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Foreign. what's up guys welcome back to another. OG highlight. um yeah I got about an hour before I got. to get ready for work so I'm tuning in. to train wrecks and. he's just been ripping Bonus Buys so I. figured why not he hasn't hitting. anything big recently so so figure Why. not start up. record a video maybe we could catch. something big he's down to. 1750 Bitcoin I did the math it's about. 35 million dollars guys leave a like. leave a comment links in the description. if you guys want to check out his. channel let's hop on in. he was doing like. he was doing like 200 000 Bonus Buys on. the uh. hello dorky yo oh yeah yeah. three four five. I kind of wanted. ain't doing huh. typical huh. okay it was real four and it's done I. think he always goes with the sticky the. seven sticky Wilds on the slot. that could have been so nice.

It's that blue dog that's like the best. symbol right. the um. none of him none of them even came up. wow. another one why not. hmm. I want to see him doing the reigning. Wilds the 15 reigning Wilds one time. I don't think I've ever seen him. that those blue dogs. the best symbol right there. are you going to a train bonus. oh it looks like a good train bonus. it's a lot of spins still yeah a lot of. spin stuff. holy okay. it's looking real good Kyle it's not bad. at all. oh wow. 800. 821 that's a whole day. no 933. 933 000. holy . not too bad. kind of hard for him to get excited for. that though when uh. down 35 million. and this doghouse ain't doing dog. I'm playing on my entire wanted seat I. think trains have been the only thing. that have been good for me no cap. dude is just ripping Bonus Buys man. come on. these Wilds are despicable.

Yeah get out of there. horrible let me head over to a dork well. here we go. this is the 200k Bonus Buys. yeah. 200k holy man. holy . change the goat. this may be giving away so much . money too man. oh you I don't know fantastic. he was doing a debate that's a good one. well Andrew Tate a few weeks ago. good so far it gave his masseuse. just need a juicer here a hundred. thousand dollars. Bitcoin strawberries yeah I love that. beautiful hit dude's talking to Andrew. Tate while Andrew's getting a massage. and trains just like hey does she have a. Bitcoin wallet sends her 100K. get the out of here beautiful. not the worst. 751 300 on the carrots we will take it. we might have tuned in at the right time. and he's got a dual dual duel. holy . let's go baby. he needs about two either one he needs. about two Max wins just to break.

Even at this point. you . just do it all five there's no. excuses. five or nothing . do it. it's going slow but that's dog . ah holy . six grand I paid. holy man. 200k a pop. just chump change come on let's chump. change 200 Grand that's it beautiful. drop three and four fast and we're happy. I spend that on underwear. come on I want to see some big. what time is it. oh strawberry hat oh 25x dude one more. and four there would have been insane. yes it would have been money back with a. little bit of profit. this is. I'm Gonna Take It. he says. we need a juicer dead oh guys. another one oh yeah oh number 108.. yeah he keeps track of him I don't know. if you guys can see my camera number one. oh eight oh boy. yo this is crazy actually would you. imagine that these things have a . potential to go crazy. it's the rarest bonus on the.

Probably in on the whole site. I'll be honest I'm not gonna juice up. I'm going right into it and that's how. his time of these dead Deads let's go. these little suckers let it be a. Max win please. Max 108. come on number one oh [ __ ]. eight so this is something this slot. can't die until it gives them at least. five wilds and a 5x multiplier and then. after that it could die. right now its whole purpose is you get. three free spins as long as one of these. things land within three and it's the. whole point of this part is just to. build up The Wiles and the multipliers. so once it can't die yet until he has at. least five Wilds at once now we could. die. don't you dare good. keep building. come on good it's a good multiplier he. needs more Wilds man this [ __ ]. never wants to get wild don't you dare. again good all right I have do something.

This time take us at least the 12. Wilds. come on at least. save. Wilds please. at least 12 Wilds. it always gives you a huge multi it's. not fair let's see huge multi no . wild so. come on. don't die. can we get some Wilds the music is so. intense yeah. it ain't gonna pay six Wilds. yuck. 660. two more times. that has the potential to pay millions. though. it's like bro come on. yeah 108 is also a flop how. for as rare as that bonuses man. that's just insane to me I feel like. that should pay a million minimum. Max bet. oh boy just crazy. I look at so many deaths flop. oh he hasn't had to deposit. in an hour. okay real two. real too fast and we're happy. he needs those thank you so much. for the train bonus long lennies oh. another train bonus too. Joe he's getting into bonuses oh I mean. he's buying half of them but.

