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Yo what is up ladies and gentlemen. welcome back to another exclusive right. here on the Stan GG YouTube channel I. hope you guys are doing good how are you. guys out there actually these last two. videos have been atrocious we need to. turn it all around right here maybe a. gay smacks win that would lift my. spirits that would absolutely have lift. my Spears 700 bite is started off let's. get lucky man come on we need the luck. to shift into our favor sometime here. soon let's have it happen today. Blues greens yellows come on. I'm fine with a bad. a battery video you're gonna have bad. ones every video if it's gonna happen we. want it out of the way early though 5x. is still big 7x is even better Nine. spins left with a 7x this could actually. do something. 2x nobody's home so six spins left on. Gates of Olympus nobody's home.

We need those hourglasses we get the. hourglasses we need Blues greens and. keep the combo alive Blues by one. got the blues Reds maybe yellows. that's still a good hit man I mean. that's 255 right there we'll take it 304. back 10x multi four spins remain. no yellows no crowns. last spin. lose our hand 15x we need something else. to happen nothing else happens that's. fine get out of the way early like I. said I mean it still paid us like a 50x. which is honestly not bad for this slot. but that does give us a reason to go. ahead and level it up come on. or scatter drop down Zeus how many times. I need somebody to take notes on how. many times I've. I have no idea dude it has to be in the. thousands at this point Blues. multihere chalices. damn that that could have been really. nice. 17x a blue multi is something you love.

To see in these bonuses we love love the. bet we have an 800 dollar buy amount and. we get ourselves a 17x with 13 spins. left keep going. double multi drop. come on man this is one thing about Zeus. sometimes they'll give you that blue. multi and he won't drop in anything else. for the rest of the bonus chalice's. purples. we're up to 25x very early I like what. I'm seeing I'm gonna say that eight free. spins 25x multi keep going please. greens are in. purple oh wait no greens aren't it we. got a one green over there what the hell. was that we do get chalices I still want. the greens though get the greens can we. get yellows and rings. another multi can we get rings. Blues are in can we get rings we need. what four. I don't know what's going on here I. haven't seen a Gates bonus like this in. a minute 34x 1K back on that singular.

Spin and we have seven spins remaining. here on the 800 by keep going. oh purples for the Rings purples and. Rings why not. we are starting off the video with the. heater ladies and gentlemen hold on six. spins with a 30X. 38x I can't even talk. come on. don't just die out here that's a good. hit can we get the blues maybe a multi. maybe greens maybe a multi maybe some. Primos. none of the above one of these last two. needs to go. multi's in blues are not 2.3 K almost a. 300X right there. and that's how you want to start off. these videos Man especially when you're. slamming it with huge buys off the risky. early and frequent 980s next on the list. crossed it off we're coming for that. Asus pause. purples. maldi on the first Spin and it's a four. greens. good good. I like what I'm seeing man. perps. multi listen right now is what we need.

Yeah purples wouldn't happen. 11 spins with the 4X look at the Reds. off by one though. greens maybe Blues. maybe neither 4X nine spins. biggest bonus Buy in the video so far. and we're working with a 4X not ideal. Blues. multi hourglass. multi. multi. 122 tumble right there nobody. yellows. hey Blues are in we have only a 2X. though 6X showing purples rings and. another multi we get okay that's fine I. thought it was gonna be another two we. get up to the 9x 9x can still pay here. Blues Reds. Reds multi. one off right there man. yellows. I don't think it's gonna do it yeah it's. just completely stopped paying in the. middle of that it gave us the nine and. it does no more last spin zap is in and. it blocks hits dude all right 315 back. on that we're already up to the 1K buy. size though let me remind you I'm giving. away fifteen thousand dollars every.

Month to active players on my hype up. and hype drop codes to get eligible. after signing up on hype up go to the. top right click on your guy click on. profile scroll down and where it says. promo code just type in code Stan GG. after doing that click claim and you. will be immediately entered into all. current and future giveaways make sure. after doing so that you join the Discord. server as well because that is where I. post updates on the monthly leaderboards. which is where you get the free money. back to you for playing thank you for. everybody for using my code I really. appreciate it and it is the only way I'm. able to do what I do here on this. channel so truly thank you let's get. back into the video If you you haven't. already sub to the channel make sure to. do so all right and make sure you get in.

