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Sweet sweet banza let's hop straight. into the first bu $2,000 and there's no. audio fantastic there should be audio. now let's. go come. on plums. grapes oh my God the greens almost damn. okay. $1,000 come on. come. on melons plums oh greens come on almost. but that is not bad that is a profit to. start off the video with not bad we take. it little 400 always always better than. a loss we take it nice okay B let's go. again $2,000 buy oh what I CLI no okay. let's go again come on come on come on. come. on R trigger okay nice bananas. great apples even better okay oh 350 and. five spe we take. that extra extra five spins should help. however recently the reters haven't been. the best to me on sweet Bonanza but. hopefully that changes. today come. on grapes nice uh plums oh bro how does. that board not connect seven seven seven.

Of three different. symbols. nice come. on please. bubbles. no. all right. okay. we. okay come. on. grapes. come on nice please come on more melons. somehow anything else nice okay that's. not bad that's like almost yeah oh yeah. more, nice 1300 pretty much Break Even. four more spins though so come. on. please. grapes. no. man hey you know what these 2 20xs will. put us in profit so that's that's nice. at least um bit of a profit I guess we. take it all right I'm going to raise the. back quite a lot though 36 let's go big. 3600 come on before we get into the next. part of the video I have some exclusive. welcome offers for you guys to use on. stake in order to be eligible to sign up. on stake make sure you are under code. donde if you already made an account in. the last 24 hours you can click on the. guy in the top right corner go to.

Settings and then click on offers put in. the code Don in the welcome offers box. once you've done that join the Discord. server and claim your offers I can get. you guys $21 for free on signup and for. those that want to try out stake a. little bit more I can get you guys a. 200% deposit bonus up to $500 make sure. to join the Discord server so that you. guys don't miss out on the best sign up. bonuses that St has to offer join the. Discord with the link in description or. the pinned comment and let's continue on. with the video now. this is the buy that I need to profit I. need to profit on come on we raise it. quite a lot so hopefully we win quite a. lot as well you know bananas plums. melons or Blues nice. melons the bombs could have been bigger. but it's okay 1,00 nice. 1/3 the money bro Hearts please oh. no that board has so much.

Potential. apples oh wait. on feel like it's hitting quite a lot. just like little hits I mean there I. don't up 2.2k. already come on melons or melons or. plums there on the multi. 36x oh. man. okay plums come on okay purple yes 10. purple. multi nice double six okay 10 purples. that's huge nice nice man come on. 5,500 for that nice okay come on come up. oh we hit 10 purples the multi only 12 x. but even a 12 XS 5 grand massive massive. juicer all right can feel one more one. more one more we do the same amount. because it paid so uh I guess we'll. stick to it no matter what we're kind of. guaranteed some profit but hopefully. this pays again I mean. please might be hard to beat what the. last one paid but we could hope for. another profit maybe come. on sweet. sweet. okay melon Blue's even better now melons. nice please.

Multi I mean we got a 10x that's what. 1450. H all right that's not too good we only. got half of the money back uh last. spin somehow. please that oh it's a little bit on the. end I guess 8800. okay. well we're on 10K exactly all right one. last one I know I said this is going to. be the last one but seriously now one. last one please we're raising it even. more $44,000 bonus a pretty big one so. if it could pay I would uh appreciate it. sweet ban okay come on make it a. juicer let it. pay. nice again this board is crazy easy at. least we got a redo not bad $1,000 and a. re trigger I know the board could have. kept on going but really really good. spin now please let the r trigger be. good let it connect for once come. on that's spinning please come. on don't just do this. grapes. grapes anything else no okay I mean so.

Any x * 80 1,600. okay come on. on it's always so close that's literally. that's that's all that super does always. one off always one or two off all right. we'll do some big spins to finish up the. video still very very good video of. course the last bonus didn't profit but. I guess it is what it is can't win on. them. all and yeah really really good. video this is just hitting. okay imagine we could spit into a bonus. now. $10,000 that would be pretty. insane come on let's do it why. not. come. on. all right I feel like we should stop. after this spin uh and we will let's go. and do the daily 5 bonus P for the top. wager let's go hey guys I just want to. quickly let you know that if you use. codeon and stake you will have a chance. of winning a daily $500 bonus buy the. top one wager or the person at waged the. most under my code will be getting a.

$500 bonus buy every single day so if. you stay first under my code for a month. you will be getting that $500 bonus buy. every single day for a month whatever. the buy Pace whatever the profit is. you'll get to keep all the profit on the. buy so if it pays 10K you will get to. keep 9.5k and guys if you play on Stak. already you may as well make a new. account and be eligible for this $500. race and not only that guys I will be. doing the Twitter giveaways as well for. everyone that's using Code Don on stake. so you have a pretty decent chance of. becoming first under my code and also. winning the daily $500 bonus buy I hope. that makes sense and yeah let the race. begin good luck guys and let's get. straight into the video okay boys as. always the daily $500 bonus Buy today. we're going to be doing on wisdom of.

Athena yeah hopefully this face some. profit as the top wager on stake under. my code code Don gets to keep all of the. profits on the every day and that's a. 13x on the first spin now the potential. here is huge like that's a really really. good. start especially if it keeps connecting. oh my. God okay okay we could be in for a pro. here the top wager could get Juiced up. here obviously if you guys want to take. part up on stake on COD massively. supports uh supports me and let you join. all the giveaways but wow okay 350. already after two. spins now we just need it to keep. tumbling please stop this. spinning come on then non premiums how. is that not connecting explain please. even that's just. 100. greens yep okay need. more. power. Blues power okay well there barely any. profit such a great start for barely any.

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