30.04.2024 Bloons TD 6: Dark Castle Chimps (New)

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Oh what's going on guys hk titan here. with a brand new video for you guys but. first things first. as always i hope you guys are having an. amazing day. so in today's video we are going to be. jumping back into our blue star defense. six walk through slice play through. slash guide. and for today's guide we will be redoing. our dark castle chimps guide because i. have been getting a lot of. messages and comments saying that my old. one isn't working. so i figured why not go ahead and do a. little bit of an update to it because i. know. it has been a little while since i did. it and there have been a couple of. different changes that made my old. strategy not as reliable so without. further ado let's go ahead and jump. straight into it. so the first thing that we're going to. be starting off with is we're going to.

Be starting off with a monkey sub. so the placement on your monkey sub is. going to be very very important guys i. want you guys to get as close to where i. have it as possible. so where you guys are going to know. where to place it is you're basically. going to. line up the sub monkeys little gun here. with this little i guess you you could. call like a piece of the bridge here. and this is how i know where to set up. the monkey sub. the next thing we're going to do is. we're going to grab ourselves a dart. monkey and we are going to be placing. our dart monkey right here on the corner. like a so. now we're gonna swap his targeting over. to targeting strong. so now that we have these two towers. down the next thing that we're going to. be doing is we are going to be turning. off our auto start because in between.

Round six. and round seven we should get enough. money to actually afford a second. dart monkey so you guys will know if you. guys have the good placement on your. monkey sub. because this round you guys will either. uh beat it or you will have a singular. red balloon slip through so now that we. have enough money to afford a second. dart monkey we will be placing down a. second dart monkey right above our first. one like so. and then we're also going to swap its. targeting over to targeting strong. so just to make sure you guys got it. both of these dart monkeys they're. targeting needs to be set. set to strong otherwise you guys will. lose on round. either seven or round eight so now that. we have everything worked out we're. gonna go ahead and continue along i will. keep my auto start. off just to make sure that we don't lose.

Track of what round we're on. because we do need to buy our oben as. soon as we possibly can and we want to. make sure that we place him down. in between the round that we're able to. afford him and. uh yeah you guys get the gist. of it but the main thing is just getting. our open down as soon as we possibly can. so here we are around nine i think it. was round nine that we need to make sure. that both of our. dart monkeys were set to strong because. if we didn't have them both set to. strong we would have a singular balloon. slip through. so round 10 is when we're gonna be able. to afford our open so as soon as we. start getting close to that 700 mark. we're gonna go ahead and slow things. down. now i will be doing things a little bit. differently for this one oppo. or compared to what i did last time and. the biggest difference is i'm not going.

To be going for the spike factory first. i'm actually going to be going for the. spike factory second. after i get a bunch of druids placed. down and the reason i can do that. is because the ninja kiwi did a little. bit of an update which made. oben a little bit better to use. all right so now we can go ahead and. turn our auto start back on. uh the next round that we need to make. sure that we're paying attention for is. going to be round 15.. the reason why we're paying attention to. round 15 is because on round 15 we're. actually going to be using oban's. bramble patch. because around 15 could get a little bit. uh hairy. for us but as long as we use oban's. brambles it's not going to be that. or it's not going to be that bad all. right so now we're starting to get a. little bit more. money so now we can start placing down.

Our druids so the first druid that we're. going to be placing down is going to be. the druid that we place to the left of. our oven. like a so there we go perfect now we can. go ahead and speed things back up. and remember we're on round 14 the next. round we are going to be activating. oban's brambles because round 15 could. get a little bit hairy for our open to. deal with. so now that we have enough money we're. gonna go ahead and buy our second druid. and place our second druid right behind. our open to the right like. uh so there we go perfect. and then we'll know when to activate our. omens or bramble patches because we're. gonna have a couple of pink blues pop on. the screen. so as soon as we see the first pink. balloon we're going to be activating our. oban's. bramble patch like so and now that we. activated our observable patch we are.

