30.04.2024 BIGGEST CRAZY TIME WIN ON YOUTUBE 🤯 (Real Money, Pachinko Bonus)

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All right let's keep it spinning. this is starting to look a bit better. don't worry about it yeah that was a. good uh good pick Knox trust me. and nonexisting break for your car. no no come on come here come on. yes. come on. come on. oh my God 25x patchy come on. this is the real a deal 25x Pachinko and. oh come on now. well then it's gonna get. to get done a ton better all right 50.. just drop it over just drop it there. come on come on. okay we have everybody come on hit the 5. 000 X that be so sick you got it. left left. this is an exciting one come on left. left. okay 1250 actually seems more likely. come on come on. come on 175 okay I mean. you're good you're good all right holy. I I do sincerely apologize. I'm so happy we stayed and hunted. imagine if it would have left. yeah yeah that's the biggest craze time.

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