30.04.2024 Crazy Time Casino Game 2020 - All bonuses Including 2x Crazy Time & 200X Cash Hunt

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So crazy times finally here thought it'd. be a good idea to just do a quick video. on a sub a few spins of pot 50 quid in. the balance just play some low stakes. and just see from get a couple of. bonuses see what the games all about in. the description there is a link so a. full review of the game goes into a lot. more detail about each game some. strategies and stuff on how to bet. that's well worth checking out so I'm. going to get a couple of bets on before. I start talking because my look one of. the bonuses will come in so you've got. your bets at the bottom here I'm just. gonna go run all those stakes if you. press these buttons in the middle it. pops it bet on all four saves you doing. it individually so I'm just gonna pop do. pan bets 20 on each and 20 pence on the. 10 to cover that in case it comes in.

You've got your in this bottom right. hand corner and the previous results so. you could kind of check out things there. as well this top here will spin the the. real before each game I'll have a look. at that and then expense just to explain. a little bit more about that can go. straight with a bonus get in coin flip. so I've got 20 pence on that so head. over to this bonus so you're gonna get. two multipliers now and they're. basically whatever the coin lands on is. the one you get so I say for something. of reasonable size 25 so looking for red. of course it's blue 40 pence could have. been a fiver but you know that's just. that I goes I suppose that's the joy of. that bonus so you're gonna go back to. the game now so you can just hit the. repeat there give you the same bet again. or you can change you up whatever you.

Like so yeah the start of each spent. you're gonna get this real bull spin. which can give anything from the board. basically with a multiplier so here he. goes so we've got pachinko with the. times five so it'd be great to get two. bucks about bonuses that's not gonna. happen though so yeah. if they'd have been a 5 in times 5 you'd. have been 5 to 1 so just the standard. the same as monopoly really in. dreamcatcher but of course you've got. the bonus rounds which just makes this. so much more exciting to play so it's. gonna stick to the same bet again just. some power bets see what happens would. be nice to get the top bonus as you can. see there on the previous best have just. come on so you like this 2 crazy. times in three spins well crazy time on. 50x would be something special. we got another bonus no it's just missed.

So yeah you can see how this game is you. know just a lot more exciting really. than the ones that have come before it. the bonus is there's just so many more. of them on the wheel so it's kind of. really on average evolution say there's. a bonus every six bins really of course. averages over hundreds and hundreds of. spins but he's still you know good for a. bonus unfortunately like the one I got. paid to expert you know I was I'm having. a little play on this earlier today and. he can give some really decent paint. bonuses to be fair so on the one there. as well shaming wasn't cash on on a time. 7 had 200x off i earlier repeat the bear. again. would be nice to get something off this. so it can get a bit of a view of all of. the bonuses what's going on so else come. in here chance of pachinko so you're. just gonna fall short go on I'll get in.

This is pretty exciting. pitching car like this depends on the. multipliers of course so we will see now. anyway the lower part the game gets. brought up with multipliers you can't. get a double in there as well. if the distance in there then all the. values would double. so maybe boy in his green trousers it's. gonna head up to the top so it's what's. the max on there 25 no doubles it's a. shame but yeah of course if you'd have. hit this on a multiplier then you know. all them values increases some of the. games are just insane what they can pay. I'm also looking like telling probably I. was going to the left a bit so next is I. mean this is probably what one of the. things I like most about this game. compared to this as well is that you can. play with you know reasonably low states. and get real decent entertainment out of.

It to be fair pop another Cooper I'm. crazy sign just in case but yeah the. real difference comes in when you get. the the multiplies on these and one. comes in make a big difference. cash on theis three be nice if this came. in just so we could see if it's knock it. off in as a chance of pachinko no just. shorts. it's nice we've seen through the bonuses. really that's what I mean they do tend. to come reasonably quick you are of. course going to go spells of perhaps. 1215 spins without but you know like I. say on average they're going to come. round every six or so so on you some. real again pachinko times turn while. it's not got a chance though a chance of. coin flip maybe no we're just sure. so repeat that again papa for more on. these just the approach I was taking. earlier when I was playing it really was.

Just to always cover the bonuses because. that's where the money is in the game. and then just core the 10 as well just. to get kind of get you stake back if it. comes in something maybe like 2 or 1 so. our party is going to do like these. cover these 2 20 bets now and just play. the balance out just so we can get a. little bit more footage in see if you. can get another bonus or two. so what we're gonna get this time and. summer look five it doesn't always hit. them multiply that which is bit of a. shame but I think of for anything this. time. so just repeat that again it's pop we. thinking it's pop another couple on cash. on as well on pachinko see 50 bet and. see if we can get something come in coin. flip times for coin flips the most. popular of the bonuses well most of it. on the wheel so you may even come close.

The last few spins so repeat that so you. can get something else something going. nice I'm going to be ever dance. come on I see another bonus can we get. so we're going for this time it'll be. nice if he comes in. I mean not much on it book it's a chance. I just sure still got a few more spins. left might see another bonus with the. bear look just repeat her straight in. the yeah the 200 X now I hit earlier. because with the multiplier on cash on. it's a great bonus this really exciting. bonus I would actually do enjoy that. however more I think I accept the crazy. time which you can't just be mental when. he lands hopefully we'll see it chance. of coin flip no past. do something here just to give the dance. just a bit of a boost just repeat this. more times and they might just drop it. down a bit just to get a few more bets.

Chinko Han times 10 wale come on can we. see it it's got a chance no it's just. gonna force you up oh well sure actually. nine rounds with that bonus now that's. gone these do actually mention this on. the review page I was on about the watch. away strategy the longer you can go on. and and chauncey not giving a bonus it. would be obviously a great time now to. perhaps take a little bit more on these. it's been so far between spins with our. bonus so you got 10 to 1 on the one that. I'd be a great bet oh it's coming round. scar chance go on yes get in nice to see. that on 80 pence as well so now you get. to see this the wheels huge nice 64. positions on this so you get to choose. your flapper at the top you've got green. blue and yellow oh we're gonna go with. the last couple of seen greens been the. best mmm nice.