More than half of them another good. train bonus it's looking decent. typical. was that 177 right actually. on the train bonus. oh I like that. like them give us three fast now would. be the perfect time to go to roulette. yeah beautiful. now somehow give us four and we're very. happy. we're already happy with this but we'll. take four as well. come on look at that view look at the. view out of his windows. dude lives right on a harbor. sometimes when it's a clear day like. that and it's a daytime. and he's streaming. I've seen like some big ass boats go by. his window like like huge like barges I. think they call them barges I'll check. that you hear them too go ER with their. horn. that's the only thing that would bother. me about living in that spot. dude you're laying down trying to sleep. and you just hear burp.

Y'all chill. foreign. it's worth it look at that [ __ ]. penthouse. even better okay real free. I want to know what his biggest win on. this has been so far. like not not just now but like overall. long Lenny fit the eggs. yeah a little bit of problems. you know he's gonna buy another one. dude's going in on these Bonus. Buys man. which is crazy because just he just. started buying bonuses like maybe a few. weeks ago I've been watching this dude. for like nine months I've been watching. dream. he was always. antibonus buys come on I got another. dead up at this point I'm averaging like. what like two to three a night. and they all just flock. crazy. it's horrible. how's trash. I'm gonna watch a couple more I gotta. keep my eye on the time I'm gonna get. some food and get ready for work soon. come on I want to see something big.

Though I want to see at least like a. two to three million dollar hit come on. that'll get me going three and four. laughs. three and four at least three though. I feel like Bonus Buys are so . Shameless man could you imagine if you. could buy bonuses in uh real casinos. like land casinos. you'd have so many senior. citizens going there spending their. retirement check and Social Security on. Bonus Buys and [ __ ] oh my God. bro. holy . oh. what was that. it's always the next one yeah. oh what did he say oh like. I heard I heard the slot make a sound is. there a certain sound that like. indicates if it's gonna be good or. something. I don't get why you said. just an anomaly. could be. there's a chance. have we seen uh all three reels drop yet. I should have kept track how many of. these he bought. looks like he's gonna at least get money.

Back. you should at least get money back. hold on not bad 70k profit yeah for a. top not bad at all. last one. I just want to see what he's gonna go to. maybe I'll watch a couple on the next. slot. I'm gonna around and be late. this is looking horrible yeah. this is the perfect one to leave. on holy . foreign could you imagine spending 200. Grand on a bonus Buy. and it gives you two grand back. oh my God bro. holy that's where you just. you just give up at that point go back. here another duel duel duel turn this. bad boy off. perfect timing man come on . seems like we're going into one thing. into the next right now if you're gonna. flop the dead it was a good train at. least give us one good duel full screen. one two three four five one two three. four five please come on. whenever you see it on the first reel.

You just think it's coming nice. one two three four five one two three. four five. come on no there needs to be a . train wreck soundboard made okay. it could have been nice. I'm gonna be honest I'm gonna do one by. oh 200k dual bottle on your loins. huh I am. definitely am. how much the buys ate I'm feeling it. hey we started watching is all that's. us up 600k we started watching. them man. everything the last three streams. oh my good job that doesn't mean go all. the way. with you dude why money back. oh it's not even a break even you. loser holy [ __ ] not even money. bags such a . such a . oh man come on full screen this. right now. super Jesus. one two three four five that's right. that's right that needs to go on the. soundboard. that's right. do we need a we need a train wreck sound. board man. holy . all right guys I think I'm gonna call it.

There let's see we gotta watch yeah all. right I'll watch this I'm gonna use them. around. I watched this last one. I gotta get ready for work and. get some food. good I'll be watching them when I get. home though. I get home from work he'll still be. streaming I'll go to sleep wake. up he'll destroy the line at that 20x. for a happy still be streaming. don't be a come on good. 20 actually need something to start. connecting with that . one down here somehow or here yeah. um. reset again nope. I thought it came to break even. which means I think we do one more oh. come on. that's why I'm late to work all. the time dude. no I can't blame it on train. hmm. it sucks because he got a Max win like. two or three streams ago. I wasn't watching. I think that was another train bonus. holy . three cents that train bonus. didn't do.

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