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I'm going a thousand Gates we need to. win we need to. win Dude that definitely not on. my mind bro e the. Greens Greens again in multis just do it. wrinkle dick you wrinkled dick. dude please pay me please. pay me bro please pay me bro 2x yeah I'm. broke yeah I'm going be honest Chad I'm. just broke Chad I'm just going. to be completely honest with you guys. I'm broke dude I'm just going to. completely be completely honest and with. the new plans I have for the. RSL and with the meetups it's I I I'm. going to be down bad I'm going to be. down. bad. you [ __ ]. dude. just chalk this balance up too. chat chalk this balance up chalk it Up. chat chalk it. up just chalk it up just chalk it up I. think we just chalk this one up. too there's always old men looking for. young dudes on St Catherine East if you. need. money Chad do I become a prostitute yes.

Or. no Chad do I become a prostitute yes or. no guys I'm not going to take a slot. call while I'm doing slots like how long. have you been in your stream for. man the. yes yes no. man let's go. Paul yeah where are the sugar mommies at. bro like on. God should I just make my girl an. off crazy 10x is crazy. red aa aa Last by I'd pimp you out okay. what the is going on. bro chat what the is going. on. dude what is going on here. tonight Chad I'm broke I'm broke I'm. literally broke I'm I might blow it on. this I need to be very gentle with my. voice today I'm starting to lose it I. feel it. coming starting to lose my voice very. very. sharply need let that little little boy. relax a little bit perp. hers into Reds y. into. blues oh my [ __ ] dude oh my God. we're broke. you. Gates it's the worst hardest stream I've. ever.

Seen is. that oh my God oh my God oh 24 24 mats. oh my God I'm doing. it I'm doing it I'm doing. it chat zap in the chat all I want to. see is zap in the chat all I want to see. is zap in the chat all I want to see is. zap in the. chat just don't bother don't bother. don't bother chat don't bother . seven dead spins in a row off rip it's. disgusting bro it's actually. disgusting nightmare. man this is a nightmare okay. it's fine let's go let bring the Vibes. back. up woo we're good we're good we're good. we're good we're. good. yellow the. greens it's a nightmare it's a . nightmare okay we have one more balance. we're 30 minutes of the stream we blew. 12,500 30 minutes of the Stream. chap one more chat one more and actually. stop me actually stop me actually stop. me if this doesn't pay one more one more. one more one more one more one more one.

More one more will actually stop me if. this doesn't pay actually stop me chat. stop me on God nice good start Good. Start Good Start Good Vibes Good Vibes. good vibe Ulin good vibe youil good vibe. jul l. ly it's got to pay dude it's. gotu the ru strategy. into. greens. purples. greens. okay. okay hold hold I'm calling an early hold. I'm calling an early hold I'm prec. coming everywhere hold hold in the chat. hold the line in the chat Blues. Blues need a zap there we need a zap. there it's unacceptable as soon as I. started saying hold it didn't it. hold hold the line hold the line hold. the line Blues yes into more Blues into. more blues oh dude I'm freezing right. now what the let's go good good. good almost money back eight spins left. almost money back eight spins left don't. stop on me now press the gas. pedal no dude that isn't that hit press.

The gas pedal press the gas gas pedal. your night press the gas pedal your. night give me some life give me some. life give me some breathing air yep it's. The Greens. Greens yes yes it's a little something. that's a little something it's a little. something I give a little about I. give a slight. we're down but it's a start we're. down but it's a start chat I. don't care everyone who says oh you're. still down I don't give a it's a. it's a start it's a step in the. right it's a step in the right. direction hit again hit again for the. road oh my God for the road to zap for. the road to zap is so nice oh my God. it'd be so. nice dude zap. zap. no. greens that's eight greens three three. no seven yes okay I was trying. Leo oh my God zap I'm a millionaire. yellows yo yo yo. yo oh my God big we're alive we're. alive oh my.

God we're . alive has anyone ever seen this on Gates. spins are the way oh ton spins are. definitely the. way but we don't got time for spins. toron we're on go. mode we're on go mode I gamble I yo I. literally gamble on this stream like. it's my last time gambling ever. dude I swear to God can I ever just calm. down for once. multis multipliers multipliers. multipliers multipliers dude multipliers. no something other than a 2x. man it's profit that's actually profit. it's actually profit Prof it wh's go. luans check your rubat account by the. way I remember tipping. you I tipped you for uh Mad Dog stream. Lans yo Rings. Rings yes yes that's actually good chat. that's actually really good chat that's. actually multis multis that's actually. good yes yes yes. yes oh my God we were just at 600 we. were just at 600 we were just at 600.

We're making a run appreciate the follow. son of Sharpie delusional with the sub I. appreciate you delusional Chad I. can't yell today I'm losing my voice I. appreciate you delusional my guy bro my. G Andy Gunderson appreciate that follow. I appreciate everyone in the . stream. man let's go guys everyone make sure. you're in stream tomorrow I have a. massive stream planned RSL you guys are. going to be able to vote on who wins in. the RSL the Riders yo that's huge again. that's huge again that's huge again. that's huge again that's huge again we. got it Dad let's go I'm out I'm out I'm. out I'm out from 600 to. 8,000 W's in the chat I'm trying. not to yell here bro I'm trying not to. yell. here I'm trying not to. yell holy dude holy. Riders ask Howe to increase mad dog. fails dude mad dog has great fails for. just starting what do you mean.

Bro J oh oh oh oh my God oh my God I. called it I called it I called it I. called it we got to get a little Chas oh. my god I've never seen a red I've never. seen a red I told you I've been playing. it for 20 years 20 years 20. years this is why you guys hop on Kick. load up right dos every day at. 5:00 p.m. Easter time oh my. God oh my God connect connect Rings. Rings it's over it's over for rings I. bought it a million times oh my God oh. my God it's not over yet it's not over. yet it's not over. yet oh my God oh my God connect connect. no it has to connect it has to. connect no dude oh my God oh. my oh Max Max I've never got this I've. never got this know what it's got to. connect it didn't max win. there oh oh my God no it did a Max win. there no it didn't max it didn't max it. didn't. max oh my God again yellows.

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