30.04.2024 $1000 BET BONUS on Sweet Bonanza & Joker Troupe GOING CRAZY - AyeZee Stream Highlights #170

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Hwang is a. part of the nobles group. right swan. just joking mate please. i'm joking. nice what is that drop down. a 12k tumble and a bonus. swung just wait for this bonus to be. over before you ban me i was joking just. let the viewers enjoy this and then we. can talk about what i said i'm sorry man. i'm i'll talk to you after the stream. okay i'm joking i'll give you a hundred. arena rounds in discord after the stream. 100 x. nice 100x please. it's still really nice good all of. these bonuses have been decent the spun. in ones which is really nice to see. have i become a sweet bonanza streamer. what is this i'm disgusted. i'm winning but i'm disgusted i'm. disappointed in myself. eh. wong was right though this game is gonna. pop off okay. this is dead here right no it's not is. it dead here. okay nice. gonna be another 90ish k win.

Is it. is it. it is yeah. wait. did we even have 10 spins. no we didn't. lost bonus paid the exact same thing. right. nice that's good guys up 150k on the day. now. based on the starting bonus hunt another. bonus no balls. good to see you any luck tonight the. bonus. yeah we're running okay i wouldn't. really say we too lucky but yeah it's. going okay. sweet bonanza originality levels. critical i know right. like. sweet bonanza streamers pretty. disastrous. bonus stunt was horrible but somehow. sweet bonanza one thousand dollar spins. are going really well right now so. that's nice to see. look crazy mamma mia what's up angel. hello hello hello. we found the seed with three to four. bonuses close together. we'll pay and you should change. you know what i did find double i found. this i'm gonna apply it to you for just. saying cringe things in the chat.

Points double. double has. 147 coins. mods i'm gonna send you something please. just ban this guy and just just leave a. note because he's gotten a lot of. like we gave him a chance right i think. just just ban him to the point where he. can never come back. i think we had bantam and then we gave. him another chance then he came back and. did the same thing. it is an interesting screen but okay. what's up measly thank you so much for. the gifted sub that's measly from h1. right. wait wait wait please no. if that did greens before pinks that. would have been the most insane tumble. ever. ah. it could have been nuts. features. huh. like it's really good guys. it's pretty much seven spins or. something after the last bonus it's not. insane it's a 50x but. because i hardly do 1k spins lately. okay. nice. not so nice. nice. saved.

Keep it going keeping very nice. very very nice now just ah mate please. keep it going we haven't seen you pop. off in years. nice. okay ish we need three we need three and. one spin we need. that wasn't close at all please just do. it it's not gonna nice. continue with the scatters we need. scatters we need scatters we need. scatters it can do it just look at this. please continue please. please please please please please we. there we there just keep going please. please don't die we halfway where the. hits nice where are the scatters okay i. don't know how we got in there but nice. good . now just keep going. scatters hello scatters hits scatters. hello scatters we can't get there we got. there somehow i don't know how but just. hit where the hits. hello. nice. okay. like. it's good but we're almost at the last. stage and normally when you get to the.

Last stage it's hitting so much it felt. like there were no hits. nice we needed that. happy to be subbed for my second month. you're the first person i've ever subbed. to love the content thank you thank you. so much man i'm glad to hear that. and thank you for the four months. uh. rasano maybe casano thank you for the. prime kero thank you for the two months. the nimble thank you for the 20. 21 months. wow. frito thank you for the six months v. thank you for the 100 bits from neck. thank you for the 11 months 11 months. bro holy keep smashing it thank you. that's crazy. chris thank you for the seven okay money. mike thank you for the 100. vodka thank you for the 100 dirty. scouser thank you for the 100v thank you. for the 50. mighty thank you for the. seven months jam finisher thank you for. the 200 bits v thank you for 50 and mike.

Thank you for. another 100. also georgie thank you for the gift that. sub just made if pharaohs land here this. will be such a massive save. that's good. that's actually a save but i thought i. was gonna do it that would have been. three full lines minimum i think that's. still nice good a quick 200x nice. the way that was going i didn't expect. that at all so good stuff. very very very nice wait. today's the 22nd of february 2022. and. challenge is the same yes so okay you. need to take your time off of the big. losses. i really do yeah because if i don't i. just. it's bad francesca thank you for the two. months. come on. got to hear that fake code man. no no no yeah. that's. 25 25 nice that's good for the. that's good for the. this green symbol but it's so . because look at the end reel. oh i didn't even see what the first.

Thing was nice what was the first amount. oh. oh. okay. nevermind. i saw. so. okay i saw that the last reel didn't. have any premiums. so i thought that it was gonna be . but i didn't realize it would be yeah. that's a ton of lines okay. nice nice nice nice good man. did you guys think the same because i. was focused on the wild second reel and. i thought that the wild would connect. all the way to aces tens whatever it was. i was like that's not gonna be so good. no you didn't think the same i wasn't. looking at the greens i was looking at. the wild because i was like seeing what. the wild will be ice man. that is so sick. that takes the running average to 88 x. in one bonus 1 100 and. 13 x nice. adrenaline is still kicking off from. that full screen bait you just did. that's not anything like 20 but. it's just kings and aces.

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