30.04.2024 Amazing Picking! Got All 5 Chips! Plinko Slot Machine!

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All right everyone i'm gonna be playing. plinko today i'm starting with 400. i'm gonna put on the 50 cent. denomination and i'm going to do a 750. bet so let's get started. all right i'll show you guys this game. here it's like kind of like a. three real oh i haven't played it yet. we'll see. so there we go hopefully the brightness. got a little better maybe these ones are. hard to film. hard to get the brightness right. maybe a little better. the problem is then the uh the screen. looks kind of washed out. yeah i'll do that. so. i guess we need to get plinko on a line. oh. i do like the uh crisis right music. oh like wheel of fortune. the red sevens are the top symbols. man not much of anything so far. oh thought it was gonna give me. something i thought i heard something. i am going crazy. come on quinco. oh my god. you guys play this game did you manage.

To get a blanco. oh 60 bucks okay nice. we needed that come on point go oh my. goodness. oh. how many times are you going to break my. heart. oh. okay big waste of time so far. at least the music's entertaining i. guess. twelve dollars. lucky me. come on plinko oh my goodness. thanks. spaghettio. it's like a. more like plank no. blank oh no. all right i'm gonna try another 300 in. this stupid game. let's see if we can get any. plenty. hold on. go. come on. you know what i'm going to say just. watch prices right on the tv. you'll save some money and be more. entertained. all right. my best line head so far was 60.. wow. so. oh. okay geez what's your favorite. look at you you'll be playing winkle. oh man i'm gonna pick two times. ah one chip to play. you're done collecting plinko chips it's. time to drop them. here's your first chip move it and look.

Up and watch it go. okay see you next time. maybe you only get it when it says come. on down. dude. not usually a fan of picking bonuses to. be honest. i usually prefer a wheel spin for free. games. way too anxious for picking bonuses. i play slots to relax not to. induce anxiety. i'm gonna say you can probably only get. it when it says come on down. maybe i don't know you guys tell me did. you. ever get it without that happening. lego. yes there's your first blinko chip. that's a good one. another placo. it doesn't get any better than this it's. time to drop what you. think i can only pretty much uh so yeah. you can move it. drop it wherever you like. all right cool so i could have only. picked like the five times. better so i think like the second best. thing i could. hope you guys can see that okay. drop it from the middle here.

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