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I needed that one i needed that one i. needed that one. that's how i made it so amelia look he. said i need that. but milk way you're. he might have a tenant all right would. you rather split twos or seven in the. situation or all of them. you know what brown spend both. come on. come on. come on just give it to us. oh snaggy mo. 10 10.. please. please. it's okay. yeah you have to stand up please come on. i wanna yes i want a nine and a nine. please shout out with that nine nine or. nine double the nine or nine. i gotta hit both right. yes. just let me win one bro just please let. me win this one please let me win this. one it's gonna be a hurt if you don't. you don't care man you just don't give a. man. please you can't give me a 10 right. there i just can't. just really can't. of course watch this will not be a 10. no my luck bro.

I'm down so much money now guys it's. insane. it's like now i can't stop there's no. like. uh. snag while i love you bro i wish . bro i wish you didn't join the call but. it's not your fault it's literally my. fault guys i don't anyone feel sorry for. me like this is like what i'm getting. myself into this . damn. man i'm up bro i'm not gonna lie. to y'all bro. i know you guys told me bro i know bro i. know. i get it look at three fives like. you can't even he's gonna have a 10.. it's crazy dude you gotta stay on. everything right you have to except for. this i know if you don't want this . this is just genuinely i'm i'm we. already we already know it's rigged. though bro and i'm just doing it because. i'm just like this is literally in your. favor like generally your favorite ten. this was really in your favor bro.

Yo. switch it up got you. i have to. keep running three yeah he's going crazy. he's going crazy right now we got a mind. himself i like that ray you have to. like that bro is he winning big. come on. this is it come on bro a's ten. come on just give it to us a ten. why is this guy talking and saying some. stupid bro like. i gotta just say everything guys right. i i that's what i would do that's what i. would do. that's what i'll do bro yeah he's gonna. block his hands. he's gonna bust. i lost anyways. it's insane to me. i shouldn't have switched it up bro i. don't know why i'm listening to you guys. i love you guys but if i had three i. would have won that. man. it just hurts bro my stomach actually. definitely hurts. i told him to quit i know you did bro. and look at these shitty hands bro. so bad dude. god hold on hold on don't don't wait no.

Bro no no i lost bro. now i'm down 1.8 bro. i was at 700k all i did was just stop. i don't know why we came back i told him. not to eat we both said nothing go bad. yeah i know he asked us. that's why i said play gta which is. stupid. he has a nine under there i'm not stupid. you got 10 don't worry bro. oh wow that's. wow. everybody's trying to go to miami. we talked about the bad girl club i mean. the bad girl bad girl club man. no. no no please stop. is he about to do what i think. oh my god. like your mind you always think like. okay like you're losing trying to make. it back but i think you just . wipe the state here and just. start like overnight please don't bro. please like bro. me react and dev all said not to go back. he asked me before he asked me twice. before we left ex us three we all said. no i don't get it bro i get a 700k and i.

Didn't get out. we all told you too. up from what you were already from you. should have a job. is insane bro literally down two. right now bro two bro two so i can't do. insane bro. in. sane. insane bro. in saying. sickening bro. i'm doing one more thing and that's it. bro whether i win or lose. done bro done i like like i actually. going. i mean like bro this is just . insane bro. it's like janely crazy like. you feel it i only want to eat that. right now bro to be honest. yeah oh my god. i say you keep. that's the only thing about gambling bro. i can't like. i gotta get my face back. some money back. oh. ggs. i hate this guy too he's mocking me. go yourself though you're not you. won bro you got it. i know you got it you probably have an. ace under there that's cool bro four. please yeah you gotta subscribe. is insane bro.

I know. what is that bro. oh we all know where ayden's gonna be at. in game. give us a seven. give us a 10.. it's gonna be a four. 60.. i don't want to deal or change i want. you i want to smoke you bro. let me win this i'm dumb bruh i. swear to god i'm done sore two guys it. was tense give us come on. give him a load he gets 10 every time. bro i don't know. every time bro every time. 8 8 8. how do you play against this. every single time you can't bro. like it's not possible. this is made to [ __ ] you bro like. you can't keep can't bro. come on. ace. ace i ain't gonna lie we win in this one. i don't give a . come on ace give us a a stop. playing with the cards he gives to ace. we'll tell you i'm not gonna lie he does. not head over there. okay give me give me uh give me a three. and a ten right here. sorry give me a ten give us a 10.

Please. you don't got a 10. have a blowie. have a lowy let's pull a four. i knew we didn't have a 10.. am i up. on the line 200 000 oh. it's crazy i'm risking that much to win. 200.. yeah i know but i would say stop you say. stop. i think stop like we just start that. over like start like i knew that. always think you're down on the back of. your head but like financially though. just going forward just like start from. now. 400k. knowing you're down it just eats you. alive though snagamil knows what i'm. talking about. no bro you want everything back. i know you want everything that's the. problem. that's that's where they get you that's. what it gets you again the reality is. you're not going to ever get it all back. it's not happening no i realize no one. and i realized that bro but look my. thing is me too. let me just tell you what i'm no no no.

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