30.04.2024 Crazy time big win today, Oh My God ! Topslot 20X ! Best Bonuses!

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Good. Lu Pingo 20x this game uses money and. this game can also make money for you. use your money wisely and remember this. game is for entertainment not for your. main job to make. money how you doing folks and John's. going to teach me some wrestling and uh. BJJ and I love BJJ by the way and Connor. quite frankly I he's that good of a. striker anymore anymore but we'll see. how he goes against Chandler the fight. takes place in the first place man now. we have a 5x on cash on right here and. masaba what is a proud I've heard a word. a lot but what I haven't like realized. what it is. oh that's what we love to see everybody. cashion we the top slot go mind if we do. everybody Welcome to the shooting range. we're the top slot everybody so let's. see the initial. ones oh yeah buddy this is going to be. 500x this is going to be really nice too.

All right let's. go everything is a gold or orange. everybody let's go cover it up mix it up. boom 5x on the cash on can you imagine. what kind of multi we would have if we. had a 50x which is the highest on a top. slot crazy that would be the thing that. puts crazy and crazy time but. now decision time everybody pick one of. these one shot one opportunity capture. it not let it slip man be like Eminem. take it and leave biggest one is 500 x. we have 375s as well let's go guys I'm. going to pick this target right here man. this is the amount of money issued for. 18833 59 Simply Beautiful no other way. to explain this we have 19 I'm going to. think about it all all day long I want. to hear it I want to listen to like that. that's nonsense I. believe Hello Spanish jilana see what we. have talking. about all right as well hi to the.

Newcomers welcome to Crazy time happy to. see you as well do not forget about Al. to. play thank youj thanks. L CH time 3 ex what up the. shows unfortunately this time. It Isn't So. nonsense. okay okay okay well what we want to hear. about it look at us guys it's a match. follow. me well hello there ladies and. Gentlemen let's add up that 3x. multiplier what you are saying about. that. let's do. this all right ladies and gentlemen and. let's see what's going to happen here so. you need to decide which fler will have. a highest multiplier green boy or yellow. ladies and gentlemen what's going to. happen in this time majority as always. thinks it's going to be a blue one of. course but let's find out 600x guys is. going to be the highest one and I'll. wish you good. maybe that triple would like to join us. I saw that in this town we are having as.

Little triple on this is the amount of. money issued 1,. 9,875 round off with 30X in the green. 60x on yellow and. 300X on. Blue well that's quite nice he's in a. 11573 winners MJ the stop one so well. done everyone edting. time all right and let's see what's. going to. happen so I'm wishing you all the. best uh 8, uh 242 winners congrats last. seconds for you Spanish my lady now. rushan last seconds. left hi. ladies and gentlemen if you want to you. can write to life support that. something's wrong with my voice you like. my voice really Bob s casion you can. write to life support that something's. wrong with my. voice I'm just going to get checked so. yeah waa wa does anybody remember what. was the top cuz I can't see. it. bro we got a top SL. yes I can't even. laugh do we. 5x yes. sir oh my. 500 let's. go oh my days no it drops even.

Lower maybe I should just stop. talking no okay I think I think you need. to leave you need to leave or I need to. leave decision. time are you a man or a woman I'm a. woman but my I have a sore throat it. Heards that much that I can barely speak. but my doctor's appointment only. tomorrow so now I'm just. suffering this is the amount of money. issued. $575,500 3. right here 240 winners and. 500 many sound are your 9,861 winner. congrats B time and hi welcome to Crazy. time Grace hos in a session right now. feel free to check out the stats and. don't forget about all to play go home. from a long vacation. from from where to. where. oh yo what. what what crazy time. 5x crazy time 5x. yo Mr bonus. guy well okay well this is happening. ladies and gentlemen put the five on the. wheel now you get to the trde green blue. or yellow last time blue was the MVP who.

Knows who knows what's going to happen. now make a. choice which hand do I press the button. right. though okay last time I did the got to. go with this one now 500 X's Max multi. and we got double on the wheel as well. come on people let's go. nice 125 blue 175 yellow but the green. fo. double all right people's elbow. thousands thousands X could happen on. the green one good luck. this is the amount of money issued. 59476 for eur50 on the green 125 blue. 175. yellow yep nice. officially on fire let's go everybody. five spins three. pinkos two of them in to slots man we're. going out of control and by the way if. this lands GG's Bros forx on crazy time. on the top. slot we need it but it's too far off man. but okay we're going to take a five. right here guys we're going to take a. five congratulations to. 9790 winners crazy T Rock Anda top three.

Winners betting time's all yours mppi. lucky 25 welcome guys it's a crazy time. enjoy your wins everybody what can I say. Enjoy your wins it's awesome let's keep. that up folks man we're doing that the. whole session long. everybody let's go how much last three. pinkos. 125 seven and 120 we have a 5x on. cashion again can we get it again that. would be nice yes we can yes we can. everybody you know. what this could be one of the best. sessions I've been a part of although we. haven't seen a crazy time but we don't a. cash on with another 5x on the top slot. all right guys no no damage control with. 75 here but we're going to 5x this thing. right. here right that is a 500 250 100 let's. go man I'm hype I don't know about you. folks I'm. hype let's starting to sweat as well man. all right man it's so nice so cool let's.

Go all right folks hey not a lot of time. left for me here we still have a lot of. time but. hey man yes like this decision time is. open 108 symbols you can pick only one. of those one we have 500x on the board. again. so let's go get that one I don't know. where it is do you I'm going to take a. GU I'm going to pick an apple again. don't want this is the amount of money. issued. 876,00 all over the place man 139. winners with the 500 that's beautiful. let's go hey. 14,729 winners quadruple M Darko you're. the top three betting time is open I. don't play bet on Always by your side. and. everybody it's insanely good session. guys I lost count how many bonus games. do the top St you have gotten but like. would be cool to get like a 50x top St. that's the highest we can. get but all right folks anytime are open. guys do your.

Thing maybe make some barbecue on the. weekend. well I don't think I will have enough. time to make some. barbecue still want to do it every every. weekend though. good. Lu ping good 20x you know there a reason. to hang out outside a little. bit like a bonfire. maybe yo come. on come on baby ladies and. gentlemen woo wo. okay okay we got 20x Pinko baby oh that. should be good please give us that 200x. now asking for much give us that 200 x. and. doubles we got 15 20 25 35 doubles okay. put that 20 x. one let's go ladies look at all these. multis ladies and gentlemen check them. out check them out ooh this is a good. Pinko wall 700x is the maximum if I'm. not mistaken we had a double down there. as well right let's go 700 sh last move. was. 20 anything is good down there this is. the amount of money issued to mil7. 17,745 money money is a stock of assets.

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