30.04.2024 CoD WZ: 8th place

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You know I hate. s you're the oldest can you ask Mom it's. I'll really oh my. call. relax I was just I don't want to play. with you I'm clearly not. interested. like me like your sister who's your. sister I don't want to talk to. you. you I to I do anything. st stop calling my. name for. me T. me. I Del the wrong. video get yourself the proper warm up. we'll be deploying. soon. you're done warming up standby for. deployment to the war. zone. Battle. Royale. all right Lads let's get it. done. you. gas is closing. in. a. UAV online weird so random that was so. random that was just random just po out. of nowhere and got. po. dog. what enemy dropping into the. AO. there's. aircraft people got. aircraft. You' got gas inbound safe Zone. relocated enemy UAV. active the third hit team comes all. together gas is closing. in. they'll fight for a chance.

Toloy check fire your teammate has. redeployed. a all right okay we're in the. G you we both got thrown into the if you. survive you earn your freedom there's a. fight kicking. off set time mate you'll be. out. yeah. he respawned all right now now's my turn. listen up Soldier win here and you. return to the front line but if you lose. you're. done the you've earned it. easy. there's cars you've got gas inbound SA. Zone. relocated this to. coordinate. Enemy No keep it up. but did my did my teamm. survive wait did he is. he. no we lost that one but we'll come back. stronger next. time yeah I love this game way too much. to leave I may be losing but I still. like this game. like hey. man so how long you been playing all. right so we we'll play we'll play. another we'll play another. game. actually no and 10 minutes is just. enough I hope you like this video don't.

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