30.04.2024 Aviator Game - Greed Cost Me A Decent Win

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The chat's back no. man the chat is back on. Aviator not happy about. that anyway playing some Aviator today. uh there have been quite a few pinks and. there's been a lot of purples this is a. very bad time to play in my. opinion what has been the top win. today haven't done an intro anyway how's. it guys welcome back to bbz got three. and a half Grand in my account not going. to be playing with all of it on Aviator. I'm on Hollywood bets I thought I'd have. a bash and some AV I've just picked up a. very nice win on sweet bonanas give me a. little bit of bucks to play with and. let's see if we can get anything but I. think I'm joining at a pretty rotten. time and none of these things are. loading there's my. bets why is it oh there we go. okay. top multipliers Today Show me that. please. yo if you want to like load for days.

This guy's paying me 700. bucks okay top multipliers there we go. today 2,000 times when was. that oo they haven't wait it is the 31st. today why don't they put it okay they. put it in in order of the multiply oh. this one is looking pretty decent so far. though into pink. okay we're going to let him run we're. going to let him run a little. bit 20 times oh looking pretty decent at. the moment 30 times can he get the 50. times I'm taking that cash out on 40. times let's go baby all right 50. times. 60. 70 oh. I was too greedy I was way too greedy. there the greed will cost you 78 times I. should have cash that out I should have. cashed that other one out at 50 times I. was looking at a very decent profit but. hey sometimes you got to take those. small profits and you got to run I don't. think we're going to see another pink in.

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