Good to go and we could turn our auto. start back. or our no we we want to have our auto. start on. because we don't want to waste too much. time all right now the next thing that. we're going to be doing is we're going. to slow things back down and we're going. to be buying our third druid and we're. going to be. placing our third druid directly in. between the first through without. we placed in our open like a so and now. that we've done that we can go ahead and. speed things back up. all right and we quickly got enough. money to buy our. our fourth druid so we're gonna place. our fourth druid right beside. our druid that we just bought like a so. and now we're good to go. until we have enough money to buy a. fifth one. all right and we should be able to. afford our fifth one here in just one. second there we go perfect.

So this druid we're gonna go ahead and. place it. just to the left of. the two left druids like so and. basically what we're doing is we're. making a. v pattern with our druids and if and if. you guys can. see it just try and get it as close as. you guys possibly can to the way that i. have it and you guys will be good to go. all right and then we're gonna go ahead. and finish up our druid formation. right now placing our sixth druid like a. so. and now you guys get a little bit of an. idea of what i mean by a v. pattern or a w pattern if if. you guys can see it all right now the. next thing that we're going to be doing. is we're going to be buying a ninja and. we're going to be placing a ninja right. here. he is not necessarily needed but he's. definitely a. nice support tower to have for that camo. balloon on round.

24. another option that that you guys. could do is you guys could activate. omen's. ripple patch in round 24 and you guys. will not have an issue with that camo. balloon. now that we have all of this down now we. are going to go for our spike factory we. need to go. for our ice or our spike factory asap. because. now we're now we're going to have to. start worrying about some beefier. camo rounds but luckily because we have. our. ninja and we have our open we really. shouldn't need to worry too much about. the camo balloons because we are we are. going to be able to get our spike. factory upgrade to a zero zero three. before we see the next round of camo. balloons. all right so we just need to save up. another 1 510 dollars now we can upgrade. our spike factory to the tier 3. luckily. we don't need to worry too much about.

Lead popping power because we do have. our oven and our oven does an amazing. job at popping the. lead balloons all right we're just a. couple of dollars short from being able. to afford our long life spikes then we. will be a good to go. there we have it boys we have our long. lives or long. life spikes so we don't need to worry. too much about the camel blues now. now i will say this i will be activating. oben's. ramble patch whenever i see like a big. rush of camo blues. because i don't want to risk the camera. balloons eating away at our long life. spikes. even though the long life spikes would. be able to take care of them. all right so the next thing that we're. going to be buying is we're going to be. buying even faster production as soon as. we can afford to do so. it shouldn't take us too long to be able. to afford it there we go perfect so now.

That we have the even faster production. now the next thing we are going to be. doing is we are going to be upgrading. all of our druids. starting with this this one on the left. hand side more specifically. the bottom left left hand side now we're. going to be upgrading him all the way up. to a druid of. wrath with thorn swarm and you're. basically going to be upgrading all the. druids the same exact way. uh upgrade to a zero one three. until you have as many up upgrade to. zero one three as you guys possibly can. uh i think we can get five of them. upgraded to. the zero one three before round 40 if. i'm not mistaken. i could be a little bit wrong though i. mean i have been wrong in the past. all right there we go we almost have. enough money to upgrade our third one. and our long life spikes are doing an. amazing job at dealing with the.

Camo balloons and don't worry guys we. will have more camo popping power coming. up shortly. and i and we're going to be going for a. monkey. village i think around round 40. oh we definitely definitely need a. little bit more popping power before we. start thinking about that though. all right there we go and then we're. going to go ahead and upgrade this slash. through to a. druid of wrath and then we're going to. be able to afford it before round 40.. now one thing that's that if you guys. missed on brown 40 i did activate oban's. brambles because we did want that little. bit of added popping power that open. sprinkles. give our composition and now and that's. how we were able to beat round. 40. if you guys do not activate omens or. brambles. the spike factory and the druids will. not be enough to actually pop the.

