30.04.2024 Color Swapping Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly #shorts #pokemon

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I think it's time we color swap Pokemon. scarlet and Violet's starter Pokemon. we'll start things off with sprigatido I. really love the way it looks with quacks. these colors and when colored with. Fuego's colors I feel the same way. something about this just really. resonates with me as for fuego the green. of sprigatido works really well this is. mainly due to the fact that fuekoko's. design is inspired by a pepper I will. say the eyes look a little strange on it. but I think it works well enough and. much like spigotito when Fuego has. quacks these colors I think it looks. pretty solid finally we'll move on to. quaxley sprigatido's colors work pretty. well with it again I feel like the eye. color looks a little strange but I do. think it works better here compared to. what we saw with fuekoko and speaking of.

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