner loves to hit that's why I kind of. camp it o that was only seven okay I. thought that was it we needed one more.

If we have that L and then one more the. 20 o there we go one more that's why I. like it all right cool amazing guys okay. 607 we are more than halfway there to. the goal let's go ahead and just. continue with Kino man let's do 21 let's. keep it on classic risk I'm going to. start with 1 cent and auto bet we got to. on loss increase by 69% I'm doing 1 cent. because I'm worried about the increase. 69% is a crazy increase so let's grind. it on 1% we might go to two after let's. see like a slow grind let's see how slow. it. is okay it's literally hitting every. time I feel like as soon as I increase. it it's not going to hit okay screw it. all right let's go three cents and let's. see what happens with that I'm going to. be here to manually stop. it. okay all right yeah this is going to. grind the bounds way slower than I.

Wanted to but I also do not want to lose. this. because. oh okay all right guys that went up way. too much I'm going to try this for 25. bucks and just try to hit this there we. go there we go okay we're almost back to. 600 one more okay I'm going to get out. guys I'm going to get out we're up I. don't want to lose it all we almost lost. it all right there and I'd rather just. get out while we're up on this Kino game. mode that strategy is way too volatile. let's do dragon Tower I know I said I. didn't want to do it but we'll do what I. was saying before we'll go ahead and try. Master I'll try a couple 2.5S on here. cuz you can go crazy if you hit three of. these in a row wow we're really starting. this off with a. dub if you hit three of these it should. be should be a crazy amount I'll try. with uh come. on there we go right.

Here oh it's always dude the St I should. just follow the stack man I feel like. the stack works really well wow we've. already run three of. these was there all right I really need. to follow the gut there we go the gut. says. here. okay come on Dragon Tower there we go no. no no there we go dude we haven't hit a. single one all right let's go. five I might just go for two here. honestly. all right two. more okay let's go easy let's go 20. bucks. nice I'm so used to that sound of losing. man on Dragon Tower it's. brutal come on I just want to run up a. straight line. bro oh nice can we do it again please. the fourth one always a loss bro wow. it's always a loss we actually made it. out okay I'm going to get out Dragon. Tower bro and somehow didn't lose all of. our money let's go to mines boys and. let's grind this out on mines I think I.

Want to make as much money as possible. on mines and I think I just want to end. this on slide I'm really feeling. unconfident about like pretty much every. single game mode except for mines I want. to play Plinko but we Juiced our luck on. that Plinko on that one Plinko bet we. hit the 170 and then I believe this a 24. we hit right after as well like really. early on I don't want to push my luck so. let's get out of there let's try some. 15s let's go for three. mines oh wait okay three mines is not. that many I don't know why I always have. really bad luck on three mines let's do. more I want to do like 10 mines type. wow okay that's what I was looking. for boys okay we are up a t on here. all right let's try some 24 mines let's. go to like a really low bet size like uh. we'll do two bucks if we hit this it.

Should be 24x so I'll try like 5 10. times total it's going to be right it's. going to be right next to it connected. oh no all right let's go for the the. cursed all right I'm going try two more. times and then we'll get out all right. I'm going close my eyes didn't click. okay all right let's stop doing that. okay let's do do we want to just do one. I feel like one always results badly. let's try it we go 50 one. tile okay this is so nervewracking bro. I don't know if I want to do this you. have to click so many and just I feel. like I'm losing so many years of my life. on stress okay there we. go just to make a little bit of money. and you know in this case just to lose a. lot of money just to lose a ton of. money. okay man we were at like 600. something okay you know I think we're. just going to do slide let's get back to.

600 and get the hell out of. here please mind please Min let me get. out was that a sign I thought that was a. sign to just get out all right that's. 600 guys let's go to slide let's see if. we can just make the rest of this 400. right here guys there been a little bit. of a streak wow crazy multi but it's a. 1.6 the streak has broken so let's play. with a little bit of caution I'm going. to go 40 on a two let's go we'll go a. little bit little bit safe go like eight. on a three um I'm going to go five on a. five a little five of five 5x five. action and then we'll just go we'll go. one for the 10 we'll see what uh we'll. see if the streak has officially broken. oh there's two of them okay never mind I. didn't see the the 1.62 as well as the. 1.02 all right cool we should be good. then actually guys we could have went a.