On Noti gang we have new content every. 24 hours on this channel that's not. going anywhere and let's make sure that. you guys get notified when that drops. hit the Bell next to the sub button and. let's keep getting these big wins for. every Bell and every member of the node. gang I think it increases our RTP by a. million so go ahead and slap that thing. for me and let's see if this 1K buy can. pay. good board. really really good board but we need the. multi really good board we need rings in. a multi. got the multi no rings but that's a 9x. on that that's at least a thousand right. there bang 12 10 on a single Spin and we. have 10 free spins remaining here with a. 9x multiplier the multi is not great but. that tumble was beautiful. let's work on getting the multi up now. and an equal tumble right there I mean.

I'll take the 253 profit. but I know you got more in yazoos. I know you got more in you. there's no way you just dumpster us for. the last seven spins here. we get Blues maybe Reds. ball backs two spins I'm listening. yellows. no yellows there 15x with a spin I like. these odds let's go Zeus. okay I hate the odds 13.98 but we are. back to 4K with that one right there I. love that let's actually let's let's do. the 11 20. A lot of times I skip these. weird bat sizes I don't really trust. them but today let's go ahead and try. everyone it seems like Zeus is being. friendly today. what is this. what is this. what is this. okay what is this. oh. okay oh okay I thought maybe a re was. coming down too but that's 8 91.52 8X on. the first spin I was gonna say these. first spin multis that we've been. getting today are off the chain.

Something that we don't normally see on. the slot. I was gonna stay in the middle of that. tumble but I was gonna jinx it I felt it. give me a multi on this though. 8x8 spins. purples. okay not bad 13x eight spins. not far from profit but still not profit. even with that massive hit Blues are in. give me a multi. Gallows maybe but we need a multistill. and get it. 2X. 3x. dude you gotta get us to profit I mean. that was a 1K hit we had earlier. lost a hundred dollars. that just feels wrong on that that just. feels somewhat wrong on that man 1200 is. next on the list let's go. come on. double multi yep. one hourglass. one hourglass threads. still need The Hourglass. got it you need another multi on this. thing. 65 tumble is beautiful 2x doesn't make. it grow though. other 2X. okay 4X breaks the 2x script Worth to. eight 12 spins biggest buy the video.

Twelve hundred dollars come on Zeus I guess hourglass I think right can't do it greens yup congrats yellows we have a 10x with seven spins here Max with seven spins on 1200 is pretty damn good that was in a multi that can happen five spins with the 10x come on baby 4X greens yup lose multi got the Chalice what a save purple's in a multi get the multi on the last possible chance that's exactly how you want it 50 567 on that spin and we are forty dollars away from profit land here keep going okay well I don't know what that was all about but we need at least profit here last spin luck bro what is going on backto-back bonuses with a little bit off the top that's the gates tax right there 1260.

I'm gonna skip that one we're going to. 14. turn up. come on. he's keeping us around here for a reason. I feel. you guys ever feel that about a slot. it's keeping you around for a reason. that's a weird no Purple hit. big multis only big multis only 8X is a. great Builder. 12 spins with the eight piece. we need another multi in these next four. I'm tired of seeing the 8x8 spins I'm. tired of seeing it. bro always 8x8 spins I I just know it. okay that's good blue hit rings and a. multi. one off on the Rings. triple multi drop no connection to be. had. good board here what we're gonna need. the clear yep Blues hourglass. no no no no no 10x fight spins fourteen. hundred dollar buy down a thousand going. into the final uh four spins here come. on. chalices could be a save here. it will not 12x 1680 that's decent. yellows we need you yellows come out.

See they're really really good final. multi there 765 back has a 50x that is a. level up let's go ahead and do it come. on. still keeping us around man. honestly like I say always 50x on the. slot is actually kind of a kind of a dub. it's unfortunate that's the fact of the. matter here. okay 5x build here 1600 buy these buy. amounts now are getting a little scary I. won't lie about it. 9x total wait no 11x total nice. 12 spins with an 11x. okay. Crown bait dude. blocking so much space on the board for. the crown bait give me the Blues. 11x6 spins chalices are there we need. the blues need a multi need the blues. need something new 214 on this has me. sweating a little bit I appreciate that. I appreciate that but we need the tumble. to follow give me Reds. 17x is that a 17x yeah I spin 17x. biggest buy the video keep going.

Crowns hourglass. oh. oh oh. that one hurts. that one hurts man should we do an 1800. though. yeah I mean we're at this point. we're at this point man I guess why not. right we we've come this far it's time. to put our nuts on the table and demand. some respect out of Zeus eighteen. hundred dollar buy we needed to cook. I really would appreciate a chef in the. kitchen here let's go. Spin City is fine because it's early. enough give me a multi on this thing. okay we get that give me RADS. 6X good we're getting the builders we. just aren't getting the follow through. it's like a weird it's a weird Gates. glitch that's not still not letting it. pay. 8X there. Blues. come on man chalice is Reds. ice Rings chalice is multi. Blues. 8x4 spins come on man turn up with me. turn up with me 11x is in we need. purples we need Blues purples.

