30.04.2024 DHB - The Most Powerful Anabolic Steroid - The Truth About DHB

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Yeah what's going on guys Seth Spartan. here guys I've got a really. serious boom serious video for you guys. today so I'm going to be 100% truthful. and upfront and honest with you guys I. really I set Spartan really did not want. to make a video on this or talk about. this or just do anything related to. talking about this video about this. anabolic steroid at all in. general but the reason we are going to. talk about this and address this is. because unfortunately the truth of the. matter is is that this is becoming. extremely uh more popular than it's ever. been before so we've got to talk about. it and honestly guys the reason why I. didn't want to talk about this up until. now is because um I don't want people to. use this if I don't talk about this it's. going to do most likely more harm than. good so let's address this for you guys.

Here's the truth of the matter. dhb dihydro Baleno. this is an anabolic steroid that is the. most powerful anabolic steroid that you. can put in your body in the entire world. in existence now I'm not going to tell. you how I know this or you know all the. background on this but here's what you. need to know about 10 years ago dhb. dihydroboldenone the anabolic steroid. basically uh you know started popping up. in I'm going to call it secret covert. bodybuilding groups Okay so certain. people stumbled uh upon uh dhb dihydro. boldn started using it and this has been. popping up it's been more of a cult if. you would anabolic steroid but the truth. of the matter is this guys simply put. without a doubt dhb is the most powerful. anabolic steroid in the world in terms. of changing your Physique in terms of. strength in terms of look in terms of.

Pulling out water shredded dryness fat. loss anything it blows Trend balone wh. out of the water nothing can compare in. on this entire planet to. dhb okay and that's exactly the reason. why I didn't want to talk about this. because it's not been it's not really a. mainstream anabolic steroid um and it's. a lot harder you know to get your hands. on than Trend blown all right but um you. know so the reason I don't want to talk. about is because it's not that popular. all right. and I don't want it to become more. popular but here's the punchline and. this is what I want you guys to listen. listen to what I'm about to say here the. issue with dhb is that the crazy. physique changing you know you could be. in the gym one week start taking dhb and. you know within a couple days people. already you know there's already a.

Physical difference the issue with a. compound like this what you see on the. outside of your body can you imagine how. much more this is affecting your heart. I've already talked about this with so. so times I'm going to say this for this. video the two huge problems you cannot. get rid of with anabolic steroids are. what I'm a broken record but I'm listen. to what I'm saying guys plaque build up. in the arteries dose taken total time on. directly related how much plaque you. build up in your arteries forgetting. genetics diet everything else you can't. get rid of this completely unfortunately. the second big thing is heart wall. thickening the heart thickens and by. getting a bigger stronger Heart by the. heart thickening hearts of muscle same. as skeletal muscle what happen happens. the heart changes shape and because the.

Heart wall will thicken the heart is. basically means a functionally weaker. heart the heart cannot contract as much. blood out each beat and this kills. bodybuilders okay you know I had heart. wall thickening I talk about this for. extensively in my video the truth on. anabolic steroids go watch that you know. I had at one point uh prescription for. large amounts of testosterone okay and. you know am among other things from the. pharmacy you know with the script so. this stuff was 100% real and you know. just after a few years I thinked my. heart okay I had I was already having. heart dysfunction so this stuff is real. this is from only you know things like. just testosterone alone now dhb which is. in the real world like twice as powerful. as Trend blowing without any of the side. effects because it's so much stronger.

Can you imagine how many times worse. this is on your heart in terms of heart. while thickening so here's the punchline. of this video you know Jay Cutler Ronnie. Coleman all these people they want to. downplay all of all of the cons because. you know they want to make it seem like. it's not so bad and because they're. honestly they're not they're not uh you. know damaging their body as if they were. a drug addict and alcohol it's the same. thing except they're doing it for money. and doing it for Glory and whatever else. so honestly guys keep your body safe. healthy don't destroy your body God only. gave you one take care of it and you. know with in terms of the cons the. reason I'm making this video is there's. nothing as power ful or as good in terms. of you know anabolic steroid as dhb on. this planet period but also the cons are.

Going to be so damaging in terms of I. don't know about plaque but in terms of. heartwall thickening you're going to. cause so much more damage than you ever. would using anything else just because. what you take an anabolic steroid or. Lots amounts or high amounts of. testosterone your muscles get bigger. bigger thicker stronger but guess what. your heart's muscle thickens up so if. you're getting these effects like crazy. on dhb dihydro bolon you can only. imagine your heart's getting pounded the. same so I'm telling you guys this and. the video is over don't use. dhb okay at any dosage okay whether. legal not legal like I said there's tons. of countries people are watching me from. all over the world it's cool I can see. that in my stats but regardless of. legality don't use this you don't use. this compound or you're you know there's.

A good likely chance you can die okay. okay especially the longer you use it. your heart's going to thicken it will. it's not a question of if it's going to. it will thicken the only question is to. what extent from using this hormone so. it's not worth it and guys when you pull. out dhb or when you stop this stuff your. body is going to go back to normal you. can't keep this size and this is the the. thing with dhb this has been like I said. this has been a wellknown underground. secret I've said everything I could. possibly say guys take care of your body. if you if you want to get the most. performance bump or you you want if you. want to have the most performance while. keeping your health good either stay. natural or do testosterone and HGH. replacement to the top of the range. slightly over like I do okay but the.

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