Little bit higher let's see. it oh never wait was. that oh we're not safe okay all right. that's fine that's fine it's a good. thing we went a little bit light on. there we did lose a good amount of money. we lost like 40 50 bucks on there but. that's fine that's fine I'm fueling this. next one we're going to go 50 on a two. just slam it hard this will bring us. back to 600 and I'm going to go 20 on a. three going to go five for five and then. we're going to go oh we're going to go 1. for 10 you got to be so careful on the. slide bro mixing up the numbers versus. the multipliers you can get so much. trouble for doing that and of course I'm. going to go 500 with one Bucks imagine. his 500 challenge is secured right here. all right let's see it. guys o we are in the red boys that was. so. close all righty that's three in a row.

That's lost guys I think we got to do. something crazy to make this back all. right here we go 100 going for a little. 2X or yeah little 2x but huge bet let's. go for 20 on a three. let's go for five for five and then. we'll go for one for 10 we're going to. let the rest ride here we go come on. baby come on. slide we cannot lose this guys this has. been the best luck I think I've ever had. on one of these. challenges I think we're good don't want. to speak too soon but I'll take it man. we are good to go let's go that's huge. 627 all right nice we are back in. business $400 to make let's go let's get. it baby all right do I think it's going. to hit again I do think it's going to. hit again guys let's go ahead. let's go ball to the wall let's drop a. 150 I don't know what I'm doing over. here guys let's go 25 on here as well.

Here we go 150 on 2x 25 on three that's. it we're going simple on this one here. we. go two and up two and up two and up two. and up two and up. ooh it's going to be. close okay not as close as I would hop. but oh man okay that was rough okay. we're back down now again guys it's. going to play us a little bit all right. let's send it again no this is way too. crazy all right Let's do let's do 100. here and let's go 50 on three cuz I. think this would actually pay us more if. this hits this is a little insane going. 50 on three but let's send it a lot of. low ones recently so this would hit. really really good for us. actually please please please please. please come on keep going it's going to. be a two so we're good but we're not. even going to make that much cuz we put. 50 on three if that 100 hit we would. have been set that's good though I'll.

Take the 500 man I'll take the 500 we're. probably down like 100 150 since we came. in here but that's okay two in a row. baby let's go there we go go let's go. for 10 on five here we go if hits. anything five or up we are set I think. we should be up anything two or up we'll. be okay all right slide let's see what. you're talking about come on come on. come on come on let's see one of those. big multis oh no we're going to get. screwed guys okay that was not what I. was looking for dude it's just every. other every other every other every. other here we go I'm going to send it. guys here we go let's try it let's see. what happens guys I'm going absolutely. balls to the wall we need three and. above we are back in business if we get. this come on come on come on come on. keep going keep going okay we're good. guys we are good but this could have.

Been so much better all right I'll take. that though I will take that all right. nice nice nice yo that was so clutch all. right according to this this is not. going to hit I'm looking at the pattern. this is a stupid idea I'm just going to. go 50 on two let it ride I'm going to. follow the pattern and then next one we. are going to go big okay let's see if. this hits a one that's how I'm. predicting it's going to be anything. lower than a two oh it's going to hit a. two I complaining we're still going to. make money cool I'll take it what are we. at okay 500 guys I'm going to cross my. fingers I'm going to hope for three in a. row right here we're going to go 125. here we should be 600 plus if we do hit. this let's. see o all right that is. rough this is not going to plan this. just going all over the place we're just.

Smearing on the walls let's do 100. on two I'm going to go 50 on three and. I'm going 25 on four I just setting this. I feel like this is going to hit a five. for some reason so that's why we're. doing this let's see if I'm right if I'm. wrong we're getting absolutely screwed. and if I'm right we in the. money please stop on that okay three. I'll take it our big bets we're on two. and three let's go baby okay five wasn't. too crazy yeah there we go nice okay 536. and that is our queue guys to get out of. slide that was a little too crazy for me. let's go to the thing that started this. whole video let's go here let's start. with 2.5 and let's just go from. there we got 10x. multi AKA 10% win chance or 9.9 if you. want to be exact three in a row. whoa that's crazy that's that's the. highest uh three in a row I've never.

