30.04.2024 Crazy time big win today, Oh My God ! 2500X,1000X,500X And Others !

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You guys ready here we go back to back. CRA this game uses money and this game. can also make money for you use your. money wisely and remember this game is. for entertainment not for your main job. to make. money. 2,923 winners in this Rondo still. congratulations to you and betting time. is all yours okay now decent amount of. numbers. bring back bonuses I guess kind of FL. options available though let's. go oo Pinko I would love that I would. love. that slow down slow down slow down slow. down slow down I told you I would love. that Pinko SX from the top oh Bab. fun fun fun all right what's. up oh yeah hey work. no work okay up shining it's okay. starting with oh. hello 10 ft 20 uh ft okay well time. seven so 300 ft TX is going to be the. max I would so love that I would so love. that 300 piece CH the slaugh S. please good.

Luck please please please this is the. amount of money issued to, 345,000. th000 your old for. you let's. go very. is what is going. on all right I'll take that. definitely I will marry you today that. is a bold statement but you know what. they say when you are dreaming close. your eyes you know so you you. know realize that it's not reality but. it's the. dream so best CL good. luck five casan good. luck. oh nice it is a Cas with five x. top. oh can we get a 500x. okay we are having a lot of hundreds and. with the top slot they all will will. turn into. 500s oh oh the board is looking. beautiful look at all the. 500s and there were 250 X's as well. there and I saw some hundreds but there. were plenty of 500 xes. so I am I'm feeling. I got a. feeling that many players we so many. players will get. 500 and everybody will be happy.

Afterwards so ladies and gentlemen hope. your choices have made um cuz here's. this is the amount of money issued. 72671 board we have congratulations. everyone and 988 players would have. 500x everybody 500. time 3x and crazy. time well at police we got. it at least we got. it can we get crazy please let us help. crazy thank you crazy town 3x from the. tops let's. play well everybody follow. me. hello welcome everybody to Crazy time. okay. cool we're going to turn that 100x into. 300X goes of that 3x from the top but. everybody mhm and it would be so nice to. double it as well if anything you know. I'm just. saying all right. well well it's now your decision time. which fler do you want to go for green. one blue one or yellow one if you cannot. Pi can time I of Pi do for you most of. you went for the blue flapper over 40%.

Actually Max multi is. 300X good. luck this is the amount of money issued. 9665. 33 454 yellow 75 for a green 300 X for. the blue team. 6,843 win inat congratulations to all of. you on betting time it us right. now all right moving. on so I'm wishing you guys all the. best angel. cash and two guys what's up for. CH and let's take a look what's going to. happen here so the winning. result is going to be a cash hunt all. right let's head there to find out what. exactly you're going to have shall. we oh boy highest FL in this time is. going to be oo is it what I'm thinking. it is yep it's 500 EGS guys so I'll wish. you. oh wait a sec ah there's the top of. multipliers as. well okay didn't recognize that two eggs. guys so to X is going to be the highest. one and I wish you good luck actually. already for the second time today we are.

Having a match with cash hunt because. the 2500x was the best multiplier of our. time together today and it is exactly. with the cash hand and 5x as additional. multiplier so now to next that's well. not bad that's for sure okay 10 1008. symbols you're having on the wall you. need to pick one under which in your. opinion that highest one in this 7 THX. is hiding and the same symbols asn't. mean there are same multiply as. eny all right let's reveal the. multipliers this is the amount of money. issued to1. 18436 thanks to all of you well done. everyone and let's head back to the. wheel so 96 people gather sxg guys and. Ros a to one with 40,4 your winning. congratulations and betting. time all right guys so I wish you all. the best we so good Kev you're not. talking with me. anymore okay. okay no problem. and let's move.

On soone wishing you all the best where. you fromone from last. year so great timeon three ex guys with. t of shows of course hey like thank you. for all that motivational speech but for. what we are doing. this oh finally oh it's a a match it's a. match the to because shows crazy time in. 3x and crazy time is as a winning result. let's. go all. right let's set up the 3x. maybe let's do. that so let's see what you going have. here ladies and gentlemen you need now. to decide which flaer will have a. highest multiplier options you can. choose from our green blue or yellow ma. as always thinks this going to be a blue. one last time when we had a CRA Sun blue. one had a low Sun but well let's hope. that the uh it's going to be different. this time 300X is going to be the. highest one and let's go for those. doubles this is the amount of money.

Issued 876,00. 7 this one actually blue is getting the. best one 45x on yellow 75x on green and. 300X on Blue. guys all right congratulations to all of. you 10,314 in total 812 is the stop one. so well done everyone and let's move. on that was lovely by the way I think. think this officially we have had every. single segment in this. session okay uh let's move on spin. time and I'm wishing you guys good. luck so. injoy and Five Guys what up the shows. and no no no no no beautiful ladies and. gentlemen look what we are having there. we are having a match because tosa shows. cashion and 5x and cashion becomes as a. winning result so let's do. this um let's add up that. five do you know what that means ladies. and gentlemen multiplying by five it. means that the highest one of this round. is going to be. 2,500x all right that's going to be the.

Highest one and I'm wishing you good. luck well I wasn't expecting that 500x. is going to be at the Beginning highest. one but here we are having 2,500 x as. the highest one of this round so this is. Wonder wonderful it means guys that you. are having now8 symbols on the wall you. need to pick one symbol under reach in. your opinion that highest one is hiem. and same symbols as the mean there same. multipliers underneath so I'm wishing. you all the best and final seconds. left all right let's this is the amount. of money issued. 365,000. all of you beautiful round this was and. let's head back to the wheel so 67. people got this multiplier nice job 81. is itself window with. 18,23 EUR winning so well done embedding. time you got got it a. congrats no 375 xw is kind of great as. well in my. opinion no guys my compliments not.

Really I understand a little bit but I. don't really speak. Russian yeah so far yeah we need both. strs let's close look. here we. go 5x and PR time well can't reget that. yeah we had. that oh oh woo maybe oh we did it let's. go crazy time with 5x on the top slot. woohoo let's go. let's buy our beautiful du slot and now. we'll be really nice if we also got a. double so time to choose your tea oh we. have a triple even oh that would be nice. so blue green or. yellow which team will you be a part. of carry. up this is the amount of money issued 1,. 28,000 for euros for yellow but blue 500. for you. wow very very nice for to Blue Team. 500x congratulations and of course the. green and the yellow teams as. well beding time I hope you get what you. give love you mean oh thank. you and friendship. yeah you guys ready here we go back to.

Back crazy well there is a 10x on the. crazy time ladies and gentlemen so best. of Lu to all of you and let's continue. how is it looking this. time we got it look at that everybody. hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. that's the crazy time today 10x top slot. on it oh yeah well follow. me oh oh. yes yes yes a crazy time my good friend. with a St ahuh hey hey look at that oh. nice oh. yeah all right everybody are you guys. ready look at that 10x there goes the. big explosion it goes on everything. oh. yeah oh yeah here we go ah all right. everybody green blue yellow is the. situation right now oh. yeah all right take your time guys take. your. time so we are fighting for 1,000x. multiplier best of luck everybody let's. do. this this is the amount of money issued. 1 Mill. 776861 green 250 on blue and a beautiful. 500x on yellow hey.

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