30.04.2024 Big Bass Bonanza - Search for the HUGE Fish and Retriggers!

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Right then this is another requested. sort of uh. challenge um attempt it's just going to. be like a single video attempt. but it is on that um billy big bollock. bass bonanza. whatever the it's called uh there. it is big bass bonanza. it's on i'm starting with 500 quid. there's a couple of challenges that. people have mentioned. there is a massive fish available on. this game. it's it's like ridiculously big in. comparison to your stake. um like thousands of x uh so. one of the challenges is even just to. see that um. but the main challenge is to try and get. to the times 10 retrigger. which i don't imagine i'm going to i'm. going to achieve. but it's it's actually just going to be. quite nice to see a few bonuses on this. game. because it is pretty enjoyable so um. i'm going to put it on. all right i'm going to stick it on a.

Quid am i. not i'm going to go 90p i i was playing. this on. 60p a lot um but i've got 500 to start. with this i'm going to go on 90p. hopefully i'll get a fair few bonuses. hopefully we'll see this massive fish. i'll try and look in the uh. in the info to see if it tells me. exactly how big that fish is but. i have been told that there is a monster. on there so it would just be nice to see. that and of course. try and get to at least the times three. retrigger. hopefully the times ten we'll see i'll. bring you back to the first bonus. right okay that's just probably uh. probably dampened down that big massive. fish is worth because if you read down. here the maximum win amount is limited. to 2. 100 times your bet if the total win of a. free spin round reaches 2100x. the round immediately ends and the win. is awarded and all remaining three spins.

Are forfeited so i mean even if you do get to the times 10 if it's going well if it hits 2100x it's over so uh yeah may maybe that fish is just a jackpot feature fish i wonder we'll see okay the first bonus is in it that's cost 54 quid though uh the biggest fish i've seen in the base there is 45 quid i'm pretty sure that there's bigger ones in the bonus surely than that on this stake it's not the greatest start in the world is it right there he is dynamite no dynamite it's nice when he gets the dynamite out because it can blow uh four or five fish can't he blew up wow three spins to go it's paid 45 p so far there's a little tiny tiddler one pound 80.

I need to see two fishermen here come on. oh here's his dynamite what you got me. only two ah stinge. 15 30 though right two spins to get one. more. one more big billy bastard 18 quid right. 20 25 come on. come on just ding on this last one then. stolen a retrigger right at the end. there. rpd's that's the top symbol that that. float. a little look at the pay table that's. another 1890. okay stage two. is he gonna ding at all. still trying to look at the amounts of. the fish as well trying to spy a big one. but that 45 quid one seems to be the. biggest in the bonus as well. but there definitely is a huge one. somewhere. come on where are you mate. this is a brilliant retaker. three spins left he hasn't popped out. once yet. wow that was quite incredible final spin. yeah okay yeah it was worth it then. 72 quid there at the end yeah that was.

Lucky as won it. it's an epic when it says we know how. much it is so i'm just going to skip it. 72 quid it's put the bonus to 1160. which puts me in profit so i cannot move. there we go 556 quid plotting on for the. next bonus. see if we can get that times three go on. land today. loves to tease this it makes the. sound effect of it landing just before. it lands. which which i find a bit strange but. there you go. okay finally it's landed its second. bonus all the way down at 4. 16 75 and now it's taking ages and loves. to tease this done it. all right come on let's get some early. fishermen in please. nice we're having a bit of dynamite as. well. more than two this time that's better. oh look at them all [ __ ] four. pound fifty the biggest. two one pound eighty fish. all right still five spins to go i think. yep five spins.

I need him to start showing up though i. need three more. dynamite. two more in four spins okay that's gonna. well. nice to catch some actual money. all right three spins one guy let's go. it's up to 36.90 now. yes we're in we've got the retrigger it. does seem fair giving you the first. retrigger. it does happen quite often that's been. my experience of it anyway so far. it doesn't really tend to show up very. much though does he afterwards. oh yeah i didn't really want him to show. up there today right let's go. face there's all times too. thanks times two on a big massive one. pound eighty fish there. it's all about the fishermen i guess. let's get to times three come on. wow four pound fifty fish come on ding. off how many to go five left. is never gonna ding there with all that. one. they were all pretty small they weren't.