Can't get them dude 11x is where we're. at here three spins remaining Zeus I. needed to wake up for the one time here. this is a huge Buy. purples may be for Lucky but we need the. multi. greens do we need a multi. multi would have brought it home there. for at least a decent hit this is a good. board we just need the proper drop. the multi keep going it's only two we. need Reds. can't get it it's still a good hit 78 30. on that how much is okay a grand a grand. right there it's not profit once again. it's a small Gates of Olympus tax 15 34. and we gotta have we gotta level this. thing down unfortunately let's do it. 1600s next let's send it. beautiful scatter pattern. beautiful. final bonus buy of the day if it doesn't. pay let's go. greens versus spin 2x is not bad as long. as it's not a script. it's not spive is in seven is the build.

Purples yeah. Oh I thought it was gonna drop one in. there oh that's a lot of Blues that's a. lot of purples keep the tumble alive. keep going. Rings we need one. can't get it 10x build 11 spins 10x 1600. buy we needed to take off here 425 is. back already come on Zeus. double multi drop block in the ring. hit. 20 oh my God what are these. what are these. I'm speechless rings. I mean at least he's dropping in a multi. but look at the crowns you cleared the. greens out of the way the crowns. probably were in. purples. can't get it dude. Blues chalices there's options here you. got to take advantage of the options. okay can we get perps. I'm not even thinking about the crowns. I'll take them I'm not thinking about. them though 16x on that something 755. right there is keeping us around 1260. next one spin. clutch up can't get it.

1260. I got a bad feeling about this I'm. doing it anyways 1260. let's go. all we need is a 200x here for a break. even today like that's not even that. much. I haven't touched the Vault it's been a. good session I won't lie about that but. we need profit. another multi please. off by two 7x 13 spins we're getting the. early bills always be aim to convert how. is purple's not going there. 9x. multi here would be huge Reds purples. would get the multi crowns are in two. hold on purples keep going keep going. multi us again and keep going oh my. goodness that's still a beautiful hit. right there 1.9 ladies and gentlemen a. crown hit on one of the biggest buys of. the day and it's a beautiful scene but. we need more eight spins remain here. we're up to a 15x now we're turning up a. little bit purples. no purples 15x though eight spins with a.

15x and we have cleared profit normally. when you clear profit it's a good sign. it means that he might be wanting to pay. in this bonus specifically it's either. that or he just flops completely. greens purples. purple Springs. oh keep it alive 23x four spins you have. to keep that one alive though please. three spins remaining Reds greens. no no one's home. loser oh my God this board is beautiful. but we need the greens first that's. priority we get the greens chalices. purples get the chalices purples yellows. keep it alive Rings yellows another. multi drops in yellows off by one rings. are right there but this multi is fat. ladies and gentlemen bang. 1.347 a 31x with two more spins. remaining. we have ourselves a profit situation. here first time in a long time purples. another multi he's not done yet he is. not finished 33x final one with a 33.

Anything. good hit Blues chalices greens keep the. tumble alive keep the dream alive. 3.897 we are officially in profit for. the video we fought all the way back. there to come up. it would be smart to take money here but. the last two days have been brutal I'm. gonna go ahead and do a 1400 and that is. it all right I'm feeling this one let's. send in the 1400 whatever we end with. here is what we leave with Zeus let's. see it cook one more time baby we love. to see it. nothing's more beautiful than a good. Gates of Olympus hit. Waka I was talking about a good hit I. okay I shouldn't have done this we. should have taken the profit. Blues. bounce all the way back somehow yellows. it's a 2X can we get crowns somehow like. what am I even looking for here we need. another multi. 2x is the build and we only got six. spins left this might have been dumb.

Blues. 2x just doesn't get us anymore like I'm. trying to get. out oh it's a 2X script yeah it's cooked. I shouldn't have done the 1400 I knew. better than that I knew better yellows. Blues. I knew better than to do with 1400 men. the 1400 that's dumb and now I'm down. 300.. we're back in. 2K bye. illadvised but a good feeling in the. nuts if you have not followed if you're. not subbed I don't know what I'm saying. anymore hit the Bell we needed the Nota. gang to be stronger by you. the person that thinks I'm talking about. them that's what I'm talking about hit. the Bell come back tomorrow and we're. gonna do more Degen Behavior but let's. hit this Max win first come on 2 000 Buy. on Gates of Olympus. accordingly brother we need to see it. okay. gotta start somewhere. gotta start somewhere come on man oh. yellow's not in.