I'm gonna go blue sorry for the best so. you've got doubles on here this is. anything could happen really can come on. let's see something decent thankfully. I've not picked the wrong colour be. awesome to see at the hair come on. double me 20x was actually the best out. of them all though so I can't complain. too much they have a shame there wasn't. a double but you can see there that the. potential on there if you were to hit. some doubles 2 or 3 times that value. soon stop going through the roof yeah. sort of anything can happen. I can adjust it double once gonna repeat. that again see weapons pachinko ah 25. let me get another I'll surely not. backto-back is it it's just nice to see. that bonus to be honest so what we left. to to get now we've got just cash on to. get I just keep repeating these bets cuz. they're a reasonable some reasonable.

State to play man I think if I press. that no this isn't gonna make me play. they just repeat bet that I don't mind. then cursed me with crazy siren London. now under how many people have done that. in the past. mister repeat bail or don't bet and he. comes in. I saw a few on cash on this must be due. to come in so you can see on the grid. now these just like to get bonuses and. that's what evolution have gone for you. know the players like to get in the. action with stuff is it coming back stop. yes getting in to three times no way. what I've got on it eighty pence again. are sixteen of a line. they still decent I enjoy it just for. the some potential big hits are Heidi's. I like the fact that you kind of that. your own destinies in your own hands. sort of thing where if you pick the. wrong color and say green lands or some.

Triples on it and green was too lamb. three times and you pick blue then you'd. be I'm gonna go blue again am I. I'm gonna go blue what's he gonna do. come on. go on hit that triple. he's dabbing all over is right. so you hundred X's on there so potential. at the ball come on double double double. Oh 25 X that's equally the best again. could've been worse fifteen sixty it's. not bad is it for what I placed what. better place kind of up on my balance. now but two crazy times out of it as. well which is decent I don't see this. put that see fifty though then ice go so. furry quid just increase on cash on it's. the only bonuses not come in so be nice. to catch that on a high stake with the. multiplier as well. soon see we've got a chance of a bonus. night. it's read back that you could see I've. had just the nobody but on short time.

But it's pretty decent run for money. hovering around the star imbalance. I've probably increased the best that. it'll be just to play a hair just so you. can catch a bonus on a bigger stake so. you can get all crazy time ha. where was this couple of spins before no. in there is it chance of coin flip. thanks Luce wake up to 350 I'll pop. another 20 on that I love a furry on on. the cash on so you can snare it it's. only 2 of the cash on so it was pretty. hard to hit. that's the times 50 yuan it's got a. chance this time is it no so I've got. that about most of a few bets so the. team bets nothing comes in. so you go and all about walking into. walls and about walking into a 50 X. cache on all right so 5 dicen that's 20. to 1 then if you used to bound that I'll. stop by chance. I'd be great to get the cash on just so.

We could see all of the bonuses nice on. a reasonable steak as well considering. the balance I'm playing with I mean you. can play these on Tempe bets and you. know you could have hours of fun with it. with the game chance of cash on sit no. no any chance of coin flip though yes. sure I'll stake that us on 60 P is it 50. no see at these some more pilers a. chance caught on throw 50 X on or. something 312 so you've got I suppose is. it if we see it yes get in nice 720 oh. no fifty pounds six quid let's take back. six feet I say so another couple of. spins just repeat that see if we can. snare another bonus. what's the top slot sane people isn't if. this came in there and there was a. they've no raise. yeah like I said before ultimately that. multiplier on the top slot of this star. is what is what makes the bonus if we'd.

Be great if we could see one comment you. don't don't have to explain on a big. stake at all if you got one of those. bonuses come in and then say you hit. double as well on pachinko or on crazy. time me just even a small back and soon. turn into something pretty substantial. crazy time again is it anywhere in there. no chance of coin flip sure no I want to. show you this cash on there's a really. good bonus you get to control that. cannon yourself and kind of shoe that. the target as well she's good fun so. I've still got about 10 bets left after. this one. time to see chance a coin flip like that. timber covered that's been quite decent. in the past. I'm just so you I was talking about for. ages as it got a poplar quit on it as. well an extra pound now put it up to 450. it will speed you to come in let's knock.

Away for ages don't think it's. coincidence something playing. it's not gonna make is it. it'd be nice to get that 10 on a. multiplier on the top slot at the start. not too many best left now I should. catch that 10 it's got to be jus but you. know this video is just to give you a. general idea of what the game can do at. least we've seen the majority the bonus. is going for the pond at size 3 it's a. chance of it this time it's not gonna. make it is it Oh. how close was that let's repeat gone 10. where are you give us a little bit of a. boost for a few more spins on the. balance of trying a cash on in probably. not gonna get any closer than that. bye mister email come on cash on on. times 10 something no so a chance of. anything and they were near the 10 again. when I was a pretty bad section to land. in that note ends banging them with.

Other bonuses left with four spins. man I could have kept it in overstates. kunai for a few more spins to show you. stuff but it's nice to play on a little. bit higher is a little bit more exciting. nope it's not mean there anything I'll. say I can't believe that turns not. coming it's all three spins left now at. the stake come on ten where are you only. be two spins anyway knob spins but. yeah you get the idea so ya do check out. that that just the review in the. description the game's gonna be live. globally in June so keep an eye out for. that locks a head to the description the. site there's got everything about the. game everything you need to know chance. of crazy time is it it's thinking about. it I could have swore I was going to. land on it so close so we've got three. in one session there and not one cache.

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