They come on double ding how about that. no not happening is it. just give me a win then. harsh one spin left. well he pretty much didn't show up at. all they're in the retrigger 54-45. it'll do 470 quid. got a mega tease straight off. i'd be absolutely astounded if that. landed it's like. no right i'll be back. okay third time lucky we're in balance. is at four. two two because i just had a base win of. the uh the tackle box of full line for. 45 quid so that was nice. because it was going a bit low around. about 380. oh that's nice. i can't believe he's landed there. 6210 on the first press can't complain. epic win no less what a shame that there. wasn't a fish on the front because it. would have obviously been lines of uh. fish as well 6210 in total. nice all right only two needed for the. first retrigger times two get that get.

That sword get these men on the collect. always hell three spins three. guys. you watch you won't land now. come on just box it off straight away. and then start building towards the. times three as well how about that. six spins left. oh this would be an absolute if. it didn't retrigger now from there. yes we're in right three spins i'd like. a couple of guys there because it'll. just contribute them towards the next. retrigger won't it. bonus is 77.85 gotta be happy with that. that is exactly money back now. come on give us the ding on this last. one. all right everything from now on it's. times to willy land. dynamite no you need no fish for your. dynamite. come on get. i have started the times three once uh. and it was an 18 pound stake and it. didn't give me a single win i don't. think. she was a bit of a bastard.

Come on an early ding. fish were too big there. could have dinged that one no. five to go. nice nice not great fish amounts but. only two needed now for the times three. it's going to put the bonus up to what. they're 110. is it 108.45. yes come on. it's another 36 quid but more. importantly just need one guy now i've. got three spins to get one bloke. how about it that's it not there because. we kind of know don't we. 36 90 it's 145 35 one guy. come on one guy. come on one dirty fisherman on the last. spin. bastard nice bonus though 145. 35 where's that gonna put me balance to. 566 quid. i love steven nest on it after a bonus. just land then. he had no chance i'll be back. okay nice bonus number four right i. am i am kind of do a bit of a one. without a retrigger though aren't i so. uh. yeah i bet that's this balance is 480.

So uh only 20 quid down for four bonuses. is pretty damn good. obviously i got lucky on that last bonus. going for 140 yards didn't i. dynamite you're gonna die bastard. come on give us a big fish. still the biggest fish that i've seen is. the 45 quid one. anywhere in the bonus or out the bones. okay there's a little bit of money i've. got three spins to get two more but i. can't see it to be honest. come on you need to ding yeah. double dinger on the last for a. retrigger never happening. oh there's one left okay. kind of called that didn't we 26 55. it puts the balance back above five ton. so i can't really know. 505.85 and uh yeah heading towards bonus. number five right i want the. times three retrigger on the next one. please oh i just seen it. i've just seen it it said 1800 quid. there was a fish that said 1800 quid.

And interestingly uh 2100x. on 90p i think is 1890 quid isn't it. is it that's a nice win there that's. just rolled in but. i definitely definitely just saw an 1800. pound fish on 90p. times 2 yeah 1 890 pound. is 2100x on 90p which is. the limit as we saw in the info yeah. that's a nice little win there i'm glad. i brought you back there just to uh. i missed the fish obviously because uh. it was just there and i was looking at. it staring at you going 800 that's quite. a lot what the . and then this rolled in how much are you. going for then. 54 quid i have had a full screen of fish. on 60p before it's 200x. uh obviously there's 10 lines and each. line of fish on this stake is 18 quid. so it would be 180 quid if it was a full. screen of fish which. isn't amazing is it but uh i have now. seen the 800 pound fish on this steak.

Interesting so there is a 2000 x fish i. think. that's the biggest fish i'm just sitting. here thinking did i actually see that. did i see that but i'm positive because. obviously there's an 18 pound fish. there did i just uh not notice the. decimal point but i'm i'm. totally positive that the fish was. facing the other way. the massive fish i'm sure it was facing. the other way. to the 18 pound fish so it can't have. been that one. i'm gonna go with yeah i definitely seen. it that's my story and i'm . sticking to it. there we go bonus number five that's. actually come on the last auto play spin. of that server 100 spins. i was just down here ready to uh kick it. off again. right nice as i said bonus number five. come on. not the greatest start in the world. plenty of spins left to get to the. retrigger but. i'm gonna need to start seeing fishermen.