Gotten more than three in a row all. right we're up we're almost yo this is. printed all right we're at 629 we're up. almost 100 let's get the hell out of. here we can play something we haven't. played all video which is wheel let's go. 10 segments on here we going to start. with five bucks on here okay this might. be let's do 25 actually I've seen some. insane loss streaks on here so let's. start low and we'll kind of do what we. do on limbo and we'll just increase it. as we go it's pretty much the same thing. actually 641 we're good nice six okay. wait this might be the highest we've. been all video I think I don't think. we've hit the 700s not 100% sure though. come. on okay we've already want a couple so. I'm going to keep going and then let's. go and increase the five right after. this all right here we go five should be.

Like a 407 $ win something like that 44. there we go beautiful 670. amazing let's try to go pretty high on. here actually I just do not know what to. play I kind of just want to go Limbo. Just go for two x's limbo or. dice. nice all right let's send it to 5x or $5. right. here come on. limbo I'm going to go six. I'm just going to keep increasing it. guys I don't think it's a good strategy. it's not working oh. boy okay nine is in do two. more okay nine I might just go straight. to. 10 okay 11 it. is yo this is insane ho holy. finally all right we got to hit. back to back right on that that was so. rough there's no way we don't hit one. soon there we go nice. 600 there we go nice 640 and I think. we're due for one yeah there we go 684. okay awesome I'm going to try something. for and gigs let's go 50 let's go a. dollar do a couple bets on here I have.

Hit this on video it's always on video. man I'm telling you when I play off. camera this thing does not want to hit. that is oh one off that is wild it just. lined up right there okay 728 I like. that all right let's try a couple 30s. let's just send it on here maybe we'll. get lucky again I doubt it that was I. love the 50 man the 50 is crazy one out. of 50 we got it. 722 what should we end this on guys I'm. thinking just either 2x limbo or just 2x. slide just go for two x's and try to. luck the hell. out I don't know about blackjack all. right I'm taking this guys and let's get. let's get out of here man 7Eleven and I. think let's go to wait we could do this. we could do dragon Tower first let's try. the master we'll try with low amounts. cuz I know this probably not going to. work we've. already kind of done this all right.

Let's see there we go finally oh that. would have been insane oh man I have not. hit the two tile okay should have cash. it it was 36 do I send it for the. challenge we take it I'm going to send. it it's either here or here. it wasn't either all right that makes me. feel a little better all right let's go. 20 bucks. guys. beautiful not beautiful at. all I tried to go forward to make up. that okay nice let's go three nice let's. go three again. nice. ooh oh it knows it. knows okay let's go random let's just. Spam. random let's spam random for. four nice one one two three four nice. okay 700 guys let's go 40 for. three ooh 750 okay it's time for 2X and. I think slide is going to be the game. mode for that let's see what happens on. this last one I don't know if this one. already loaded for this but let's see. let's go 100 it did not okay cool let's.

Go 100 let's go for 2x right here let's. try to get this up to 950 so let's see. if we win two in a row okay right here. damn this went down let's go ahead toss. this in right over here if it lets us. there we go we're in I'm going go I'm. going to go 15 on three just in case I'm. going to go five for five go one for 100. you never know guys you never know I. haven't actually got 100x in a while so. let's go for it I've only hit a couple. here on stake all we got to do is hit. two of these in a row we'll be at 950. and then I'm just going to probably play. some mines or something to try to end. this off okay that's not going to. hit I'm going to go and just marting Gil. it this is a terrible idea but we've. come so far I'm just going to full send. it okay this has to hit this has. to oh boy I think we're. good beautiful 830 all right there we go.

100 on a 2X we get this we're at 9:30. and then I think we'll just go for. either the limbo 2X or we'll go for the. mines I really want to close this out. right here this has been a long ass. challenge super up and down really crazy. and there's oh oh come on keep going. keep going please please please please. please yes beautiful there we go guys. 930 we're out we are so close to hitting. this right here so so close I'm going to. do a 25 on here just go for a 2X if we. hit this we go to mines and we close it. out if we lose we double it up that's. the plan here we go wow 1,000 x on there. okay all right what a hit man what a hit. first we go 8,000 now we hit 1,000 I. guess this a sign let's go straight to. mines okay all we need is $45 what's the. best way to get $45 here guys I would. have to say probably just do $45 put two.

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