30.04.2024 CRAZY SAVE ON GATES OF OLYMPUS 1000!!!!

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Before we jump into today's video make. sure to use promo code Woods bets when. signing up on stake this will allow you. to receive a 200% deposit bonus on your. first deposit as well as a permanent 5%. rakeback you'll also gain access to a. ton of other perks such as huge cash. giveaways and other exclusive prizes now. without wasting any more time let's jump. right into today's video what is up and. what is going on everybody welcome back. today Gates of Olympus . 1000 can we run it up is always the. question 2K in the bounce today I'm. feeling good I haven't play Gates 1000. in probably 2 weeks I'm feeling good. today we're not going to waste any time. we're going to jump in with a. $300 buy nothing too crazy leaves us. with 1,700 if we get rinsed but we need. to see some crazy A retrig off the. start give me a little zap okay we'll.

Take the retrig 19 spins bro we have we. have to have something happen here we. have to let's get the zap. early I'll give you another chance right. here okay yellows are in dead ass board. though one off rings 15 spins man. there's no way we don't profit right. here he's literally sleeping 2x I got a. fast click here look at this man this is. absolutely disgusting we finally have. Blues on the board okay we need one yep. we got it I literally was trying to like. count how many greens bro but . wasn't adding up in my head a 6X with 10. spins I mean with 10 spins already we. should have. more one off of trophies right we need a. zap we need a zap don't do it to me like. you always do change things up you. mother eight spins still time to. make something happen but we need the. zap to go up bro we got a 6X on the.

Board this stinks what do we got. five right there hourglasses three off. so not too. close that is disgusting a rrig and we. still got absolutely minimum unless we. can get a crazy tumble here. two off of hourglasses somehow and it. doesn't drop one off retrig too bro. another five spins I mean if it was just. going to rinse you don't even give it to. me not looking good I am okay I said I. was feeling good about Gates today maybe. that just wasn't the buy right here all. right all right all right one point we. basically got rinsed on that one let's. try another let's go 400 I feel like 400. is looking pretty sweet $400 buy I can't. believe that man I want to see a Max win. on Gates we've only got one Max win and. that was on Sugar Rush I mean they're. hard to get for a reason but I feel like. even getting a 10x will take it did they.

Change the sound. effects I think they changed the sound. effects cuz that sounded different. I thought a bomb just hit the. board dead. ass wow we can't get any. zaps I just lost my train of thought to. I forgot what I was talking about I. heard that 10x bro and that was. just Distortion I haven't heard. that in a minute. just nonstop dead spins too we can't get. one multi oh yeah this is what I was. saying I feel like it's so hard to even. get like your bet back at best I feel. like you get half your bet like 50% a. lot of time can we get hourglasses. somehow can we get hourglasses in a. little zap we have a $16 tumble one off. hourglasses I mean a 3X on that 400 $400. buy we're way behind we are way way. behind we have a 3X on the board and it. absolutely like it smells like I'm. not going to cap bro four.

$400 buy just rinsed man backto back L's. this has to. pay if we go lower than 1,000 we know. ourselves boys we're. dgen 1K left you know we're going to rip. that I. mean let's start getting some zaps on. the board though we got yellows we got. hourglasses or trophies can we get. either of them or oneoff trophies that's. F that's pretty not going to cap 2x. can we get something better than a 2X. he's going to keep dropping them. it's. insane the gates of Limpus 1000 bro. literally we got a 6X there that's not. too bad an adex with 10 spins left we. need nice that's good Rings maybe I. thought Rings somehow but 2 4 five if it. dropped in this column 6 seven still one. off unless it dropped three we have a. 19x this is looking good we definitely. could profit here can we get yellows. greens are in right okay we need a zap.

We he's not is he going to zap for me. he has to zap the board bro one off. hourglasses too what a sicko bro we need. a z oh we got a 2X that's good but I. mean I mean that's hella good let's just. keep tumbling let's get reds and. blues give me Blues baby give me Blues. Blues are in can we get anything else. this is this is nice oneof hourglasses 2. this is exactly what we were looking for. 768 that puts us back up that saves I. mean it's good nice give me a zap give. me a zap give me a zap. you got to give me a zap a $40 tumble. give me a zap baby 45 bones zap it up. zap it. up I'm staring him dead in the face bro. give me a zap give me a. zap he's so sick Bro he's so sick that. would have been minimum uh yeah 1K it. would have been minimum 1K bro a 2X 50. tumble at least we're going back up to. 2K but I. mean top symbol hit bro God damn give me.

Something here to finish come on right. here 1K flat basically what we just. started with okay I'm trying to see do. we do two let's be safe let's do two. 500s that paid pretty good for a 400 two. $500 buys I was going to rip a 1K but. I'm just honestly I don't want to get. $15 back bro enough to buy a. cheeseburger and a pack of Skittles bro. I don't want that give me something good. give me trophies and another zap okay I. give give it to me please that would. have been fire 2X 22 bones $37 $500. buy we need the multis Now give me some. blues or Reds maybe one off Blues I. think that was one off or was that one. off. Reds 2x. bro we need something to happen. soon I got a click we're oneoff trophies. give me a. trophy. okay not looking good so far with six. spins left if this would have been a. $1,000 buy we would have been around.

$100 right now okay we need a zap here A. big one too and a rrig we'll take both. are you kidding me that is disgusting. and it it baits me a re trig. again I mean how did anything even hit. there actually have no idea rings are in. too let's go holy bro look how many. zaps are on the board and we didn't get. one over 5x we have five zaps on the. board what I mean that's still good but. only we're only at $400 we're still. negative 100 that is insane if we could. have got a fat ass zap on that tumble we. could be eating good boys but. back at 2K we just can't break 2K what's. the number to break 2K here let's go. let's end it with a 1K boys we're ending. it with a 1K I just know I know how this. game works. man to a point I feel like okay give me. hourglasses and another. app. okay just so rare for you to for you to.

Profit okay that's not bad but when you. profit you could profit like a. you feel me we just need. bigger zaps trophies I mean uh Rings. maybe nice we got rings too give me like. a 10x bro we need it he threw. that 3x down you see how fast that . was that's not bad right there 500 back. 12 spins left too this is really really. good if it keeps up rings. again we can't get rings 2 4 6 7 look at. those rings sitting there man 10 spin. boards looking good for some tumbles. give me some blues hourglasses or. trophies or purples okay what what can. we get here two trophies or two uh. hourglasses we cannot a 13x this is. looking pretty decent if we get stuck at. that 1K Mark again bro I don't even. know wow we will take a zap he's zapping. let's go 2x give me something a little. bit bigger Juice It Up a 3X I mean . will take it juicen it up a little bit.

Not too bad at all 560 right there we're. getting saved on the last buy boys this. is a w eight spins left still just don't. die on me purples and blues and yellows. yellows are in right they should be okay. can we Blues are in. too give me a zap $24 tumble nice he's. zapping let's go and Rings $44 tumble. this is a w oh my God that was a good. good ass hit 2. 2K there's a dub with. six spins left another good board give. me purples give me yellows wait what. bro what how many it it looks like eight. de ass we got blues we have oneof. yellows drop a yellow doesn't drop one. yellow that's. sickening still looking good hello Reds. godamn I'll take a. z one off of hourglasses man we could do. a little bit bigger we got a 22x on the. board last. spin can we get. something oh we can't 2.3k that's not. too bad 1.2k profit we're going to take.

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