30.04.2024 50-34-14 Rule for Z-distributions

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As we've seen different zscores are. associated with different amounts. under this curve between say the mean of. the distribution. and a particular zscore one useful. heuristic. to use is something called the 5034-14. rule. 50 34 14.. what this means is that with a zscore. of zero. 50 percent of this distribution lies to. the left of zero. and fifty percent of the distribution. lies to the right of zero. for a z score of one if we plot it right. here. thirty four percent of the distribution. lies between the mean. and a zscore of one in other words. this shaded region right here. and lastly for a zscore of two. fourteen percent of the distribution is. captured between a zscore. of one and two. now because this is a normal. distribution and is perfectly symmetric. the same thing holds for negative. zscores so for example.

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