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What's going on guys Tac here and today. we are back with another video we are on. crazy time we are on stake we have. $1,000 to posited and today it feels. different today I feel like we could uh. win something big I just woke up I'm. ready to. record and hopefully we can win I do. have a redeposit if needed inside of my. Vault so we're starting with $1,000 we. have $2,000 that I could use I don't. want to use it but if it happens it. happens let's see what's going to happen. there it's been pretty active let me go. and remove my face cam look behind me. look here there has been two crazy times. a cash hunt in three coin flips in the. past 21 rounds so hopefully we can hit. some of these game shows hopefully we. can get a big win I haven't checked what. those are just yet I don't know if they. were big wins I don't know if I missed.

Something insane probably because that's. what happens to me pretty much all the. time. can we get over to this coin flip for. the Second Spin of the video come on. come on get over it's just a little bit. more we got it Second Spin of the video. second bet of the video we hit a coin. flip. $22.50 let's see what happens come on do. not give me a two or 3x bro do not give. me a two or 3x. please a fifth dude how huge would this. be to start the video just show me the. blue show me a. blue yes let's freaking go dude okay. that's just the start what a huge win. right there. $1,100 we're in profit. $1,000 but like I said it's just the. start we can't get this big win and then. it just completely go dead and the. video's over pretty much you know we can. still lose this but what an amazing way. to start off the video I didn't even.

Mean to take my camera off I don't know. what just happened uh at the end there. three 3x top slot crazy time and we were. two away we had that big win and then. right after that crazy time had to just. have if we would have hit that crazy. time right there that would have been. huge bro after winning ,000 hitting a 3X. Crazy time let's see what we can hit. here now though. $27 on C I was going to say $27 on cash. on but it's not going to be close okay. something right here I'm feeling it show. me something good cash on 3x okay I was. feeling it but it's not going to hit. it's not cash On's too fast and then. it's going to be too. slow maybe we could hit the binko is it. fast enough to get over there $27 on it. it's going to be CL come on don't do it. one away could we get to this cash on. here $27 on It come on one away again.

Bro no way okay now we have a chance at. a coin flip and we're one away again one. away from a Pinko one away from a cash. on one away from a coin flip and now we. are almost back down to $1,000 this. happens every video I mean every video I. mean obviously this it's it's gambling. right you know you're supposed to lose. more than you win but I don't understand. how I see wins every single day for my. friends on this game and I just I I I. have not been. lucky could we get over the crazy time. 2x with $27 it's too slow man damn. it coin flip Maybe. yes and what oh my God all right I went. ahead and put $100 on 10x we are back. down we are out of profit now the only. win so far has been on that coin. flip can we get to the crazy time that's. what we're going to have to hope for. it's too fast for. Pinko and it's too slow for crazy time.

To we get it's not going to be a cash. hunt we're are need a crazy time or. Pinko here we're going to need a crazy. time unfortunately not on a crazy time. multi but it is going to be close come. on come on come it got over a second ago. let's. go oh come on let's go let's freaking go. $27.50 on it we are down 1.5000 from our. Peak we are down $500 from where we. started this should I'm going to I'm. going to stick my neck out here this. will give us at least $500 if it doesn't. I'm in complete shock it would have to. be a 10 or a 15x to give us below do not. do that let's go Blue we could possibly. get another 50x which would be huge we. would have one 150x on coin flip 150x on. crazy time but obviously I want a double. or 100x dude let's see what happens. there's not that many doubles there. there's not that many I mean there's.

Four doubles 4 100 X's so one of them. one of them could be. Possible's go $27 on it if we hit a 100. x that's $2.7. th000 come. on we all got I wait I'm I don't think. I've ever seen that. before everyone got the same multi on. crazy time $700 win I'll take it we are. above a th000 so we're back in profit I. don't think I've ever seen that everyone. got a 25x can we get over that 10x bro. we have $100 on it this would be a huge. win of course it's to go right. up are you serious come on bro we got to. get a win here we're doing some big bets. crazy time for oh how good would that be. it's not going to hit there's no 10xs in. sight Pinko is going to be too slow. isn't. it another loss if you guys want access. to the stake rakeback feature in the. daily reload feature make sure to join. their VIP program by entering in my code.

If you guys want to support me use code. code T code TCT when you sign up on the. website or if you created your account. recently go to the top right where the. little guy is go down to settings go to. offers and type in my code in the. welcome offer section this helps me out. a ton and makes me be able to make my. videos bigger and better and it also. helps you if you guys do want to join my. Discord you can learn about other. rewards that I give away not the site so. make sure to join my Discord crazy time. forx he spawn that really fast fast it's. not going to get all the way back around. though unfortunately maybe we could get. to the cash hunt though with how fast it. was. spun come on get to the cash on get to. the cash on $32 on It come on we did it. I called it from the other side of the. freaking board $32 on it we only had two.

Bets left this is a big round right here. this is a big big big. round how many 100x is are going to be. on the board it looks like there's going. to be one there's one. 100x there's a good amount of 50 X's I. don't know what to do. dude I I kind of want to let it auto. pick honestly I kind of just want to let. it you know choose for me because I I. can't get a good win all right I'mma do. it bro I've done it before we did it. actually recently put the hands up and. let it auto pick we're not we are not. doing anything so it chooses for me come. on where is it gonna pick though. where is it going to shoot. at $32 on this a 50x would be huge 100x. I mean that's literally impossible right. there's no way we hit the best. multi let's see what. happens look at the cacti at the top why. are there so many. cacti look at that.

