30.04.2024 Crazy time big win today, Oh My God ! 1000X,1000X,1000X And Others !! Time to Share Money, Best CT !

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Oh boy Point 25 that was the highest one. of the day but yeah welcome back D you. got back and give bonus thanks much well. day today tell you that is true jimire. but the American didn't even acknowledge. what she did wrong onesided. Bingo 10x. on this game used is money and this game. can also make money for you use your. money wisely and remember this game is. for entertainment not for your main job. to make. money and now young traveler good luck. in the next. one there we go let's go a. bonus there it is a b bonus I can't say. any bonus hold on. yeah bonus look that there's a five. excit as well W wa we oh yeah hey yo. yeah yeah a five excussion. everybody beautiful stuff everybody nice. all right what are we going to be. fighting for 100x but yes first there's. a. 5x there we go there he goes a 5x there. going be 500 look at that bunch of 125x.

To 50 as well not bad not bad at all. young. traveler now let's Shuffle the board up. you. know you say already one one you w trust. you. well game of luck right choose your. emoji Guys Auto pick is of course an. option as well you know if you want to. go for it there is an option option. yeah TR you trust. them trust Alpha all right I'm going to. trust it as well is that duck right. there one1 this is the amount of money. issued. 372,117. for 500 is right there there it is so. 168 winners got the 500x 6,82 winners in. a total of page with to 126,000 great. job everybody betting. time couple of seconds remaining now. everybody I was a 50s you. know all. right luck everybody in the next round. traveler here we go a five crazy time. ladies and gentlemen hey hey yeah that. that came complet surprise surprise to. me hold on can we all come on stay there.

Yeah look at that everybody we got the. crazy down we got 5X on it oh yes ha. well then follow me here we. go oh oh. yeah yes yes crazy time it is here oh. yeah you guys are ready yes yes yes yes. haha here we go a yo oh we got some. double action going on there as well all. right but now there's the. five on everything yes yes yes yes. uhhuh here we go let's go all right. guys now green blue or yellow which one. is it going to be this time for you take. your. time so we are fighting right now for a. 500x best of luck everybody we got the. doubles as well so good luck. all right so 50 Ex on the green 705x. yellow and that is a big double on the. blue all right thousand X blue Flopper. can you do it. you see that that is another double oh. yeah uhhuh here we go hey yo it's a. double once again 2000x Z the line right.

Now here we go everybody good. luck double oh oh yeah a double yes yes. another double hey hey hey oh yes yes. aha a double uhhuh all right what is. that 4,000 is on the line right now. let's go everybody look at that wow W. wah w. wow this is the amount of money issued. to million. 55,8. 120 hey look at that that is a beautiful. th000 X multi on the blue Flopper oh. yeah7 you have won in this round. congratulations thear SOS Everson good. seven is here. congratulations that's. good just ch there the beer coming oh. that would be nice not going to lie. let's go you wanted a strong spin you've. got a strong spin if that's not going to. work out I don't know what will okay so. we have five x on the ction everybody no. good time not a. mommy not yet. now well that worked out so good luck. I would love for us right now to catch.

500 you have no idea all right. everybody we have. 100 let's multiply everything by. five beautiful 500 x right there for. you well at least this time we're going. to have not low multi going to have some. Biggers right bigger multipliers. so go ahead you have a beautiful chance. for now to get something awesome for. yourself decision time starts now. everybody so go ahead Choose Yourself. use a third eyce six and or just use. Auto pick op who's going to randomly. choose one for you doesn't mean it's. going to choose the lucky on going to. choose randomly so either you choose. randomly or the system is going to. choose randomly for you let's R this is. the amount of money issued. 8,968 congratulations everything else. quite amazing WI as well congratulations. everybody let's go back so 2008 of you. have won in this round.

Congratulations let's go next one shall. We Now can definitely buy a be to all. you but yes in. pain I like. pain and hello to all the newcomers to. the. crazy now BS are Clos good. luck yeah melon is addicted but but I. don't use it every day like whenever I. super super cannot sleep 7x St SL on the. C and whenever I really need to go to. sleep so I just pop a. billain oh come on come on come on leave. it leave it leave it leave it this is. going to be massive 7x on the cash H. babies all I'm really sorry to hear that. but. I know what you're. feeling now this is going to be. big all right 100x is the biggest one. but. wait see those big numbers no more 7x no. more 5x the smallest one is a four no no. 39 35x and biggest one is a. 700x my heart is racing. I'm. ready I'm ready to get those big. numbers but you are massive I stay oh.

Man JM I appreciate that now pick which. one is your. favorite o I'm going to aim big I'm. going to aim big which one I'm I should. choose I'm going for this little star. over here this is the amount of money. issued. Euros X on the left side now 67 players. with a 700 X. 3,460 winners in. total 191 winners congratulations to all. of you I played r i play I tried. RuneScape a bit my friend was actually. uh a scammer who made a living from. RuneScape. he gave me a knife in Counter Strike as. a gift a huntsman doler a knife that is. worth about 500 it was like you can keep. it cuz he was. scamming. 1,000 at least a day crazy time gets a. 4X from the top slot and I'm held them. scam players as well no way we're. getting another one no way ladies and. gentlemen what in the world. what a second top sloted crazy time nah.

