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Okay you didn't played a whole day just. now and you enjoy the foods good nice to. hear Cho. lately okay next up one blue 781 winners. Dan Roman and tolok also among the top. winners well compliments to you betting. time is open so if you want to be part. of the next round you're welcome come to. get ready okay so we've had on two. separate occasions backto back coin. flips can you. imagine well that's. new let's go 15x on two well that would. be. delightful. one. blue. 98 winners. meono Anna also among the top winners so. compliments to you what was I able to. catch crazy time we did have a crazy. time earlier this session. yes it did happen and Ja is asking about. my Christmas um well we did the gift. exchange a couple days ago we because we. had some time off. so we did that already and then ooh 5x. on five tomorrow we're going to do the.

Feast although I don't know how much of. a feast it will be cuz I haven't done. any cooking. yet. but I have everything for a dessert and. then we'll see if I manage to get some. more all right one. blue 800. 74 winners massives Anna Roman among the. top winners compliments to you and to. those who want to be part of the next. round feel free to get ready for those. who are new here welcome greetings feel. free to say hi in the chat so I see. exactly who you are you don't have to if. you're not in a chatty mood that's. absolutely fine as well if you just want. to. play you can do that also you just want. to watch. also. I'm I no I'm not going to be here. tomorrow no chele. no your girl has to have some time off. as. well oh so close one. blue. 878 winners CL danor Roman among the top. winners and it's a betting time what.

Complicated coin flip it's it's been uh. it's been quite an adventure today with. a coin flip. yes that is that is a fair enough. description there Jen yes complicated. coin flip. yes emotional turmoil I guess is what. it's. one. this winners enjoy CL and Roman also an. among the top winners players asking. where I'm from I'm from lvia so those. who want to be part of the next round. get. already now we've had four pointless. within last 20 spins. okay we're not setting any records yet. though I've had two sessions where we. had it 11 coin flips although this time. there is a 2x on a coin flip. so what do we think do we give coin flip. another go another chance to prove. itself to. Yellow. 1,170 winners shyam DX Le among the top. winners what's on the line huh that's. like in the what was the name of the. movie the. interns like the two middleaged guys.

Interning for Google and one of them. kept saying on the line instead of. online I then did ask uh I had a player. who worked for Google so I asked like. what it's like and then I mentioned that. movie he like is it anything like that. it kind of said yes said it was his. dream. job five. pink. 1,32 winners Roman Haim at DX among the. top winners oh hello Charles Merry. Christmas to you as well hope you're. enjoying your. day all the. festivities hopefully some good good. food as. well that's huge part of Christmas good. food let's. go two y yellow is where we land. 1,140. winners so we've got shy Haim CL among. the top winners I don't know any DJ's. player sorry it's not really my. thing what is this my first set superv. um well first time here. today if that's what you. mean. 3x on cash hun what sort of music do you.

Think I listen to that I get the. question your favorite DJ do I look like. the kind of Club Hitting kind of. G one. blue all right that's 88 winners haa. just be nice tall look also among the. top winners well compliments to you I. listen to Taylor Swift does that count. she's not a DJ. though well that's that's about all I. listen to that. and for the. last couple of days also the Christmas. version of I'm just Ken from the Barbie. movie 7x on to I like happy things. okay and that that one the I'm just Ken. the Christmas Version it just makes me. smile I can't help it it's just so happy. and. beautiful five pink all right 1043. winners DX haima Club among the top. winners enjoy our mother rightor Ka. updating on the latest stats so last. Pinko well I think you're giving us the. last actually the last was 5x and then.

Before another 5x and then there was the. 60x so there's that last crazy time okay. yes 25x. highest 3x on five well we could use. that highest win today has 300X on crazy. time so that was sometime in the. morning uh yeah there was a top slot for. the 60x Pinko there was a 3X top slot oh. come on one more one more one more we. believe in. you apparently the wheel does not one. blue you need more confidence it's okay. you can do it 766 winners ruffle Dono. poker among the top winners very shy the. bonus games today very shy or are you. full did you party all night and eat too. much food so you don't have the. strength you got to remember to limit. yourself a little bit I know it's a. tough call it's a tough thing to pull. off to eat without feeling like you're. going to. explode I know it's a hard task but it. is.

Doable if you are responsible if you. know that next day you'll be. busy. no one blue no we have just gnomes. eating everything all the time 768. winners h Hello bubble among the top. winners not gnomes the hobbits Hobbits. they like to. eat yeah that's that's what the bonus. games are. doing they. had they partied like the. hobbits 7x on one and now. cannot cannot do things. properly cannot reach the bonuses oh the. ones. particularly that everybody wants to. see two yellow. 960. winners and then CT now hello 76 among. the top winners okay I'm I'm going to. I'm I'm bored so I'll interest saying. the whole idea Mr. son says really got to do something. about these sessions of yours man listen. what is. exactly is the is the idea behind that. comment what exactly could I possibly. do forx on two what forces do you think.

I have over the outcomes of the games I. would just for once love to hear the. answer to this. question but preferably a rational one. that actually makes. sense two with a 4X multiply from the. top slot. 1,33 winners we've got now we've got. hello 76 we've got CT among the top. winners so compliments to you and to. those who want to be part of the next. round you are welcome to get ready by. placing your bets but only if you want. to if you're not feeling up to it that's. absolutely fine as. well enjoy your Christmas enjoy your. day 2x on. five no I cannot spin a bonus if it. happens it happens it will have. absolutely nothing to do with my. spin one of. blue. 820 winners hello 76 to Alis Thor among. the top winners by all means Mr son I. encourage you pick up the courage apply. for the job become a host spin yourself.

And then tell me about your experience. how good you we at spinning specific. things on the wheel as if it's actually. possible to be that. accurate even if somebody tried 5x on. cash on by all means once you have the. experience share your. knowledge share all the. secrets until then. sh come with me what happens happens. that's the whole. point cuz I just knew that that's what. was going to happen cash hunt with a. 5x seriously people come on sorry got. distracted by all the things and we have. a we have a thing going on here we have. a 5x. here there we go there we go gorgeous. gorgeous so highest is the. 500x there's all kinds of things. actually going on there what was the. 500x actually I saw lots of 250. X's where was the 500x well we will find. out it's not like it stays in the same. spot anyways it moves so 15 seconds.

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