Like all right an auto picked we got an. apple let's see what this gives us come. on 50x 50x. 50x come. on 50 Auto let's freaking go dude I saw. so many 50s and the 100x at the top I. did not think it was going to be. possible we are back to. $2,000 the 50 X's we got a 50x on coin. flip 25x on crazy time and another 50x. on cash hunt that was a big win bro that. was a huge win to save us right there. from the auto pick bro pink. misses a. multi that. sucks we're going to need the coin. flip that's the only thing around it's. going to be no it's too fast stop. stop oh my god dude it's been baiting oh. oh that that was close Crazy time. 4X we're going have the same problem. though it's not it's not going to be. fast enough to go all the way back. around not going to be able to it's. going to go P the cash on we're going to.

Need the coin flip we could get the coin. flip actually come on come on come on. come on come on nice. $27.50 on it the last coin flip we had. we did get the 50x can it happen again. it just stopped right instantly on the. 50x can it do it one more time it goes. right over. it oh no okay we can't expect big wins. twice man I mean we just can't but we. need the 9x to make profit and we got it. we got we got profit at least we made. profit on the. round it was close we made 50 uh yeah we. made about $50 or so 55 we are at. $1,500 I took the BET off of 10 of 10. because honestly I see the comments and. it is a big bet so I just I wanted to be. kind of smart here take it off and. hopefully it doesn't hit it's actually. getting pretty close now oh God okay I. wanted to I wanted to go bigger on the. game. and I just wanted to take the BET off of.

10 so we could have more bets in us. crazy time. forx it is coming around but I think. it's going to be too. fast come on man that was the the one. round I thought we actually had a chance. but it it's way too fast coin flip. though hold on I just added $5 to coin. flip as well of course we need the coin. flip do not be one away again oh my dude. can we get to the cash on here I feel. like it could be fast enough $42 on it. bro how huge would this be come on come. on come on come on come on stop no way. bro oh my God I I just don't every video. every. video One away one away one away and. people get mad at me for complaining. about it but I mean seriously. it's just imagine all these one ways all. these one ways if it just was one. over 10 times in a row we would have 10. game shows in a row come on come on come.

On I I am glad we've been able to make a. good video so far but we got to get to. get that great video we have a good one. but to get that great video we got to. get like we got to get one more big win. just one more we got two big wins. normally you want to have three decent. size wins in the video uh to make it you. know I can't just post it would be. amazing if I could just do my intro post. that 50x coin flip but that's a minute. video what am I I'm not posting shorts. over here you know what I mean we we are. doing big bets now but just we need that. win we need that hit crazy times been. getting baited on a lot of multis. recently haven't been able to get any of. them though can we get this coin flip. $47 on it I'd take a coin flip right now. I'd take anything there we. go holy crap we have a chance okay it's.

A lot to ask for after we already hit a. 50x coin flip but we have a chance we. have $500 in the balance we're only down. 500 for the video obviously we were up. to 2K so we're down 1.5000 if you want. to be. technical goes past all the big multis. again oh it still gives us a 15 a we've. hit two Blues in a row it's due for a. red that red would have been huge oh it. would have been huge with $50 on it it. would have been big come on. bro crazy time it finally hits the m and. now there's no chance of hitting it I. literally was just talking about the. multi coin flip it's too. fast oh come on all right let's go bro. we got this bet we got one more we're. going to be all in right after this. patri it is coming. around it's too fast damn it oh my God. how big would that be if we hit a. freaking poo there wait what says I what.

Did that do wait what what did that do. so what just said tacked I love your. videos oh thank you Axel too bad you're. at the end of it and we're about to. lose I've been seeing that a lot. recently bro when I've been playing. crazy time everyone's been like tacked I. love your videos and the host start I. love that bro I appreciate all you guys. uh for I hope you're winning because I'm. not actually that might be a bad thing. because you guys are on at the same time. as me you guys are on crazy time losing. at the well maybe you're on the numbers. maybe you're not as dumb as me maybe. you're. winning we're all in we're down $1,000. we need to hit here oh my God an all in. bet oh imagine bro. imagine we need the. Pachinko it's too fast damn it. bro one. away $77 on cash on 10x oh my. God I have the redeposit but do I really.

Want to do that okay okay here we go we. got the redeposit we got three. bets we get we get a 1,000 we get up to. 2K I'm calling the video because that. would be back to where we where we lost. that would be our money back I would. take it cash hunt coming around come on. come on come on cash. hunt the one video that I decide to do. big. bets I don't go on 10x I'm doing $300. bets the one video and it hits the damn. 10x and would it gave all our money back. oh my God bro I'm so stupid I'm so. stupid got two bets it's not over come. on we still have a shot still have a. chance could it be the Pachinko or is it. going to be too. fast it's going to be too fast for. Pinko connect you know that right come. on man all right guys well we're we're. all in I mean it just hit a 10 one of. the odds it hits another 10 we got to go.

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