Moab balloon and the moab balloon will. slip through so just remem. remember guys make sure you guys. activate your rambles on round 40 in. order to beat round 40.. all right now the next thing we're going. to be doing is we are going to be. upgrading these front two druids to pop. lust. so as soon as we can afford to uh. upgrade our second druid to apoplas. that's when we're gonna start going for. the monkey village because we do need to. start getting a little bit more cam. camo popping power going on here because. we are start we are. starting to lack a little bit on the. camel popping power aspect. all right so we should be able to afford. our village here in just one a second. as soon as we get this village going and. we have all of our druids. set up it's going to be smooth sailing. all the way up until. we can afford to buy the avatar of wrath.

All right so what we're going to do is. we're going to go ahead and place our. monkey. village right in the middle of all of. these druids i'm not going to go overly. complicated. with this i'm actually going to make it. super super oh baby. uh round 47 is a little bit of a dicey. round. i almost forgot about it makes you guys. activate open brambles on round 47. because the round 47 is has a little bit. too many pink balloons and for our open. to do. open to deal with but now that we have. the radar. scanner we are going to be good to go. and we don't need to worry about camo. blues anymore. my apologies guys i kind of lost track. of what round i i was on so. one so one more time round 47 make sure. you guys activate omen's brambles in. order to beat it. all right so now we should be able to. afford our fourth pop list then we just.

Have two more pop populace to go guys. and then we will almost be done with the. starting strat and we can go ahead and. jump into a fast forward bit. now i wanted to keep you guys here as. long as i possibly could. because the hardest part of dark castle. chimps is just the initial. i think 55 rounds and then and then it. gets super super. easy past that it may be the first 60. rounds. but i'm pretty sure you guys uh should. be or should have an idea of what we're. going to be doing from this point. now that we have all of our pop lists. the next thing that we're going to be. going for is we're going to be going for. a couple of alchemists. now what we want to do with our. alchemist is we're going to go ahead and. make sure that this dart. monkey is not within range of this. alchemist now we're going to go ahead.

And upgrade it all the way up to. stronger stimulant with stronger acid. and perishing potions now gen now you. could go for faster. throwing because you guys do have quite. a few druids within range of the. alchemist. but i will be buying a second alchemist. to make up for the fact that we uh have. so this is so many druids within the. range of our alchemist. all right and we should be able to. afford our stronger stimulant here in. just one second. and as you guys can see like i'm not. worried about any balloons. slipping through now because we do have. all of our druids set up. and we do have uh our first out. alchemist going. as well all right now the next thing. that we're going to do is we're going to. go ahead and grab. our second alchemist and we're going to. be placing it right on top of the monkey. village like a so and then we're going.

To go ahead and upgrade it all the way. up to stronger stimulant. the same exact way that we upgraded the. first alchemist. now we're almost done guys uh i i was a. little bit off i thought. i thought we would have have both of the. i'll miss up by around 55. but we were a little bit short so we're. done we definitely should have them both. up before 60. and then there's gonna be one last thing. that we're gonna that we're gonna grab. and then we're gonna go ahead and jump. into the speedy bit. right there we go we almost have the. piercing potions and now the last thing. that we're going to grab before we call. things good is we're going to go ahead. and buy jungle drums now juggle drums. uh it does help quite a bit that's why i. choose to. buy i mean it is going to set us back. just a little bit from. being able to afford our avatar of wrath.

But not too bad. but anyways guys now that we have all of. this set up we are officially good to go. and i'm going to go ahead and do a. little bit of a fast forward bit. but before we jump into the fast forward. bit i just want to say thank you guys. so much for watching i really hope this. guide helps if it does help or if you. guys find this guide enjoyable please. feel free to hit that like button. also if you guys haven't subscribed yet. please feel free to subscribe as well i. do upload quite a bit of balloon style. defensive content. but anyways guys enough of that let's go. ahead and jump into the fast forward. to the fast forward bit i've been losing. days go sleep and i can't ever wonder. if you think about me too don't you just. hate it. being away from someone you just wanna. hold on to. it's driving me crazy tired of waiting.

