30.04.2024 15x CRAZY TIME Bonus Round!

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All right let's keep this baby. what's going on what do we feel like. what it's going to make is great again. well I've been I've been here for less. than 10 minutes so I can't really blame. me. pretty loss uh lost the one four. thousand experts the next crazy time. is this happening. stop come on come on ladies and. gentlemen Ron's dropping bombs as you. come on. oh yes. this is. the goal I think so all right oh it's. that it is the triple wheeler all right. it's the 50 likes come on. you know what we can always go Blue when. it's when it's a multiplayer there is. some juicy really juicy out there. because this time are you guys team Blue. Team Green or team yellow. decided what is the biggest one out. there wisely but I'm sure that any any 3. 000x. majority is going for the blue ones. though uh we are closing the decisions.

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