30.04.2024 Aviator Game Back to Back 50x! When Will I Learn?

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How's Planters welcome back to bsp I. remember an Ava so just having a couple. bits today I've got 4 000 Rand in my. account I'm betting 20 Rand a box I'm on. Hollywood bets oh what a start and. basically chasing Pink as always. hopefully we can pick up a win. my general kind of aviator strategy is. to play two boxes the first box over. here I'll cash out that's something that. I feel is going to give a decent return. like I'm playing for pink let's let's. just be straight up about it I'm playing. for pink so I'll cash this one out. at like a lowish pink uh 10 15 times. around there depending on how the. session is going and this one over here. I'm going to let run 20 30 40 I don't. know we see how greedy we are and how. many tiers they are after we don't cash. it out but let's not get ahead of. ourselves we first need to get into pink.

There's no use having all the planning. in the world and you don't uh get to. into a position where the pink is. looking at the recent history there. wasn't 11 times there was a 49 times. there were a couple of bad ones after. that quite a few bad ones after that 49. times it's actually been pretty rough on. players uh over the last couple of. rounds so I think there could be a nice. pink coming up. let's put our stack size I'd really like. to do no no no 25 Rand I'd like to do 25. random box right now I'm paying 24 25. that one I'm going to adjust after this. round. we're gonna sit through a couple rounds. not going to have a long session I don't. want to give too much I've just won uh a. nice bit over on sir and Spa pretty. happy with that so I thought I'd give. The Aviator bash see how we get along. not always the best idea especially when.

You're getting things like that and you. really should be cashing out and taking. the money let's cancel that quickly. let's get that up to 25 so 25 run each. box total of 50 round now this dude is. dropping 2 000 Rand over here this four. star star six guy. see the chat is still here still active. oh banned from chats spam they're. actually Banning people from chat yo. that is so lucky well done. that is awesome stuff they should block. people. who are posting their phone numbers and. posting nonsense tips and all of that. stuff I like to see that I'm happy about. that this box is flying on quite nicely. the plane looks like we could be in for. pink. oh nine times. no Aviator why you do this man. are they blocking everyone now. this. this is amazing. that is beautiful blocking all these. people. I just need 300 ran today Marta Aviator.

Yagana. you cashed out 38 times getting child. now. we lose daily but you don't win daily. don't play every round predictions. please. need two thousand before five okay the. chat looks to be very nicely moderated. right now. because there's got to be a pinky it's. got to be a pinky come on baby. I think if it's gonna get into pink. we're going to go to at least 20 times. he's into pink okay all right all right. 15 16 17 I'm taking this first cash out. of 20. First Cash Out of 20 500 Rand. this one I'm gonna take at let's do 50. times let's get super greedy let's get. really greedy 50 times. I'm getting greedy I'm getting greedier. oh you block some again I'm too greedy. again I was way too greedy I said I. wanted to cash out. 66 times I should have taken it at 50. times I was waiting for it to get to 2K. then I was gonna take it.

Oh that stings that stings again typical. Aviator typical Aviator and my heart's. going again. my heart's going again. oh it is pumping this game your guys. it's gonna give you a heart attack one. time except my heart is absolutely. pounding at the moment. yo. I need to calm down I need to calm down. okay this one's gone into 10 times. taking that cash out. are we gonna get super greedy on this. one. I'm gonna let it run to a thousand if it. doesn't I'm done after this. oh it's up to a thousand. it's up to a thousand. oh I'm so greedy why am I so greedy at. Aviator. oh two big ones that I missed out back. to back. I really should have I really should. have learned my lesson after the one. just before that. but I don't know at least we made a. little bit on this I'm done after this. my heart can't take it it really can't.

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