30.04.2024 Drake & Lil Baby Win $20,000,000 Playing Roulette LIVE on Stream *CRAZY*

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Okay. we got somebody from brazil. my brother we got somebody from brazil. anna carolina. yep get eight that's fine that's fine. we'll take that eight uh. i mean anna carolina that's big yeah. we'll take it i mean. yeah. we'll take it. i'm going back in. we need something crazy. we need to see like at least a. 20 30 bag on his balance. we're tipping you know why that happened. you know why that happened because baby. walked in that's why and it's a repeat. what did i say we're getting we're. getting a balance. to a 30 bag. get back. get 14. we'll take that too we'll take. that from you too. eddie what did i tell you it's my night. tonight. eddie what'd i tell you it's my night. tonight. you're running your pockets that's what. we call it out here. i told you i'm not a quitter i'm not a. quitter oh. get in the 10. all right maybe we should.

Should we get off cycle or one more what. do you think chad one more cycle one. more cycle. yeah yeah yeah yeah one more cycle one. more cycle. this guy's tripping over i can't believe. that. i've never seen it. that's our bet right there that's our. psycho get in get in oh skip right over. it one. we're seeing the tips at the end of the. stream. oh perfect. thanks hi love how are you. congratulations. we're blessing you with 50 grand tonight. say hi to everybody. say hi say hi. we're blessing you with 50 grand much. love to brazil. all right wish me luck wish me luck. oh who's right there. i need i need you for one i need you for. one i need you for one one. yo. should we go big four. should we go big four for baby. complete complete four. let's see if we can hit it. oh man. you need a four. seven seven is good seven is really good.

Seven's really good we'll take seven all. day oh yeah we'll take seven all day. we'll take seven right there. we run four again that's your number. what's your number. yeah four obviously. skipped over it yeah yeah it's okay. we're going one more four. 20 yeah. you like that oh yeah that's that's. that's where i bet. i bet right here. about right there and still put some on. that f4. filled with someone at 23 and not 27 for. us. get in that. get in the. get in the tent. get in the 10 maybe we should switch. tables. maybe we should switch it but maybe not. though. i i see you guys saying put something on. zero but you know you know the key is i. hate to direct the energy anywhere else. than what we believe in i always feel. like by the way this is all luck chance. and timing so if you direct the energy. somewhere else it means you're nervous.

I don't like to direct the energy away from what we believe in six i should i don't know why i don't bet six it's a terrible idea see need to hit one this table's cooling down i say we do one more last time i said to leave what do you think pick a number 13. not really i'm trying to stay away from that area 25 again repeat 25 something's coming something's coming i never really bet one two three i used to bet too and kawhi played for us i used to bet two and three i used to back three actually too should we do another shot let's do another shot that was a big there we go yes exactly head tap head tap i feel that 11 coming now yeah exactly 10 to get you in 22.

I always say what's apple 22 terrible gambling logic by the way no no yeah that's your number i missed it i know i know i know i'm sorry cheers everybody i'm gonna go in the blessing back actually i'm gonna let on baby pick a name and then he's gonna go back to work we got we got real work to do oh don't do that i wish you i honestly wish you would have done it yeah yeah so it's on that time you got to pick up just pick one name out of here you you you tell me what first of all before you even pick it are we giving him 25 bands 50 bands or 75 last one i haven't given 75 yet you want to do this yeah let's go 75.

Green bean again i want to get off this. table. bruno paquette from oh from canada. bruno paquette from canada i wonder. where you're from in canada doesn't say. but shout out to bruno you got the 75. bands. from baby me and baby. and steak of course. get bruno on the phone so we could talk. to him real quick. you could do your thing if you want to. come back in a bit then whatever you. want to do. can you tell them to make me a new. shisha too please. it's not a little no yeah you might have. to switch over to evolution. can you. or should i just click the skin. i wonder i wonder if can i can i still. play on thing on uh. is it only ever right now. it looks like that yeah yeah. maybe maybe it will go blackjack a. little blackjack. right oh no they didn't. no no no. 50k ones by multiple one yeah but. this is like five this.

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