30.04.2024 Crazy Time Big Win 5000x | Evolution

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Yeah cast into this anything for. 50 questions that's how we do it boys. gas and freedom 50x. baby that's how we do that's a nice. surprise man that's how we wrap up. sessions over here. a single under the expo. whatever 50 hit that so 500. 5k somewhat that down we got. well boys. all multipliers not related to emojis. they're swapping away that's where they. go for the carousel let's take a. professional professional shop shoe. that's needed here right now. multiplies marty's not related swapping. the places in different places. we still wait we still wait. mom and dad oh finally finally what does. the chef start. i don't trust my skills where's the 5k i. have absolutely no idea. 74 you pick up the 5k congratulations. then beautiful amount of you what is it. 6 000 people. top winner winner fifth i can't speak. top winner picked up for 5k with 500.

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