That's crazy ladies and gentlemen come. on over let's go ankle breaker on the. Ping penguin penguin. penguin ladies and gentlemen yeah the. penguin didn't know what was coming for. him welcome to the crazy time world yeah. oh my days come on Redemption Redemption. Redemption let's apply that flipping top. slot bonus of a forx. yeah okay ladies and gentlem meas it's. your time to make a choicy choice right. now. uh green blue or yellow if you don't. make a choice it's going to. automatically choose for you wow blue is. absolutely dominating 400x is going to. be the maximum multiplier good luck have. fun and stay safe ladies and gentlemen. Okie doie 60x on yellow 100 x on green. and a double on Blue ladies and. gentlemen double double double double. double double double double double it. has gone better than the last one 800x.

Is going to be the maximum one this one. good luck have fun stay safe. yes I love another. one ladies and gentlemen 1.6k the dream. to beat the crazy time main come on. let's go good luck please please please. please please please this is the amount. of money issued 175,176. winner on top of the list congrats. congrats once again BL your best and. let's go. massive now bets are. close your mustache is real yes. next stop slot on the crazy time could. we oo come on come on come on come on. crazy time crazy time stop stop stop. stop wo hey look at that 7x crazy time. this is going to be. massive please join. me and hello and hello to the biggest. wheel in the world everybody hey massive. bonus 7x hey look at. that Ultra massive Ultra massive epic. bonus all right all right hey Z let's. get it let's get. it look at all those.

Numbers now you have three colors to. choose from is it going to be green blue. or the yellow could we go double on all. the. colors all righty y this might be the. highest. today 700 is the biggest one let's go. let's go massive let's go. double now I like what I. see hey look at that look at that bom. bastic 350X for the green 175 X for the. blue and a double for the yellow. fantastic. hey massive bonuses 1,400 X is the. biggest. one Amigo let's get it. JJ this is the amount of money issued. 36,39331 X for the Green 3000 C at 35 wi. w. pleas. time I know about. like how crazy time with five. fo ladies and gentlemen crazy time with. five multiplier from do slot yes yes yes. okay decision time oh not yet I was. wrong. sorry okay now decision time you need to. choose one of the flabber green blue. yellow which one do you like the most.

And of course blue is the most popular. one final seconds for you and the. maximum multiplier. is. 500x let's. go this is the amount of money issued. 1685 wow 250X on green 150x on. 125 acts on blue and yellow. congratulations and godet all. 1,164 winners on feels like I don't know. how to talk anymore like let's go back. best. plays yeah really weird really weird. that American so they are they done like. for good or. like like what. a Forex crazy. time on a break well that's generous to. be. honest yep yep it's happening it's crazy. time porx crazy time baby yes nice. indeed it's happening we're going to. visit the Penguins. yep penguin right there and penguin. right. there penguin everywhere it's crazy. baby it's four times. crazy nice. see come on multiply those multipliers. what. up got him green blue yellow the flapper.

Choose Now ladies and gentlemen we've. had a great Pachinko earlier let's get a. great crazy time as. well yeah we going a maximum of 400 x. for now good. luck this is the amount of money issued. 8,770 we sure it's A2 200 for yellow. that's ran over 2,500 if you by the way. players please don't share any personal. information on the chat I see CH was W. busy. W pinkle the forks. look at that paa time let's. go welcome welcome to let's check on. suppliers what do we have on the. board so with three like to see. something bigger 5 7 10 more more more. 15 15. 100 and 200 let's have the Forex from. the top sauce well look at this. board gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous girls. huh. so high multipliers 800 EG chopping the. plug in. look so thinking where we going hey. somewhere nice somewhere nice some this. is the amount of money issued for 176.

,900 back at the wheel let's go €. 2,972 view that's right we have Yurick. YJ silver ham and J top five winners. special compliments coming away and. let's go woo party rock is in the house. tonight and I just want to have a good. time thank you wheel will where where. have you been earlier huh wheel where. have you been. earlier this is what I. well yeah like H how do you know. that. Bingo you know we like each other it's. not onesided. Bingo 10x on the cashion from the top. slot that's a sweet one right. there and now if only we could get it. well well well ladies and gentlemen. like we did it we did it let's go let's. go. everyone and so welcome welcome ladies. and gentlemen kante is. here screen of multipliers are here as. well let's update those. multipliers I see some pretty good ones. 10 times everyone woo thousand is the.

Max so let's go. now but yeah like we we like each other. okay you know like me and albertino we. like each other so uh the carousel is up. it's uh your time to shine ladies and. gentlemen it's your time to choose the. favorite ion favorite place the best. place like best that there is but well. let's reveal those multi this is the. amount of money issued 192,193. hi an i o 10x on the cash hunt we got. 10x on number two now I wouldn't mind. getting that 10x on the bonus. round. oh you guys I was not prepared for that. I mean you know welcome welcome everyone. you guys this is not a random cash huntt. 100 lot of 100 but let's put W 10x on. top of this is getting hot in here look. at those multis 1,000 is the highest one. and we we have not just one but multiple. thousands on the boards woo. I I am so excited you guys the time to.

