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What's up guys welcome back to another. OG highlight I'm gonna keep this short. and sweet check out the links in the. description if you guys want to watch. the previous parts of this session don't. forget to leave a like let's try to run. this up to at least 300 likes leave a. comment I read all of them and enjoy the. video. stupid bro he's going back. so I already know I'm gonna cut out the. whole last like 20 minutes he tipped. somebody that's why he that's why he's. not at 360 no more he tipped somebody so. he's at 347. this is the most fun thing. I could I swore to God I could watch a. place for like 15 hours. I know is it turbo juice. what is a thousand times fifty cat. no way oh my God yeah guess what crane. was doing like 4 500 balls oh my God oh. my God. I think it was still a 50 ball though. because he had just changed it to 100 I.

Don't think he hit the 130 enough on. 100.. no way. bro oh he loves this game he's. slapping the out of that [ __ ]. space bar. dude what the is this please wow. is get your rake back and level up. disgusting he's slapping the sh he loves. this should I up to the chat okay. or not he's just this thing he's playing. this game. because the return on this game your. week is gonna be up. that's a thousand X bounce that was like. a 50 50 if you got a thousand X I swear. to you that was a thousand dollars no I. never seen it fly down. that fell out of the damn [ __ ]. thing and came back in. yeah. he's doing 200 200 balls now. well people are gonna hate this video. because of the freaking space bar it is. what it is though. 1.0. it is it is yeah. he loves this he's loving this . right now okay how do you do that yo. that's like a rapid fire.

No that's actually why are you stopping. wait what I glitched it what the oh. my God I think imagine Alex just jumps. up though yeah get out get out yeah. imagine it just dropped like 300 balls. at once holy yo. what the . holy he actually broke polinko with. his oh my God right now and he. would be the one to break this . oh no weird chick. what the . that's your phone oh God. yo he actually broke that tell me. jeez tell me for real. I swear to God. oh God jeez fix it. maybe I'm overthinking but like I don't. know unless servers unless servers are. down I'm just gonna involved in case. she's right yeah. not the literal same thing happened to. me bro. now but she's I didn't. not chat. would actually happen to you tell what. happened to you it's not bad I say it. she's awareness people actually too yeah. I'm gonna tell y'all what happened to me.

Bro I got a monthly bonus email I. thought it was fake I clicked on it and. the guy stole okay basically do you guys. know what a fish link is a fish link is. basically. traditionally meaning it's a fake link. and so on no guys don't laugh someone. logged in a cheeser's account and stole. his monthly bonus because they give him. a fish link. bro. and I gotta Tell Eddie about that I. actually don't tell anybody about that. because that's up and it's. probably gee if I have been a knee brow. cheeser I would have yeah bro just don't. play with that I'm asking right now yo. you up that goes the show guys never. click on just never click on any . links in your email anything. don't oh my God that's crazy. right it's like the most fun thing in. the world. that's crazy. all I am. wow you guys still never seen a ball go. die yeah.

Your own child will tell you yes I've. done at least like 50 000.50 you're. doing 200. it's fine it's never it's not. that balance bro. are y'all can see my screen no he loves. it he loves this . that is so dead yo that's crazy. chat that's what it is yeah yeah yeah I. can't hold it I got a Spanish Bass. excellent OMGs oh my God I glitched it. bro what I do chat what I do stop. breaking this Bro new tab this. this [ __ ]. breaking polinko holy . I'm gonna take somebody else Stakes if I. come up huge the 400 bro damn it's. bro. from glitching Plinko I can't do it. it's crazy don't put your Stakes yet. don't put them yet. I could go for a steak right now boy. with some mashed potatoes and they click. on another one click on a game then. click on another one it's all the. originals I think I'm literally broken I. could go for a steak right now with some.

Mashed potatoes some macaroni and. cheeser pause and some broccoli I just. can't hold that down real good. do space right. 130 130 130 oh my God oh my God what's. 130 times 250 what is it what is that. you have 400.. no way oh my God. 290 something I don't know 33 000.. 33 000.. oh my God. yeah right now get out right now 406. I know how this works. train has hit the Thousand X like a. bunch of times but he's also been he's. also he's had million dollar balances. drained by this game this is. this is not it yeah. he's doing it I'm telling you this is a. street 26.. he's in those nines bro. bro that's so loud. come on he's getting lucky as yeah. he hit a couple 130s and but that. is just rare man he could go 2 000. balls without hitting anything over a 26. now yeah oh again it could at least say. 130 bro. chow what is Justin hitting at 130 I had.

Like four times Bro Look at that hover. 0.03 chance. but like you're flaming so many balls. yeah. yeah I'm not gonna lie it's mid when. you're not spamming. just slam that. motherfuckerbergs. get out. he wants a back cheese I want the back. yep. holy geez this just took a high low. that is crazy. dude I love this . holy I love this [ __ ]. okay like what was that. I personally don't know how people play. this [ __ ] this [ __ ] is dumb as. all hell. no. stop I'm telling you because I know it's. guaranteed gonna take it back are you. okay. I mean you might be able to get before. but. yes I swear to God it gets crazy look. look at that look at that. bro okay give me one more oh my God. I'd rather stick my nuts in a beehive. than trust my money on this game . that check it out for sure crazy. he only likes it because he gets to spam.

The out of that spacewalk because. I'm crazy on this oh what's this clip. oh Jesus. I think it's trained. thousands are doing two thousand. dollar ones this is his first ever one. he got. give me the 130 give me the one yes. yes I'm pretty sure I was watching that. yeah I'm pretty sure I was watching that. live give me the . yeah they're like glitches. now now Aiden wants it now Aiden wants. to look at him. wow train wow. he said wild train he's gonna start. blaming this on train now. now I'm back. I'm a star. are you still on point though Aiden's. getting a twister right now yo don't. don't blame train. dude no no. she's going to get him out that's what I. got. it. is it done cat. just drop nuts one round double your bet. 500 and drop like 20 and then get on no. matter what oh boy you're gonna get at. least. again. it [ __ ] it.

Oh my God. dude. this song bro I was an accident. at least. dude oh my God. 13.. that was it bro that's 26.. 26.. damn bro this 0.2 suck yeah. and that's what the that's what it is. the majority of the time right now like. right now oh my God guys do yourself a. favor and don't ever play this on any. amount on any bet size. yeah. it's just all sucking in the middle like. literally. damn that hurts I don't even think he. wants to win the money at this point I. think he just enjoys slapping that space. bar 30k off it. is. it does it on purpose to make you think. you're close to hitting this what. are the chances one heading a thousands. yet. it's like it's like a point zero zero. it's probably oh I'm not it's point zero. zero one percent. what's 100 times. come on. that's crazy you took it all back. that's what this shit's designed.

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