30.04.2024 Best Selling 6x9 Speakers! Pioneer TS 6x9 vs Kicker 6x9 Ultimate Battle-

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All right if you guys in the market one. of these um bestsellers six by nine. speakers this is a video for you this is. the pioneer uh 6x9 speakers one of the. best. selling from the pioneer line. uh the speaker and this is the one of. the best selling kicker threeway. speakers right i love houses that kicker. speakers they play uh some of them is. that doesn't worth the money from the. kicker lineup well some of them is. really really good sounding speakers. right uh only the pioneer comes with. this really good adapter for universal. adapter this adapter itself is cost like. around 30 for you if you buy aftermarket. right. also. the piner the grill i like has the. pioneer grill is made full mesh so. you're not going to drop anything inside. the speaker if you install this uh. speakers on your deck. so the both speakers comes with the the.

Wire highness cutting dimension all that. stuff right all right let's play some. music whatever button i press that. speaker will play so we're gonna start. from the kicker. i apologize for that the previous video. it was i was destroying some speakers. with the base i left the base high so. i'm going to cut the base now. um and as you can see kicker uh. it wasn't playing without any problems. previous speaker it was a struggle with. this kind of bass and with this loudness. so let me cut this volume a little bit. and play some different music. lower. lower bass like normal you play. finer. so. as you can see right away the kicker. handles bass way better and it's shakes. a little bit table one is the base. because all house the configuration is. made also twitter is a lot brighter than. the pioneer pioneer twitter is a lot bit.

More balanced and more natural soundings. so. so. you will be surprised how spiders sounds. really really nice right but i was. comparing this pioneer some speakers. will destroy the spiner of course has to. be a lot higher speaker like more. expensive speakers than. uh. than this pioneer. i was there. i think i'm gonna burn these speakers if. i play a little bit more. but. surprisingly they say the ends are very. very good so the piner uh just without. aftermarket or small amplifier. this is the one of the best speaker for. uh for the budget for the for the price. uh this is the. budget speaker so you're not going to. get. the wow sound but of course if you. replace this for the factory speakers. you're going to get the huge difference. from the sound quality uh without the. amplifier but the small amplifier. pioneer way to go i'm out i'll see in.

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