Hunt starts now and if you don't want to. hunt you can close your eyes you know. relax and wait I don't know if you can. relax actually but but there is always a. pick option if you are too scared to. choose yourself so let's see let's see. where those St this is the amount of. money issued 17. 2,317 244 got 1 th almost 300 God 200x. congratul look at those winnings 2,41. round one of the time and now tell me. what did you guys. get what did you. get wow 1,000 honey beautiful Z got 200. M got. 100 uh one 204 2 years 21 so how was it. different before what was different tell. me come on. more what do you mean manipulative why. hello the Renzo. hi but the American didn't even. acknowledge what sh did. wrong 10x penko I don't know about. manipulative but. like is there a chance like maybe she. was so embarrassed of what she did that.

She just trying to act like it never. happen hey look binko with a 10x. baby well that's not up on us it's. happening though it is a. 10x for everybody to enjoy everybody who. FS don't yeah hope you did cuz this is. going to be great r or. something yeah okay minimum of five that. goes for a minimum of 50 goes up to 50. that means we're going to go for a 500. xra right there well that's pretty good. that's a lot of a lot of multipliers. over a. 100 and we. go good. luck come on 10x Pinko show me what you. got okay okay falling right on that this. is the amount of money issued. 8,630 isn't it look at it feel it get. it Well Done ladies and gentlemen 250X. yes not bad at all not bad at. all very close though very very close to. the 500 but forget about it you got it. good you got it ladies and gentlemen. congrats to you I'll see you never.

That's. it well what can I say thank you for. your service and hello there ladies and. gentlemen my name is D and I shall be. your game shows for this entire entire. session so as always let's have a good. fun let's enjoy the ride let's let's get. as many big wins as. possible oh boy oh boy let's just see. it's going to be a fun day today tell. you that is true Jimmy SPID n Potter nah. he's not he'll be back here probably. tomorrow he D hello you hello there. Chris I'm doing great myself thank you. for asking now wait cash. 15x can we pull it off though come on. show me the money baby please don't go. to one ladies and gentlemen very first. round and that's a cash hunt with. 15x. woo. wow well that's some luck we're having. here hello there welcome to the cash. with 15x oh boy it's got to be a doozy. all right let's multiply everything by.

15x come. on there we go wow so now Max multi is. going to be 1,500 x woo let's go uh this. going to be a doozy I mean I think the. minimum multiplier is the 75x right oo. this is going to be crazy first round by. the way first round I guess that's what. Dante does you know that's what Dante. does go all right ladies and gentlemen. it's time for you to pick a Target pick. whichever a Target you like of course if. you won't pick it up it will be. automatically picked up for you as for. me I think I'm picking this bunny I love. bunnies in here so now let's see what. you will get and let's see what I would. get as well let's reveal this is the. amount of money issued. 8,490 way more than me though so. congratulations ERS let's go back. Booyah newcomers of course nice do have. it here with me let's see let's see. what is awaiting of us.

Huh so we're learning how to. count oh boy point with a 25 soft. spot I wouldn't be mad about that fler. fler. coin. flip so straight to the corn flip two. sides red and a blue blue and a red. one wow I want to see some multipliers. you know some good looking ones thank. you Abra Kadabra show her what you. got so we have two and 15 let's add the. 25x from the top. L that's 375 x on the red and 50 on the. blue I'm actually kind of scared of. press this button but just hold your. breath and let's go this is the amount. of money issued. 131,00 away congratulations thanks for. holding the breath I think it helped. 1,460 of. you over we have Cam Aces two wagon. torch wow five winners special confence. coming in I see some nice cashes nice. uh wins that was a multiplier what can I. see right then right then got ourselves.

A number one Arena so congratulations. lers wish you all the best luck in the. next round of course let's it open let's. see what we have next uh daddy what's. the highest well Jasmine at the start of. the session wear sells a cash hunt with. a 15x which well had a maximum of 1,500. x so that was the maximum that's uh that. was the highest one of the day but yeah. welcome back D you got back and give. bonus thanks as much well let's just say. we got we got lucky we got pretty lucky. now crazy time with 10x can we get more. liky to get that crazy Time come on pull. it up please give it to. me well ladies and gentlemen lo and. behold crazy time. 10x wow let's go. then all right then come on R in let's. go. all right then ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the crazy time you know this. crazy time is going to be a very special.

One very special one indeed you might. you probably might have seen the top. slot that we got here this time yes. indeed 10x but now ladies and gentlemen. it's your turn well first of all let's. multiply everything by 10x of course. let's not forget that bang here we go wo. oh boy this is going to be a good one. going to be a good one indeed I can. already feel it. but now ladies and gentlemen decision. time green blue yellow flapper pick. which every you like of course and well. let's see how good it will be hopefully. it's going to be a nice one hopefully we. can pull off some biggy Bigg wins in. this one woo that's a that's a nice one. I mean we pulled off some crazy win stre. but now ladies and gentlemen Max. multipli 1,000x let's. go this is the amount of money issued. $272,900. W would you look at that 150x for blue.

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