Like now this next spin you need to show. me one. okay. this looks like a third bonus four to go. dynamite he's got his dynamo all right. bloody five of. these ones them really not really at. least it's a bit of money though. 15 30. all right a double fisherman come. on. two to go. well that's going to be two in a row. with no retrigger now. bastard 21.60 but once again that's. going to put me to. over 500 quid in it yeah there you go it. was the very last. auto press of that set just popped me to. 5 12.. i shall return okay bonus number six. right okay i'm i'm probably just about. to do a retrigger now online because. i've got two without let's go. come on double ding. it's nice when he lands two and there's. a few fish around. doesn't happen very often though this is. not looking great halfway through now. that's the first thing that's kind of.

Saved the bonus that's 30 odd quid in it. 31.50. i'll take just another land really with. a few fish around for a bit of money. oh that would have been nice to go after. this. it's going to be another. nonre-triggering one though. yes nice nice there's 245 pounders at. the end there. is. beautiful that's absolutely saved itself. right to the end there let's see. 144 quid 170 640 that's brilliant well. uh. that bonus turned itself right around it. looked like a pile of toss didn't it. fair dudes right then can it be lucky. seven we'll see. i've so far had three bonuses that have. retriggered and three that haven't so. uh who's going to take the lead. nice early ding. come on. there we go back on track no dynamite. though that's better unlucky. dynamite there would have been nice. obviously uh it could have caught them.

All twice wouldn't it right there's the. retrigger nice. right three spins left and i'd like to. get. you know one or two more fishermen. really let's get that there 24. 30. i think. just think once in these three spins. then. once you face. right everything's times two now but i. still need four to get to the times. three. this is where he decides not really to. show up. because he's worth too much longer. come on seven to go. don't be another pointless one. that's so frustrating when it plays out. like this 33.75 so far he just needs to. land once really on times too. with a decent fish or two. to go come on absolutely gone on holiday. that's a piss take absolute piss take. what a waste of a retrigger 33.75. so it was classed as a retriggered. bonus but was it really. whatever 611 quid in the old balance. though happy days.

I'll be back wow okay that's taking a. while. it is in fact the next day for me but. yeah i've been playing all night don't. worry. right balance is down at 466.25 this is. i believe bonus number eight. right i could do it a bit of a decent. retrigger on this one how about it wow. where was the fish on the front there's. the 1800 fish did you see it. did you see it i definitely definitely. seen the 1800 pound fish then. down the bottom on the middle reel pause. that go back have a look i told you. definitely seen it and it definitely was. facing the other way. eighteen hundred pound fish that was. basically a jackpot screen that i think. for the whole game. on uh on 90p so if nobody popped himself. out. i'd have fallen off my chair oh. well at least uh one of the little. challenges. is complete now we have seen the big.

There you go that was one of them. from the start want it. nice i'll skip that because it's. oh there he is again two spins to go and. i need one more. again that one on come on. ding no ding this time. yes snared him that's a nice little win. as well. 45 quid and a retrigger happy days. i'm over the moon because i . caught the big fat fish on on . uh on on record i knew i'd seen him the. bastard 46.80 there. 7470 so far right everything's times two. now. is he gonna land oh. there he is good start it's not not so. much about the fish valley right now. it's about getting him to the end and. getting to times three come on. yes nice very nice as well. it's another 72 quid. eight spins to get two guys. 164 70. it's approaching the best. come on ding on this one. come on ding do a fishless ding i don't. care. one pound 80 might as well done right.

One more guy to get to the times three. and i got five spins. so that means no more guys. come on just do it come on do it please. do it. you've got so much time here yes we're. in. nice right three spins left to get a. couple more because we might. we might box off both challenges. in one bonus. seeing the big fat fish and getting to. times ten how about that. that would be uh that would definitely. be epic nice 54. quid there come on ding. come on just one ding then. off final spin in this session. in this session in this section even. right. last time i got here it went the whole. the whole 10 spins with no win. let's see if he doesn't do that again. come on come out to play. oh come on six to go. just one ding that's all i want off. you're one ding at times three. yes there he is look at those fists are. all tiny.

They're all tiny i knew exactly what it. was doing there didn't it. 43 20 though and that's a nice line. there as well that'd be another 18 quid. so that's going to be like 61 quid that. 6120 it's up to 283.95. have you got any more dings in here four. spins left. come on be nice double ding. oh come on you're [ __ ]. no one spin to go we're not getting to. the times ten. at least i've snared another little. times three ding at the end. i'm all right with that 37.80 that's by. far the best bonus so far. nice to see the big massive fish if you. missed it rewind. just to the first spin of this bonus. it's finished on 321.75 that's beautiful. that is. that is beautiful that's bonus number. eight. and i was only running around about 40. quid down wasn't i seven. eight seven now happy days i'll be back. with bonus number nine i think i'll.