We need our first multi of the day here. please. first multi of the day here we need some. hope we're losing hope with eight spins. no multi chalices are in it's a 30 base. hit. we're losing hope. 2x is in can we get greens. purples. chalice's yellows multi. got it all we need the multi though. maybe a reed too why not can't get the. multi69 only on a 2X. okay 5x 50 baser there. Blues greens keep the tumble alive. greens are in. Reds are in keep the tumble live more. multis please. that's fine 93 on that what does that. put us at that's a good hit right there. 8 37 that's getting us somewhere six. spins with a 9x. 3x. come on Zeus come on these last two. gotta be big one of these one of these. has to be big. this is a tough board really tough board. chalice is off by one perks off by one. 12x for a single spin we're down.

Horrendous. yellows. yellows come on yellows. oh 322 right there 1500 back on a 2K I. gotta do it I have to do it at this. point we are this deep into the mess. you don't just leave you keep going 15. more. decent scatter pattern we need to see a. build early and we need to see it's. frequent. yellows purples Reds Maltese in it's a. two I don't like seeing that can we get. purples. can we get another multi maybe the blues. too we need one we need a blue we don't. get it. we do get a 2X off red. purples. Reds multi. come on man come on 3x is there. Brown's baiting as frequently as it. possibly can purple and it's another two. blues and a chalice nothing seen 4X is. our build. chalices with the greens. Gallows with the grains of the Maltese. yup give me another one too maybe the. Crowns if you're feeling spicy you drop. in rings and crowns he's not feeling.

Spicy that is what a 9x now that's still. a good hit 621 right there seven spins. remaining with a 9x keep going. come on. come on let this be the one man let this. let this spins make these count though. purple's multi multi. getting a retrigue and having be dead. spins is the most disgusting thing that. is a five we're up to 14.. purples. okay okay. 17x I like where we're at here eight. spins with a 17. if you told me that. would have been the setup at this point. I'd be very happy. make it what a 20 something Max oh my. goodness the multi's huge we just now. need the tumbles man a 26 x is in where. the tumbles though. The Hourglass rule went off 26 x's in do. something with it. do something with it please. oh it's not gonna do anything with it. is not going to do anything with it. you could see that coming a mile away.

With a retrigue involved you can see. that coming a mile away we're back in on. a 14. I hope you guys were ready for a. mini documentary why I hate this slot. Reds greens. that tumble is just gross. that tumble is gross. okay. hourglass. no shot. no shots doing this to us right. thank you. we need a re at this point I think. like we genuinely need a re at this. point. or just a massive multi. Blues. can't even drop in blues. Blues. multiplier the boards cook no there's. nothing else nobody else is home 150 on. a 1400. I'm doing this I don't want to. do this but I'm doing it anyways let's. go big. let's go big come on. come on. I don't want any I don't want to know. we're doing it let's go Zeus. four scatter 15 free waiting for too. much now I don't want to talk about it I. want to focus up on getting a big win. here. okay.

These boards are all one off these. boards are all one off that's a good. ring head. how are purple's not in after that 8X. that's decent 1000 will take it. seven spins. more hits like those more hits like. these please. what do you said. what is that why would you do that. why would you do that. we're in for six on the day boys let's. go. come on man come on just do it this. tumble's absurd if you don't drop in a. multi on a 543 then why are you over. there why are you over there just get it. just somebody remove this man off this. slot why are you doing that to us. that's a literal Max win base game hit. right there and he doesn't do anything. with it we are at 978 though 5x with 13. free we need that to hit it doesn't. okay 8X another multi two okay 14x come. on. 182 is good that's a lot of Blues. that is a lot of Blues no greens to.

Follow but that is a lot of Blues and. that's a 19x that's 760. keep going 1920. eight spins 7x keep going please. good. come on hourglass green. nice dude 23x build right now keep this. tumble alive as long as possible. yellow's in another multi can't get it. 23x that's paying big 2.5 right there we. have motion 23x six spins left we have. ourselves liftoff keep going. no I said keep going. those rings. I think I gotta call it there man we. just made back so much of our money 4.6. K right there. um we lost a little bit this video I. mean we lost what. 1200 this video but that's better than. losing it all that is better than losing. it all we definitely shouldn't do just. one more you know what I mean it'd be. it'd be stupid to just do one more let's. go. 2400 you're witnessing demon mode. I just need to rinse the taste out of a.

