30.04.2024 Aviator 859x! The one that got away

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How's the panthers this is your aviator. captain here i'm here to play some. aviator it doesn't look like i've joined. at a great time. lots and lots of. pinks have been coming through. not too many purples not too many big. pinks though. there are quite a few low blues. so i'm going to have to cash out this. box on the left. when it just gets into purple and just. to pay for the stake on the right which. we'll use to kind of chase. a nice big pink if we can get it so this. one i'll probably cash out at about. three because that will pay for our next. couple of rounds let's take that one. i clicked it why don't you go through. there we go took a while to go through. there a bit concerning that's what i. don't like about aviator so when you get. these delays look at this guy. betting 13 400 ran that man is insane. he is insane.

And he's going again with another 13 000. round bets wow and that's gonna kill him. yo he just lost 13k. taking a look at some of the top. multipliers of the day. they've been some really nice ones. nothing that spectacular. i'd love to hit a hundred. i don't think we'll get there though. this dude is letting his bets ride i. gotta say oh i was gonna take that cash. out he's really letting his bits ride. i think we're going to be in for some. purples now. uh is he buster no he's actually up to. steak wow my dude my dude you've got. some big cojones. i'm just looking at that guy's bets and. just uh i'm shocked it's not spending. that much on an aviator guess you can. make some really big money if it uh goes. your way so let's take this one on. take that one now that'll pay for that. round you're so slow with the cash out.

There aviator. this bra is just letting it right i. wonder when he's going to cash out so. he's cashing out i wonder if it's got to. order cash out at like 3.22 if maybe. that's what he's got set there. this one's got got a few legs but we. want it to go well into pink. so i'm not too bothered about it at the. moment i don't even have my hands on the. mouse. but uh yeah this guy's letting his 1400. round run okay i've got two 10x. lots of little pinkies if i was cashing. out. i think the next one's going to be. purple as well. i was cashing out at a good time i could. be making some money now. but i'm being greedy but with my greed i. am at least. chasing some of my bets with one of the. boxes so i'm not going to get hit too. badly. that guy just lost another 14k. how many 14k bets can this man take. i wonder if it's on autoplay he's.

Probably got to do some autoplay. okay so that was a bit rough so i'm. going to put the stake size up just a. little bit. he lost another 14k oh he's been getting. killed on these ones he looks like he's. got his cash out set at like 3.22 or. something like that. it's probably on auto cash out. aviator is hurting. still pushing with his 14 grand bits man. that guy's crazy. what's his name falcon i wonder what's. what. he's losing he's losing a lot i mean i'm. losing here but he's losing a lot more. is he in the chat. nothing in the chat about him i want. free voucher man why are you begging for. vouchers and aviator chats that's like. the worst place to ask for archers. because the dudes are using their own. vouchers on the game. he's a brave brave man so this one. should go to purple. i'll take that one at least pay for a.

Little bit and we'll see if this one can. ride anywhere. there we go 3.44 that looks like when. his cash out is going. and this one looks like it might touch. pink. he's touching pink we've got a cash out. of 250 at the moment we want to get that. up to like 500 at least. still going. still going looking at 500 now. keeps flying onwards and upwards and. onwards. i'm taking that cash out i'm taking that. 879 rand 35x let's see where this puppy. would have flown off to. 50x wow look at that. he cash out of 22 times this one is. going to the moon baby i could have sat. and left this one for a while but i'm. glad still made a couple hundred bucks. he's over a hundred look at that look at. that. i'm kind of bummed that i cashed out so. early this could be one of the big. multipliers. he's up to 200. oh. how far is it going to go.

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