30.04.2024 BlackJack Pays BUT Sweet Bonanza SLAYS !! | Adin Ross vs. $150,000

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Foreign. what's up everybody welcome back to. another OG highlight I've been watching. Aidan Ross doing 100 spins. um right now he's waiting for a hundred. and fifty thousand dollar deposit. um I believe in Bitcoin uh so that's. what we're here watching right now I. don't think he's gonna take the 150 to. to this game. um guys check out the links in the. description you can go follow Aiden over. on Kik he streams like three four times. a week uh. drop a like he said he said at the. Blackjack. quickly Giggles oh my God never mind. guys drop a like on the video leave a. comment we're hopping in he's got the. 150.. oh my God already half the balance gone. all right. come on. watermelon bananas come on man you got. that bro he was headed to BJ but oh my. God his uh good sign bro come on dude. shut the up it's fine his love his.

Love was calling him. blues oh man it's a money back. almost there almost there how many spins. left dude at least give me you gotta get. my money back bro don't don't understand. Canada I'm all watermelon I don't. run that back it is. 10K loss. so dumb all right. it's a double up come on. opposite though there's one of these. ones too come on grapes please come on. do not die me please. oh my god. do that dumb ass Bro Look at that. oh yeah it's doing it it's doing it guys. one of those buys it is it is it is it's. just so stupid to me bro look up like. why don't I get multis you know I I'm a. big fan I'm not a big fan but I'm a fan. of if you buy it for 40K and it doesn't. pay don't up your bet and buy it for. more thinking it's like I don't know I. think you should stay at one size buy it. for like 20 if it doesn't pay buy it for.

20 again don't up it you know what I. mean just I don't know I'm not sure how. it works on this site but I got this. little annoying the Blackjack. come on come on come on. this is the most disgusting voiceover in. my life please give me a two or three or. four please I'm begging you bro two. three four not four. I believe assault 18 is a hit against a. 10 though. it was seven Bros. come on all right. he won one hand he knows you man like no. two hands I will do 60. I'll do like 50. but come on. bro. two thousand dollars at least pay like. why are all these such shitty borders no. it's a board bro it's a [ __ ] [ __ ]. board bro. a lot of their own day I knew it once I. saw Ollie bro Lolly bananas where it's. done yeah it's done. five spins. Parts I know I know it wasn't I know. how does that work peaches are dead.

Retreat just retrigue it you have to. please reaching it. please bro I need to read. foreign. so wrong bro it's so wrong bro. that board has so much potential. bro. green somehow please. drop. 14k pay at least. don't open this street bro. damn bro. how much did he buy this for 60. I made two thousand dollars now I'm. risking fifty thousand oh fifty and you. got a retrigue that's crazy bro. is this a don't buy chat. man I just feel like if a hundred and. fifty thousand dollars is your start you. shouldn't be doing 50 000 buys like. maybe like ten thousand eight thousand. or something. oh my God go big or go oh my God this. is [ __ ] me bro. free trade. what that's insane I don't even I don't. even care about the reach rig it's Dad. bro. dead bro. he's gotta go back with your energy all. your eyes energy bro I don't know what.

The y'all just silent bro that [ __ ]. I locked in with the I know bro. we're not getting his hands I don't want. to call negative energy on this . he's blaming he's blaming the energy of. the people in the Discord calling him. come on. standby. oh my God one more Hearts ruin it one. more that's the only chance it has. Brothers only. oh. I was one hit dead every time I'm. feeding right now come on bro give me. peaches raw peaches what's that bro yeah. bro. I'll just lose right there bro. all right hear that bro I can't. yeah. all right that's something I'm gonna. have to mute bro. you know what you know what custom just. called them oh my God. bro I know this to [ __ ] script. everything it's dead it doesn't matter. dude. that freaking keyboard bro. spacebar. instead bro it's nothing. bad. it's like a money bag it's the sad part.

I'm not one of that once. look at this bro isn't it rare to get a. double up. this is disgusting. he can't even get his money back bro he. is sucked in right now. retrick that's good a lot of spins this. retricks me nothing but please please. [ __ ] this could be a bit more. too bro why are you lying everyone dude. dude dude it's not even it's not it's. not gonna be pigs it's it's so dumb it's. so dumb bro. look at this girl oh don't die bro come. on. oh my God. that's actually that sucks that could. have that could have tumbled a lot more. I would have paid so much look instead. one hit. yeah and bananas crack here it's grapes. next for sure. that is pretty triggering or don't die. please don't die that's gonna hurt so. bad please don't. 60k I just want 200. hey that's it bro. just give me a 200 come on give them a.

Double up come on. done Son bro it's done wow holy. hell no wow it doesn't matter instead. switch your scam bro it's the. reality of gambling bro you guys again. we're gonna lose it all like me. bro. ridiculous bro 6. 000 it paid back so dumb I'm so. mad right now I don't know why I'm. touching this slot bro. it draws you in man I lost it it draws. you in man you buy it once and you're. like I didn't pay I buy it again like it. just sucks you in perfect pair so I only. put five on the sides I. know ten. you can't even double I lost I promise. you I lost my mind I'm joking. I know nah 10 10.. 10 and I told you wow price wise oh why. this just [ __ ] paid come on why. he wins one hand twice and leaves. but you're probably leaving heaters on. blackjack. foreign. Anything Green. oh my God then six bro that's that. sneeze just rattled my brain.

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