30.04.2024 Aviator Big Win - But Missed out on 1428x

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Betway Aviator hmm. I've got like 400 bucks that I want to. play with. there hasn't been any pinkies but I. can't see that far around history. hopefully there's going to be a pig on. the horizon. chat over here 24 times when was that. yeah not much going on there's 3 000. people online geez. um yes I'm going for Pink as always. but I'm not sure when that Pink is. coming when was the top of the day. it doesn't say. multipliers here we go today is the 17th. eh yeah so that was oh. they haven't been there's been some good. pinkies today nothing like. too recently that there was a 400 times. 10 minutes ago man I missed out on that. one. but yeah let's let's play with this 400. bucks I've got what like 240 left so. another six rounds or so left that I'm. willing to risk on The Aviator. and considering these results I do feel.

There's got to be a ping coming up soon. I'm tempted to push mistake up to like. 25 bucks a box but let's keep it at 20.. of the month. like they say the max win is up to like. 20 000 in advertising but it's actually. much much more than that I guess that's. where you're kept out like maybe order. cash is out for you or something because. the wins here we go. you're 500 Ram check us out cashed out. 32k. yo this plane is just Charming at the. moment but this is kind of good in the. sense that there could be a pinky coming. up. I haven't been that many I've just got. one half a million. your. okay this guy's building a thousand. bucks he's cashing out at 1.25 and I'm. just getting cashed out here we're down. to 140 bucks left so I'll get another. like five rounds no not even five rounds. out of this to be honest I'm getting.

Playing with 40 bucks a bucks not twin. not uh 20 in total so 20 bucks a box 40. in total. kind of miscalculated that one so this. is going to be my second last round if. that pink doesn't come soon. gonna be a little bit salty. cashing out at 1.25 that's uh. an interesting strategy that's 1.10 is. anyone letting it ride check all these. Oaks caching out. all the bigger bits are cashing out. ah come on pink where are you. I wonder what pink is going to be I'll. probably catch that first box out at. like. the first pink I see. and the second box will let ride I don't. know we'll see should we get there okay. I'll play one more. well I don't know we'll give it a couple. more rounds I do feel there's a pink. just around the corner because look at. all of these look at all these Blues. there's been lots of purple no pinks.

It's been pretty rough actually. the biggest that we've had is that eight. times. uh I think we've got to be due for a. immediate flu away as well. hmm. I said I want to chase this too long. because you just you end up giving a lot. of money and you need to pick up a. really big win to make it back. this one seems to happen ah as soon as I. say it seems to have some legs man I'm. just not getting uh any luck on on The. Aviator today. how many 2 000 bits jeez. lots of these guys cashing out so early. it's a dangerous strategy but I mean I. guess playing for pink is yeah it's. probably even though his strategy to be. honest. yo I. that is charming at the moment. if I was playing a bit more. conservatively I would still be down. but I've now already played with a lot. more than I initially anticipated. flew away boom now.

1.10 again this guy hey they've got such. cool icons can you change your icon. like a cool looking jet icon like that. another another two one. can I change my icon oh I can't change. my avatar. uh let's get a nice jet like uh. uh I want a Spitfire. you're you're pink you got to be around. here soon my friend. hopefully that Avatar change is going to. do a trick for us because you're being. chowing. and it's a very slow takeoff what's. going on at your time. no man. see what Chad's saying. it was a good hour it was chowing no. ping for now sorry guys. when was the last pink. is this one going to Pink. nope. there hasn't been anything over over. like 3.7 like that 8 was what one. like over 20 rounds ago there was at. eight. and I don't know how long ago it was. since the last pink. no man come on Aviator. I went pink. it has been many rounds and we've chowd.

Like a good couple hundred bucks now no. sis. I just hope I catch it in time as well. like I hope I don't get too greedy when. it does come around because I've lost so. much already. maybe I just joined it I would oh. so I'd be happy joining here. um usually I I'm happy to join when they. haven't been pinks but no there just. hasn't been one in so long. I mean the purple Chasers are doing all. right. we aren't getting too screwed with like. these 1.0 ones aren't too many of those. but there just aren't any decent ones. coming through. the Low Cash Out Guys these guys that. are Cashing Out low are making money at. the moment. but me no I'm just getting child. I never knew that Aviator cap for some. good luck let's try that. and then I'm gonna be danzo Bustos. have you had a cap on. goggles on. let's see if that brings a luck.

I've got this new twin sport game that I I've had a quick look at but I haven't really played so this is like the biggest multi that we've had in a long time five times surely he's got to go to Pink I'm going to keep one finger holding up over the cash out button over here I wanted it to go to at least like now let's let them fly let it and fly he's into pink is he gonna get to 30 times cash out that first one let's let the second one run 50 times Maybe 50 times let's go look at that that's what I'm talking about up to 5 000 Rand let's see where this puppy's gonna fly off to 100 times I knew that pink was coming oh but I'm oh look at this look at this I would have been up so much 200 times and I cashed out at 50 times 300.

400. 500 oh my word 600.. 700 oh monk I would be I would have made. absolute bombs is it gonna break a. thousand times he is. look at that oh my gosh this. 1428 times but I made a couple of bucks. on that one wasn't a huge win it was. quite a while chasing that one putting. on the aviator hat and the goggles. definitely did the business then the. next one flies away uh so I'm glad I. stuck around I'm glad I stuck with it. and chased that thing because it did. work out for you but you have to have. the patterns to chase those ones but. you're that one went to 1 400 times if. I'd left those on it would have been 70. Rand at 1 400 times it would have made. like 70k or something like that that. would have been absolutely ridiculous. but you can't get too greedy and I'm. happy with the profit but anyway guys. hope you enjoyed a little bit of a nice.

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