30.04.2024 Aviator Casino Game - BIG WIN - Flying High!

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Disclaimer this gambling session was. recorded in Malta please find out. whether or not gambling is permitted. where you are gambling is only allowed. from the age of 18 and can be addictive. in the long run you will lose money with. gambling unless you are the casino. boss hello and welcome to a new video I. have once again discovered a new game. the game is entertaining as let's. go the name of the game is. Aviator there are two similar games. called Chad X and. arrow however there are now more copies. of the game than Louis VOR be in the. Turkish. Bazar cash. out in the game you bet an amount for. example € 100 of course you can also bet. more diminutive amounts the maximum bet. is €100 per round the Blane then takes. off the aim is to pay out the BET amount. before the Blane. crash the longer the Blane is in the.

Air the higher the multiplier I.E the. winnings. ding ding. ding flew. away the game's difficulty is finding. the right time to pay out the BET. amount the winnings are small if you pay. out immediately after the plane takes. off if you wait too long the plane crash. and you lose. your. Stak the plane can also crash. immediately after. takeoff and the game is played. simultaneously with other. players ding ding ding. ding I love the sound at the start of. the game for each new round it reminds. me of the sound on the plane when you. fly off on. vacation okay cash out nice. win waiting for next. round let's. go. oh no what the. go go go go go go go go go go go go. go go go go go go. go oh no you can also place two bats at. the same time for example one bat can be. paid out initially and you can take. higher risk with the other one with the.

Other. bed that's very. cool. you can get insane win multipliers in. this game and win much money but you can. also lose a lot money very quickly so. please always play responsibly very. important. I love this. game what the hell. would you like to play this game or. another game be sure to take a look at. my website multis I've been. playing online for 10 years on my. website you will find the best online. casinos all of which are casinos where I. play myself so take a look multis. I always play in five to eight different. casinos there are several good casinos. and I want to remain. independent like most streamers or. YouTubers a specific Casino does not. sponsor me most streamers or YouTubers. have a sponsor and always have to play. in the same Casino I can play wherever I. want that's why I play in different.

Casinos in every video. oh. ding ding ding ding ding. ding very very nice. multipler conclusion after 6 minutes I. won over. €2,000 the game is great. fun Fu. away. byebye waiting for next. round. it's a shame you can bet a maximum of €. 100 per. round I want to bet more 200 or 500. euros per round would be. better the win m multiplier could become. insane I hope many players are still. playing and have yet to press cash out. immediately holy. 50. 60. 80 oh my. God H la. la. whoa. 700. 900 holy. I win multiplier of over. 2,000x with my Stak per round that would. have been a profit of over €2. 200,000 but I wasn't brave enough and. clicked on cash out far too early too. bad but they still made a nice. profit ding ding. ding ding ding ding. what do you think of the game let us. know in the comments please also. subscribe to the channel and like the.

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