30.04.2024 Casino game "Aviator": Slot Review

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Aviator is a wellknown entertainment. experience in the crash games category. which is also a slot machine and a video. game mixture. nowadays The Aviator game is very. popular which may be explained by. several reasons. players are not required to have any. special skills to start playing. the only thing they need is to play a. few rounds to get the gist of it. another Advantage is the high rate of. RTP 97 percent. there are no reels or lines in this game. instead the field looks like an air. traffic controller's monitor where you. can follow the plane's flight path the. winning ratio increases as the aircraft. Rises up. the first thing a player will see when. The Aviator online game starts is a. display with various indicators. for the first 10 seconds the user has to. place a bet per round ranging from 0.1. cents to one hundred dollars.

Moreover you can simultaneously activate. two maximum rates independent of each. other. the player themselves decides whether to. remove one ahead of time or install one. or both immediately. the plane crosses the screen until it. disappears Beyond it. a random multiplier is generated in each. game round which can be between times. one and times one zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero. as the flight continues the rate. increases. at any time while the plane is still in. the air the player can cash out and. receive the BET amount multiplied by the. current odds. the potential of The Aviator Casino game. is simply huge. it's important to remember that. occasionally a plane will crash right. after the start of a round leaving the. player with an empty balance. if the plane disappears and they do not. have time to collect their winnings the.

Bet is lost the most difficult part of. this game is to guess the moment to. withdraw the winnings correctly. if you do it too soon you can miss the. opportunity to get high winnings and if. you do it too late the winnings will. burn completely. one game round lasts from 8 to 30. seconds. there is no limit to the number of game. sessions a player can have. that's why they need good selfcontrol. to stop the wave of success and prevent. losing money during the next rounds. so Aviator is a money game that appeals. to many Casino fans due to its simple. gameplay and it doesn't matter whether. they are beginners or experienced. players. due to the constant growth of the. multiplier and the ability to make two. bets at the same time players have a. good chance of success. however it is important to remember that. this is just entertainment so it's not.

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