30.04.2024 7 Legit Game Apps that Pay REAL Money (Free and Easy Options)

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Are you looking for legit game apps that. pay you real money just to play games. then this video is for you my name is. michael and if you watched any of my. videos before you will know that i love. testing different free methods to earn. some extra cash and what better way to. earn than by having fun at the same time. right well one method where you can have. fun and learn at the same time is by. playing games on your phone and in this. video here i will show you seven legit. and completely free apps that will allow. you to do this. so before i go over the seven methods i. want to show you i just want to make it. clear that when it comes to game apps. where you can earn by playing games. there are literally hundreds if not. thousands if you just go into the app. store or google play to actually search. for this however the reality is just.

That the majority of them are extremely. spammy there are so many different. popup ads and at the same time they. give extremely low value for your time. so you really need to know which apps. that are worth using if you want to earn. by playing games on your phone because. if not you can end up wasting hours and. hours without getting anything out of it. and i have tested hundreds of different. ways to earn online and in this video. here i decided to put together a list of. seven legit game abs that i know will. pay you and that i know are legit and. where you can actually get something out. of your time it will not be a way to. make a living or anything like that i. just want to make that clear but as a. way to earn some extra money and have. fun at the same time they really can be. great and i just also want to make it.

Clear it's not a prioritized list. because exactly which of these options. are best for you will depend on your. preferences and also which country you. live in but there will be options no. matter the country you live in so with. that out of the way let's now get to the. list of the seven options. so the first option i want to show you. is called and is one. that i've had quite a lot of success. with myself and one i really like. because it is quite user friendly you. just download it and then inside the app. you get a list of different other apps. and games you can download and you will. earn every time you play them and app. camera itself also has other offers and. it has some daily bonuses it gives great. rewards once you cast out it has these. different bonus systems so it can be a. fun way to earn a bit extra by playing.

Games and if you join through an. invitation link you will usually get 300. points joining bones but i've been able. to get a vip bonus link so if you join. through my invitation link you will. actually get a 500 points joining bonus. into your account right away and you can. use. more or less no matter the country you. live in and if you want to join i'll. leave a link below here to a full review. where you can find this bonus joining. link and get this joining bonus. the next app is called coin supply and. coin supply is both a website and. actually an app i get paid to add where. you can find quite a lot of different. ways to earn and one of the ways you can. earn is by playing different small games. some of the games are only available. through the website and others you can. play here through the app and you can.

Also take surveys and click ads and do a. lot of other things to earn and coin. supply will pay you in bitcoin or other. cryptocurrencies and then you can take. those out and then exchange it to real. money if you want to or you can just. leave it as cryptocurrency and hopefully. see it grow over time but it is mainly. an interesting way to earn if you are. interested in cryptocurrency if you just. want to get paid directly in cash. without having to exchange it first then. you need to use some of the other. options but if you are interested in. cryptocurrencies it's definitely a great. option because then you can just. withdraw them there and then you will. just for example have more bitcoin and. coin supply is also an app and a website. you can join from more or less all. countries. the next app i want to talk about is.

Called swagbucks and this is one of the. most well known get paid to sites and. apps it offers a lot of different ways. you can earn and one of the methods is. to earn by playing games and swagbucks. is available in more or less all. countries however the games are not. available in all countries and i just. want to make that clear in general. swagbucks is mostly interesting if you. live in the us the uk canada australia. ireland france germany or spain in these. countries it has the most opportunities. you can still join it from other. countries but it will just take more. patience to earn and you should not. expect to find the games here but if you. live in one of those countries you can. in general earn some nice extra money on. swagbucks and you can also earn by. playing small games. moving on to the next option and this is.

Actually also called swagbox it is by. the same company here it's just called. swagbox live and this is an app with one. specific game and this is a trivia game. and you can see you can download it both. through the app store and through google. play and this is called swagbucks live. so it is a trivia game where you can. test your knowledge and you can actually. win really big prices if you're lucky as. you can see an example of here it is. completely free to download and actually. play you just need to be aware that. swagbucks live is only available in the. us and canada as of recording this video. here so if you do not live in one of. these countries then strikebox live is. not for you but if you do live in one of. these two countries it can be quite a. fun way to potentially earn you're not. sure you will win of course because it.

Is a game a trivia game but it can be. really fun to play no matter what and if. you win you can win some really nice. prizes. the next option i want to talk about is. called play test cloud and this is where. you can get paid to test new games and. you can click up here in the right. corner where it says become a tester and. then you can just sign up play test. cloud mostly offers tests for people. living in englishspeaking countries but. then you can use it for ios and android. devices and you will have to install a. software and they will guide you through. that and then it will record your screen. while you actually play a game and also. what you say because you will speak out. your thoughts out loud so they can get. feedback about the game you will not. find games you can test every day or. maybe not even every week so it will not.

Give you a huge amount of games but when. you get one they pay quite well usually. around nine dollars for a 15 minutes. test you just need to be aware when you. first sign up you need to take a short. test that's around 5 or 10 minutes and. you will not get paid for this this is a. qualification test and then if you. qualify you will get access to the. potential pay tests. so we have two more options i want to go. over but before going over those i would. appreciate if you could just take one. second to like this video here because. it can help it to be seen by more people. so the next option i want to talk about. is called inbox dollars and as the name. suggests it is a site or an app that is. only available in the us but you can. download it as an app or you can use it. on its website it has many different. ways to earn and one of them is to.

Actually play games it has quite a lot. of different games some of them are free. and others is where you actually have to. pay to play and then you will get cash. back when you do that so not all of them. will be relevant for you that of course. depends on the type of games you. actually like to play but one really. great thing about inbox dollars is that. you will get five dollar joining bonus. just for signing up the first time you. cast out you have to earn thirty dollars. to actually cash out and then you can. get paid and cash via paypal or choose. between a lot of different gift cards. but after the first time the payout. threshold is only ten dollars so then it. will be quite a lot faster to read and. even the first time it will not take too. long because you get this great joining. bonus of five dollars.

The last option i want to talk about is. called chasm all app and this is. honestly a little bit of an outsider. here on this list i personally prefer. the other options here but this can be a. fun way actually and an easy way to get. started and i have a video here on my. channel i'm leaving in the top corner. here where i show you how i just by. playing a couple of minutes actually. earned 50 because you get a great. joining bonus and then at first. it gives some quite nice rewards however. the longer you play the less you will. earn and it will take quite a lot of. patience but if you like playing the. games it offers then why not earn a. little bit extra at the same time but if. you're just mainly looking for effective. ways to earn by playing then this is not. the best option in the long run in my. experience but you can use chasm all.

From more or less all countries so that. is quite great and i have been paid via. paypal by myself and i also show payment. proof of that in the video where i have. already talked about i leave a link in. the top corner here. so as you can see if you want to earn by. playing games from your phone there are. quite a lot of good options there are. literally hundreds or thousands of. options but many of them are really not. worth it as i already mentioned earlier. but these seven options here are all. legit and you will actually get paid if. you play games through them and some of. them also offer other ways to earn and. if you decide to use them i would. definitely encourage you to use some of. the other earning methods as well. because you will just earn faster that. way but no matter what i hope this video. here helped you and i'll leave links.

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