30.04.2024 Adin Ross Completely LOSING His Mind !

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What's up guys welcome back to another online gaming highlight i'm a little late on this one so i'm gonna make this short and sweet aidan ross just loaded up about a hundred 190 i think maybe 200 000 i'm not exactly sure i think he's about to go off on a sweet bonanza buy bonus buy friggin tangent so we're just gonna hop right out don't me i'm chasing i'm gonna chase bro i'm gonna chase man it knows what it's doing guys knows what it's been doing man it knows what it's doing dude it knows what it's doing dude he cannot leave this slot alone so bad multi multi bananas hello dude and peaches so ass yeah i think it was 196 000 he loaded up because he just spent 24 000.

Now who. oh my god stop putting l's lock. the in. he's going crazy. big boy bye. holy . no way you flop dude that's so. ridiculous bro. peaches please. that's such a good board i'm getting. bro. peaches. grapes this could be good it's done but. it's okay i i i've accepted my fate. i'm not making money i'm not complaining. about making money i'm losing bro y'all. dumb. i'm losing bread bro y'all are trolling. me bro bananas that's a lot bro. i'm gonna play fifa when i want to make. my money back bro i can't wait till he. breaks that keyboard bro. 30k come on bro. no he loses my god this is too much. money he does a bonus buy loses. money and then ups his amount jaden. aiden what are you. apples. loser apples or multis bro you cannot do. this to me bro. yes i can. i want to get on people i'm sorry i. shouldn't even come here please pay i.

Need to get on fifa. i'll take that chat please bro w's bro. like can y'all help me bro. how can we help you. multi. ciao i want to get let me get this. working i'm out bro. it's just hilarious. oh it actually is. hello i'm sorry. i mean that was funny though y'all are. laughing bro putting lml's in here go. yourself bro. some of y'all are not real human beings. bro. i'm a real human being but dude. you gotta take a step back and take a. look at yourself this is hilarious. i don't mean to laugh i hate seeing. people lose money especially gambling. multi please. don't do that bro i need. wow bro way to me bro you just put. a kick in my butt bro move it around. that's insane dude birds don't tell what. to do. watermelon. guys guys i know can i just get back to. please what i want to get to and i'm. getting out bruh i swear i'll literally.

Stop bro bananas. no guys please bro i'm asking you dude. that's cap. it's a big buy dude oh my god eden ross. what are you doing. should i do 100k bye no what am i doing. bro. he's gonna break that keyboard man. oh multi please oh it's so. multi multi multi multi multi. so bad man. shitty ass multi dude. see it starts off funny. it starts off funny but then i just. start feeling bad. insane man you love me huh. it's alright bro i'm used to it. i'm used to getting man i'm just. used to it i'm just laying flat out bro. and just. let it happen man it's a good board but. it's probably going to flop. no it's not i lied where's the multis. though where's the moon days oh my god. a 5x. nah bro i'm not going out like that bro. you made six grand. and you're putting frogs in my chat when. i'm losing money you guys are just.

I don't even know what to say anymore to. you guys bro y'all don't give a bro. y'all can care less about me bro. are you serious or not. doesn't matter. doesn't want to pay it's all good bro. you don't want to pay me oh it doesn't. matter. that's kind of a save. not really all right i'm 155.. dude how's that 32 dude how's this . not paying a lot of money bro 36 000. i'm gonna play fifa can i get back up to. 200 that's all i want bro. come on this is it right here see that's. what it turned out dude why you start. losing and then you start praying you. just want to get back to what you. started with so that goes to show just. don't gamble to begin with. wow bro. you started with 200k i'm really . up right now all right bro if you. started with 200k and you're gonna be. happy with 200k. then just keep the 200k to begin with.

Please pay listen bro just pay double up. bro oh what did i do this is huge yo. that's crazy as aiden what are you. doing bro come on low key you're huge. and you're good just lock in bro you're. good bro just. just pay me my money back it's the. biggest bonus buy i've ever seen him do. just pay my money back aiden you're good. aiden you're fine aidan i swear. ate him. aiden ross you're good bro watermelon. i need a multi right now bro come on. just bail him out bad dude. i'm nowhere near 100k man. wow oh i needed that man i'm gonna be. honest i need multis oh you don't it's. okay you don't wanna you don't have to. man. oh don't do that to me please. don't do it man. it's a good board just don't flop multi. is just multis i don't care multi. oh wow. you have barely half back. he's all in oh boy. he's gonna break something if he loses.

Holy adk bye what can this paycheck. look at this. nothing clearly bro nothing clearly bro. oh multis no way there's no multis on. the board bro it's not over that is so. dumb bro. can i get a multi. why not a big one bro you drop 50 x's. bro. oh man. he uses that space bar as a punching bag. multi please then i'm begging you dude. how much do you spend on this 80 000. right maltese dude i'm begging bro oh. lowkey a save. that's a big save right there how am i. only making money back i don't. understand. hey that's the best you could hope for. i'm sorry guys listen bro. i'm just really really trying to . get. multi multi i'm rich multi please. some big i beg you bro no this is. good i'm begging bro this is good that's. it no bro that could have paid so much. bread bro oh dude no i don't. even know i'm not happy i'm a piece of.

Bro yeah. that was big. you guys saw the potential right this is. good another potential right here. just multi i already know it's going to. flop just multiply it no multi i'm. begging you bro just drop a multi why. i'm not done with a 13x bro multi it. please bro thank you. i'm out chad i'm done i swear to god i'm. done bro i swear to god i'm done i swear. to god i'm done. i'm done. wow i'm done bro he just got bailed out. like crazy. like crazy. ass. that's crazy got really bad bro i'm. getting the out of here bro. yeah get me the out of here. i'm not leaving this is crazy i'm not. leaving. holy multi please you don't die. multi. wow you died go yourself man. i'm back all right we're on fifa all. night bro. guys that's gonna do it for this one. leave a like leave a comment. is he leaving. let me know what you thought i'll see.

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