500 base game hit out of my mouth right. now with this. come on. no re so no re. no I should have left I should have left. once again second time in the video. you'd think I'd learned the lesson. 2x is in it's a 2X script so far. oh man you think I'd learned the lesson. dude. I don't know how yellows aren't there. you'd think I'd learned you you would. somebody would if you actually thought. about a situation you'd think I'd learn. I don't I keep going it's an unfortunate. situation to be in but we're here 2K one. more come on Zeus. one more. multi yellows rings. Blues Rings Maltese. rings are in we need a multi though. don't shaft do not shaft us. there we go thank you I'm fine with the. two you just can't be doing all that and. not dropping something. X would have been nice we would have. been at 10 there. packs would have been nice would have.

Been past 10 there oh nice ring clutch. Green's nice Blues another multi Maybe. Blues are in we need another hit Red's. dropping in two Red's dropping in two. give me another multi give me some more. hits here. three I didn't see Blues. tumble alive keep going hourglass Rings. our Springs. hold on malty is looking juicy and we. are up to an 11x and that's 11 44. big. hit and we are back up to 14 free please. let's go. let's go. L is off by one. Blues multi. yellows multi. do it. this is where we need it. okay. another he would have been beautiful. there guys another re would have been. gorgeous. greens. Greens in a multi. dude you can't shaft he's choosing the. shaft dude. well the Hope gets raised so high and. that he does this. yellows Blues multi. okay. Blues. nice. anything else nothing else is there. rides off by what one after all that.

Still another good hit though 561 it. does put us 20 away from profit here. four spins 17x that board is ridiculous. not to hit. I think that was the board right I think. that was the board. yeah that was it if that hits we're. having a laugh insteady's taking a 20. off the top fee we're back in. this is probably my longest Gates of. Olympus video to date but you're. witnessing a d gen session in action. it'd be it'd be you know it'd be. disrespectful not to record this. this would happen regardless it'd be. disrespectful not to share this with the. masses. look at this. nice. we you guys know what we need here can't. get it two Acts. come on good board here if we get lucky. good bored if we get lucky. we don't we don't we somehow it chooses. not to give us anything. come on come on where's this at. we're working with a 2X here man we're.

Working with scraps. we are working with scraps here. buy back 7x total three spin this is. this is atrocious. greens. oh we're all in boys we're all in I. should have just taken the money when we. could I should have taken the 4.8 but. here we are 8 40 all in we are here. chasing big stonks. and we are 35 minutes in this is a mini. movie at this point if you're watching. at this point I don't even know type. something in the chat. say you say uh I don't even know just. say something crazy. if your comment says something absurd. I'll know that you were watching at this. point in the video give me Reds. Mia multi give me Blues give me crowns. give me a multi. got the multi got the crowns I like that. but we need a better multi. Drop It Go in the comments right now and. say nice 500x if you've been watching at. this point let's see if we can will in a.

500x on this one. people are going to be seeing the. comments just triggered Where was the. 500x. 15 spins here fresh bonus with an 11x. basically. okay. 13x okay. 1313. Blues. interesting. chalice is nothing. your Blues are there I like that greens. purples. Rings yep. purple's hit do we get rings. oh I don't like that early ring hit we. do get the multi though nice. 17x on this. Blues Blues greens blues greens blues. greens brings purples Rings purples. something else. hourglasses greens off by one but that's. 17x on that that's 8.85 that is a profit. situation seven spins for the 17x keep. going. good yellow hit multi. crowns just do it no. this is a good board here we need. multiearly multi-early please oh. oh. I hate that you knew that was coming you. can tell that was coming man. Oh my days all right we're gonna do it.

We're gonna do a 1260 Man actually I'm I. don't like doing the 1260s let's do a. 1200. bro this is about to be a. ridiculous video especially once we get. a Max on this one right here 15 free. let's go. 5X. come on Zeus. just one more time for the one time for. the boys back home please. no. you need a secondary multi on that man. being at only a 3X with a 60 base game. hit that's not it. please. three spin 7X. the Rings I was looking for Rings 10x. one spin. dude what a journey today all this for a. whole bunch of nothing. absolutely disgusting hey you know what. most people would scrap this video most. people would say hey you know what we. didn't get any dubs today we're gonna go. ahead and we're gonna leave it off the. YouTube channel but you guys got to see. this man everybody thinks that we're. always winning all this time you guys.

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