30.04.2024 Balancing chemical equations by maths method N2+H2=NH3

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Hello everybody balancing Chemical. Equus mathematics method. okay. okay. now. please okay. okay you know for balancing every. equion we just add to efficients in. front of the. formula in this reaction you know. nitrogen reacts with. hydrogen and they product. ammonia for balancing you know every. atom have to be equal in both sides this. side is product side and and this side. is reactant side okay really nitrogen N2. and H2 are reactants and we have just. one product in H3. ammonia for balancing maybe a lazy. student like me okay lazy teacher okay. who how. okay and me makes it. three and we say n plus h3al than H3 no. no never never we. can we cannot change. subc only we add coefficient in front of. the formula so again I rewrite e into 2. +. H2 okay. because molecular formula for nitrogen. gas is N2 no n and for hydrogen molecule.

Is H2 no H3 we don't have it okay so we. have I use mathematics method. mathematics method how we can solve it. please please follow me and subscribe my. channel give your comments and your idea. to me and like this. video I have three unknown coefficients. here a. b and c I must have them correctly for. balancing this eus okay how I can. balance it. by math technique maths technique. mathematics method okay I know two kinds. of atoms I have here just I have. nitrogen nitrogen and hydrogen. okay I make by this. coefficient a b c for night nen I have. two kinds of atom nitrogen and hydrogen. just I need to have two equion okay for. nitrogen we know a * 2 2 A have to be. equal C. * n just you know one atom of N I have. here 2 a a after balancing this equion. for. nitrogen 2 a have to be equal. C what about the. hydrogen B * 2 or 2 *.

B have to be equal 3 time C okay three *. C. I'm going to balance this equion I have. two eions two. equion and I have to unnown variable. okay unknown. variables a b c three three variables. unnown and to fusion and you know we. cannot solve it so I give one of the. Equus A or B or C I give coefficient. one which of them I give coefficient one. so I. go and I con consider again the cusion. how many atoms I have here just I have. two atoms. here I have two atoms of hydrogen here I. have one atom of nitrogen and three. atoms of hydrogen 1 + three four atoms. okay in this compound I have four atoms. so a b c I consider the equion I. can the formulas one by one which of the. D has more atoms so I give the. coefficient one to it so really I give. this this molecule this compound has. more atoms so I take Cal 1 when C equals.

1 I can solve it okay 2 a = 1 and I. divide both sides by two and I have a. equals 1 /. 2 and again I'm going to have the B so I. have here okay 2 * B = 3 * 1 c i take. itals 1 three so I divide both side by. two really I. have okay by two I apologize to you by. to no B okay and we have b equals 3 over. two okay this method is very very. helpful for balancing complex equations. really I have here a simple equation. but I uh teach for you and you learn it. and you can use for complex equs okay so. I have a = 1 / 2 B = 3 / 2 c = 1 I again. rewrite the. equion I write here I write the uh a = 1. / 2 a. 2 plus b = 3 / 2. H2 gives us one NH H3 and you know. ordinary we don't write the one for. example in mathematics you know when you. have a x really you have One X or Y you. have a one y we don't write one okay you. know we have fractional.

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