30.04.2024 Buying Sugar Rush 1000 Bonuses Till MAX WIN

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Sugar Rush 1,000 Bonus Buys until we get. Max win that's the series it starts now. let's see how it goes might get. expensive might get lucky early on just. don't know watch the video hit that like. button for me I really appreciate it. don't forget to subscribe go and check. out we pl reviews down below let's see. how we Fair also leave me a comment how. many videos do you think it would take. for me to get Max win on this game this. is video number one let's see how much. fa you guys have in this uh in this. series and how it's going to. do let's see there's a win down there. which is lovely can we at the Reds I. don't think it will oh it. did okay I do want to call this game one. good spin cuz that's all it takes one. good Spin and you're absolutely in. Dreamland cuz you get the setup like. this and then you know if it h anything.

Half decent is going to pay. decent it's a very simple process but a. lot of the time you struggle to get one. good win but we've had a good start here. we just need to match up now and this. could very easily be a nice wedge of. profit we don't want these dead bins to. happen sometimes on this game that annoy. the crap out of me cuz you get in a good. spot and then it ruins. it like the drunk uncle that turns up at. your wedding he wasn't even invited it's. like that but want that two to go we. need a. win I mean that will do it there's. profit can you. match. okay okay put a red in here and it's. really nice just a red yes there's two. grand double it on the first. bu that's what we wanted anything on the. last okay still going. great bonus that's the way to start the. video also one more thing if you're not. subscrib why not many of you are here.

Watching just hit that sub button it's. free of charge and it helps us out more. you will ever. know right let's do this first one was. lovely let's think the second one can be. nice. oh I don't like this start I don't like. this start at all I mean the re really. make me like. it glad you missed the orange. there glad you missed the purple. there oh dear go on we need you. desperately. desperately please do it I'm begging. yes. yes crap start but that has made it all. better. now we just need that one good. win one good spin to roll them. all. okay so much down there could have hit. them like so. much good it's going to drop into orange. I think and then greens both even. better any more go on. there okay. I like the start can we keep it going. though we on the dead fins that's lovely. nearly all of the money back on that.

There's profit already oh look at this. set up orange on. top oh man if we in here this is going. to. pop please H the Reds will that hit him. no it. missed just need it in here anywhere in. here with a win oh do it again please. look at this please do it again oh this. is a re again my word I never want to. think about what it could. do look at the state of this we've got. 3,s in. there oh my God if it hits in here with. something stupid this could be Max. now if it lines up we got five spins. left please please don't go dead now. this is where it counts game. come. on. yeah oh look at. it one win in here and it's going to be. huge anything please do it last spin. anything. anything I don't think that match. anything will it oh who cares what a. bonus again that's two back to back. absolute bangers and I know you're all.

Thinking the same thing raise raise. raise I'm not going to raise I'm going. to stick on this steak because I think. this steak is the steak. I think this is the. one one good spin come. on okay that won't carry on I like that. spin though it's a good. start yep. that'll carry on will it no we need some. much big here we need a save purples are. going to miss okay one purple and we're. good. no okay that's a great spin let's get it. orange. after nice can we get purples as well. one on top we're good. yeah uh I don't know no Reds would have. been nice I mean we hit it's going to. pay it's got decent setup. here. yep okay I like. that we need a big spin save. here a not good I'm not going to. complain after the last two we've had. let's give it a raising go on then you. Tau me into. it twisting my arm I get it fine I'll.

Raise but you guys are so. demanding that W it green wellet purplle. up could have hit the. hats orange is good HS oh I had to miss. the purple. there yeah. nice that won't carry. on good win though let's have a few more. like. that want to go left side I don't mind. it let's not do the dead spin Thing game. come on you're better than. that the Reds. everywhere okay how many have we got. left four left we can save. this come on two. left can we get a Wonder. spin a Wonder spin. Reds I tell you what that's recovered. quite well there not money. back but it could be. worse come on. then no not like this game not like this. I deserve better than this come. on okay purple's a good. those oh please R me please another. chance I dare. you it's so hard to get it to retrigger. is it when it does though it's. magical yeah I magical deal with.

It okay green are good Hearts will be. nice. nope yeah this is a bad one again I. think not doing it. not. yet that's helped it's not going to. match though is. it I'm going do one more and I'm going. to raise it again I know what you're. thinking he's gone. mad but maybe just maybe this could be a. fantastic end to this video max win. until we stop uh sorry we're going to. keep doing this until we get Max win and. then we'll stop this series but I'm. going I'm going to commit to this I want. to get as many videos on this as I can. this game is super hot for us right now. so we just got to just got to go for. it Hearts yep nice red would be. good come on we need it one good spin. one good spin top in the comments. section for me one good. spin come. on Orange is good can we get purples. after maybe Reds are everywhere but I.

Don't think they're going to match. no no come on not Dad spend time. game oh please please re me oh it did it. it bloody did it it did it. now we just want that crazy one spin. wonder where we got like five or six. wins in this area. ideally that's not going to carry on did. there We R him in here ideally or around. this area cuz then it could. pay purples are going to miss any of. these. after okay that's a good spot to get it. got 64s in there now we've got the spins. here to get this into profit land. very easily Reds would be great okay. couple of Reds here I love you yes I. love you game couple of orang zero marot. oh I'm going to. propose. greens oh guys this setup is stupid in. here look at. this yes there's profit nice profit. too oh this area here is huge and we. hitting there. oh Reds where were. you don't dead spin me.

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