30.04.2024 Aviator Gameplay and Big Win

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How's the punters welcome back to bsp. your captains here taking to the skies. with some aviator gameplay today i've. popped a thousand rand into my betting. account we're gonna see if we can 280 to. about one and a half thousand bucks. we'll see how how the going goes. i'm playing two boxes i'm playing a box. on the left of 50 round i'm playing a. box on the right of 20 round i actually. want to up that to around 30 round box. on the left i'm going to cash out. around even money around here's a good. time the one on the right i'm going to. try and let it run into like pink. if it can get there. i'm unfortunate we didn't take it there. but we really are going for for some of. those pink ones if you're going for a. more conservative route. i would cash that out beforehand but i'm. playing on lotto star today they've also.

Got the aviator game. i haven't played it too much on the. channel recently. just trying to get the timing right on. that one. and yeah just thought i'd jump in and. make a video for it today. oh i was gonna take that at five. actually i was thinking about taking. that at five. so we are. still still kind of even it's been a. couple of pretty good rounds we just. haven't had the the legs. on the. ones that do fly they just haven't been. going far enough there's been a lot of. them if you have a look over here just. haven't quite got to that pink mark. this i'm thinking 1.8 ish might be a. good time. after that loss on the previous one this. one can we see a pink on this one no we. can't it's gonna fly away i'm gonna put. this one up to 30 now. not a great time to actually be. increasing my stake but. with aviation you just never know.

Ah i was just not quick enough on that. one. i'm gonna up this one to 60. so we're playing 60 30.. take that one there. come on we want to go to pink that's all. that's all i want to see we can't keep. dropping out around this five mark. how far in pink could it go if it goes. to pink. could go pretty far. looks like we're heading to pink. territory now. this guy's cashed out 1 700 bucks. already. we up to 500 600. and that's our profit so i'm. i was gonna take that i was gonna take. that i wanted more though i did want. more on that one. got to 28 times. i wanted it to get to at least a. thousand then i was probably gonna cash. it out. i was being patient. and i was not quick enough on that one. it's really gonna cost me isn't it. look at all these lovely rounds that's. been going on and i've just been missing. them. clearly my my flight license is uh.

Somewhat dated it's expired because i'm taking these short trips lots of short trips they're not bad though if you're playing conservatively at the moment you'd be making some good money i'm just going for bigger wins though even that one i'm letting run for longer than i i'd usually like i don't know if we could be going to pink on this one can this one see a thousand i want to see a thousand there for me to cash out oh this is getting very tempting to cash out now guys gotta let it run to at least a thousand bucks okay let's take it there we go 36 times how fast it's going to go it's going to go to 50.

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