I really hate being away from you. don't you just hate it being away from. someone you just wanna hold onto. all right guys here we are on round as. you guys can see we have the 50. 000 in order to afford our avatar of. wrath. so let's go and buy our avatar of wrath. now that we have our avatar of wrath we. are setting extremely good. the next thing that we immediately need. to go for is we need to grab our monkey. intelligence bureau because if. you guys didn't know the avatar of wrath. cannot passively pop lead balloons. so we're going to go ahead and grab the. mib to make sure that our avatar. has no issues in dealing with the ddt. balloons. even though he's not very good at. popping them even with the. mib all right there's our mib and now. that we have our mibs the next thing. that we are going to be doing is we are.

Going to be going. for our a perma spike. so as soon as we can afford to upgrade. our deadly spikes. we're we're gonna go ahead and upgrade. them and now that we have our. deadly spikes the next thing that we're. gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and. place things a bit on the safe side. and we're going to grab an alchemist. upgraded to acidic mixture dip to throw. on top of this spike. factory just in case our avatar of wrath. struggles with popping any of the. ddt balloons all right now the next. thing that we need to do is we just need. to save up the. thirty to a thousand dollars in order to. afford the perma spike. i'm not going to be doing anything too. crazy i'm not going to be activating. omen's bramble patch. if you guys would like to feel free to. place down open streets as a little bit. of a safety precaution the ideal spot to.

Have it would be. in the back but it shouldn't be needed. because. of how strong the avatar of wrath. actually is. so guys i'm gonna go ahead and fast. forward to the point where we can afford. to buy the permit spikes and i'll go. ahead and bring you guys back as soon as. we can. all right guys i'm gonna go ahead and. bring you back on round 93 because on. round 93. is when we should get enough money to. afford to buy our premise bikes. so we're just a couple of thousand. dollars short from being able to afford. it oh wait no it was riding around 94. not round 93 and we definitely need to. have our perma spikes up before round. 95 because if we don't have our perma. spikes we will lose to the. dt balloons on round 95. all right. there's our permaspike so let's go ahead. and get it going as soon as we possibly. can.

And now we're going to go ahead and grab. berserker brew then we're going to grab. stronger stimulant on our alchemist. because we want our perma spikes to. throw down spikes as fast sweet. as fast as it possibly can on top of. that we want to go ahead and give it a. little bit of additional popping power. as well all right there's our stronger. stem we're gonna go ahead and grab. stronger acid. and perishing potions to go ahead and. increase the. uh effect duration now the next thing. that. we're gonna be doing you guys saw i. forgot about the ninja monkey doubt that. we place. down here but now we're going to go. ahead and use that ninja monkey and. we're going to be upgrading him to. balloon. sabotage the reason why we're going to. be upgrading him to balloon sabotage. is for round 99 to make sure that we. don't struggle with popping the.

Reinforced. dt balloons because as you guys may or. may not notice the avatar breath. is not good at popping the dt balloons. all right so now that we have the. balloon sabotage the last thing that. we're going to go ahead and go. for is for is we could go go ahead and. go for a little bit of stall here i'm. going to go ahead and upgrade. this this sniper monkey all the way up. to main moab. but you guys can feel free to place down. whatever tower you guys want. uh the main moab is not a necessity but. again it is always it is nice to have a. little bit of extra stall. all right there we go as you guys can. see our avatar of wrath is doing an. amazing job at popping all of these. balloons. and on round 99 as soon as we see the. dt balloons we're going to go ahead and. activate our balloon sabotage to go. ahead and make sure.

That we can go ahead and deal with those. balloons now the next thing that we can. do it because we still have this monkey. sub here we could go ahead and upgrade. grade him and then we could go ahead and. help out our dart monkeys. by upgrading them to crossbow again it. really doesn't matter too much. because as you guys can see we were able. to easily pop the. bad balloon and that will do it guys for. the dark castle chimps. so as you guys can see we beat it. actually first try i went ahead and did. a couple of. test runs to make sure it still works. and this. strategy currently works as or as of the. 24.2 update guys. so if it's past this and you guys are. watching in the. future please feel free to let let me. know if there's been any changes or if. this guide doesn't work. and i'll go ahead and redo it but. anyways guys thank you so much for.

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