30.04.2024 Betway Aviator - Picking up a Quick Big Win

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How's the Panthers welcome back to bsp. I'm over on betway today chasing some. pinks on Aviator. The Aviator game is now live in bit. where I've got the lucky Captain Hatcher. the lucky Captain aviator glasses and. hopefully that's going to take us into a. nice pink cumulus clouds. look at all of these Blues it's just. been blue skies blue skies that's not. what we want to see we want to see. purples we want to see pinks but because. I'm chasing pink. I'm not going to be cashing the one box. out until it gets to uh 10 times the. most I'll cash out the one box of 10. times or more second box I'm probably. gonna cash out at 20 times what should. we get there hey you never know it is. Aviator after all. I am ready to top up my account with a. couple of extra bucks should I need it. looks like this one might have some legs.

To it so I mean I could get greedy over. here and let this one run until like 15. times or something like that. we're into pink we're into pink. territory. how far do we let this one fly. I'm gonna let them both fly to 20. let's. get really greedy here. 20 take that one come on baby come on be. a big one for Daddy be a big one for. Daddy can we get to a thousand bucks on. this one. oh my gosh it's going up it's going up. it's going up I'm taking the cash out. yes baby 49 times oh and it flew away 60. times. oh I'll lock out there so nicely picked. up a very juicy one got the timing just. right on betway and then the next one. flies away. it's just typical Aviator man I'm super. happy with that one got the timing. perfect on that one I'm gonna put a. small bit on while I close off the video. you never know when that next thing.

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