Probably stop at bonus number ten. because uh that's that'd be quite a long. video then. uh but yeah nice to have seen the big. guy unhit a bigger. bonus there really i'll be back. well i didn't expect that i was just. about to go to the fridge for a red bull. and it's uh thrown in bonus number nine. immediately straight away. right this is good this is going to be. crap surely. dynamite at least it's a billy big. bollock doing it. come on just a little win anyway. i don't want no zero bonus. five spins to go five spins to save. yourself come on. there you go it's not zero bonus happy. days. three spins left to get two guys it's. possible 15 pound 30 so far. yes nice there's a little chance now. there's an extra two twenty two fifty. thirty seven eight he's fine come on. yes we're in we're in with a retrigger. happy days go on just ding again there.

Wow no no fishermen are no fish. a couple of early things how about it. yes nice only tiddlers though look at. them three bloody one pound 80 fish. 19 pound 80 though it'll do pushes me. towards 60 quid. very nice when you're already up come on. yeah okay that's another 18 quid. i'm very happy with this bonus it's. heading towards 100x so. you know what more can you ask for ding. that's what you can ask for. an 800 pound fish ding. it was never dinging there was it final. spin. yeah all right 75 60 i don't mind that. that's landed that's the quickest. bonus that's landed after a bonus. balance at 8 58. searching for bonus number 10 i'll bring. you back. right we're in this is the last bonus. now the good thing about this point is. i'm 233 pound up whatever happens. so uh that's a great position to be in. right can we finish with a semi decent.

Bonus. i think we didn't bother with any. dynamite there unfortunately but at. least he's landed. and again i wonder if he can't do. dynamite in the first bit i can't. remember. whether i've had it or not could have. landed there for a bit of money though. mate. only five spins left there as well. 90p. four to go. i was gonna say come on don't finish on. the worst possible bonus ever. would be nice to get a retrigger for. the last one. i think i've got three left i've got. three spins left to get one guy. that's 990 now. yes nice i love i love the game. i do love the game um yeah. very much enjoying it uh mate of mine. said it's really difficult to bonus that. was 19 pound 80 by the way. um i'd say it it's. it's not it takes a long time to bonus. sometimes nice to see the dynamite there. so it's answered me question. come on two eighteen quarters two one.

Pound eighties yeah what i'm saying is it takes a long time to bonus sometimes but the base is quite kind to you i mean on 90p it loves to roll in the liner fish which is eighteen quid it loves a 13 pound 50 when it loves a four pound 50 win uh in my experience so far it's been quite kind in the base and keeping me near to my balance obviously it's going to differ for everyone because every single game has got to absolutely roast you sometimes doesn't it but uh i do enjoy this one i'm only two uh i'm only two blokes away from the times three retrigger now this would be nice and then i've spoken eight spins to get to come on yes any fish dynamite five go on do five only two what you saying yeah don't mind it's only 18 quid but it knocks me towards 60.

And now i need one bloke 58 50 so far. come on ding do it. five hole spins. come on the quicker you do it the. quicker we can build towards the times. 10.. he's not gonna do it is he. yes we're in. in these two spins that are left just. give me one guy. just give me one guy. come on one guy one guy. just one guy yeah dirtbag. and he's totally gonna disappear now. because well it's times three in it. please just come out once once i'll do. with fish obviously. yes yes that's nice. happy days 94 50.. could we possibly finish the last bonus. being the best it's got a way to go yet. obviously because of the uh. because of the other one but that's 171. quid. oh come on then two guys needed he's got. his dynamite out as well do five. oh only two again two one pound eighties. you dirtbag. oh i was gonna say it's better than the.

Kick of the dick but it's nice ten pound. bloody eighty. come on ding come on cause we're two. away this is the closest. i've been oh i imagine a ding there. me that'd blow the doors off no. he's not gonna do it again is he. two to go after this. just ding on this one for a chance you. tosser. oh you know loads of chances there. loads of chances i'm happy though 183. pound 15. it's putting my balance too it's. counting dead slow. piss off press it once maybe there you. go right so 915.35 i'm finishing on. which is a massive profit of 415 quid. on 90p stake some pretty exciting. bonuses right at the end there. they've kind of made the video for me. there i did manage to see the big fish. happy days. so it does exist i'm going to go back. and rewind that screen and just add up. the values of that fish i think it was.

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