30.04.2024 Drake Goes Hard With $10,000,000 (Drake x Stake)

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Foreign. what's up everybody welcome back to. another OG highlight sitting here. waiting for the next Drake stream to. start um guys I'll leave a link in the. description to his channel if you want. to follow him but be warned he only. streams about like three times a year. maybe I think like once every three or. four months it'll stream uh for about an. hour sometimes like two hours maybe tops. uh so guys drop a like on the video. leave a comment I'll be back when he. actually starts up and I'll see you then. all right guys they just started up and. welcome everybody sorry I know that was. very good crazy already. been a long time. but your favorite Duo is back in the. building no Rocha the guys are here my. brother Roche of course always uh damn. always helping me with the stream. decisions luck. all kinds. hey what's up yeah yeah.

We got we got we got a lot of people. watching now it's great you guys booming. yeah whoa it's booming. um. yeah I'm happy to be back of course. um live on kick you know what it is. we're streaming steak tonight I can't. wait to see how much he starts with it's. usually between like 10 to 15 million he. usually starts with another one for sure. yeah and I just want to say State. Property that's a throwback brain right. there I haven't seen someone wear state. property in a long time but if anyone. can get away with it it's Drake thank. you for watching it's been a great. stream guys thank you yeah. dude nothing left all right so no. honestly. um no this this stream has definitely uh. brought me a roast close we definitely. share our our ups and downs probably. more more more I think this is like the. third time Roche has streamed with Drake.

I think this is number three for him and. I just realized Drake's got his nails. painted yellow. I'm gonna pass on commentation for that. something that we do uh I'm gonna pass. you for uh for a lot of fun for a thrill. and uh we hope you guys get get a thrill. out of it and we hope you guys get. something out of it too as you know. we're giving away a million dollars and. giveaways tonight which is our favorite. part of the night of course my brother. Yadi is here too with us I'm sure he'll. oh please Lil yachty's in the. building yeah. so uh. tonight I wanted to like kind of do. something different I wanted to like pay. homage to you because I feel like I've. I've kind of switched my gambling style. recently yo if Drake does a bonus hunt. that's crazy which which by the way it. comes with the territory yeah um.

Roulette hasn't been treating me the. best no I mean you gotta explore right. yeah. explore tonight we're doing the rose. style stream slime. so hopefully you know I've been watching. a lot of um by the way Karina's not here. uh so there's no feet massages tonight. noise game what's up with the Noise Gate. guys wait. yeah there's a strong Noise Gate on his. mic. let us know if there's anything. no he's going to play Slots. um we're good yeah it's a little bit. adjustment you know we haven't. really set up the sound it's different. from the Stream. I can't get over the yellow nails though. I'm sorry I I don't I don't know I see a. lot of dudes do that like. who started that like that's like a. fashion statement kind of thing it's. that's like two that's some 2023 fashion. right there I can't. do you know where you're going.

For all the you know like this is like he's gonna want it yeah I wonder he better oh there you go now we've got cylinder as well I don't want to see it nice I don't want to see him spinning I want to see him just straight buy it on fire on your best 10 mil I need to track going crazy you starting with 10 um all right 9.9 million but it's basically 10 million oh I'm gonna start off go right here Max he's buying it 200k is the most you could buy a dual dual duel for that's you I mean why not it's our first time okay what would roast do you know it's just funny because this is funny because you guys a lot of you who tune into my streams know I be getting I've been getting lost in this slot lately now to see Drake sitting here buying this for 200 000.

Of course yeah we just need one good hit. yeah all I know is if he gets a full. screen on this. sums up or it could just throw your JK. off the trip whatever like makes sense. that type of game oh. all right yeah geez two hundred dollars. in this movie before well see okay I've. seen this yeah oh all right I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go to your I'll go. this is something different man I was I. was I'm sure he'll probably end up going. to roulette at some point in the Stream. but this is this is different seeing him. do Bonus Buys but the fact that you. could buy that for two hundred thousand. dollars and it'd only give you two. hundred dollars back. is disgusting like that should be. illegal. this one yeah. is wait wait but you know there are two. different bones yeah so there's one like. uh it's weird that you can't see the.

Amount while you're doing yeah yeah yeah. yeah. look at you already making the games. better I'm telling you. who are you here for quality control. the damn expensive 150. 000. I believe this is like a new newer. slot that they just added. all right so we bought it for. 150. okay the break Break Even though. yes okay all right oh. that's a good position hey 20.. I think that's State I think that stays. there now yeah. that was horrible he had either a 20x or. a 3X that gave him the 3x. I believe this is not going to pay. anything. wait does that stay. if that stays okay. if it drops like one more yeah. but then it yeah yeah. of course it always looks yeah. if it could drop one more. I mean hundred thousand lives yeah it's. not like pretty wanted that's pretty bad. yeah that was that was that was all. right we got we got we got we got we got.

Time we got time. here and of course you know like I'm not. gonna abandon the chat like of course. I'm a place. the mic is going in and out but I know I. just read his lips he definitely just. said of course we're gonna play some. roulette so there's definitely gonna be. some roulette tonight. there's no way it's not a drake stream. without some roulette. uh cheers to all of you by the way I. hope the year has been going great I. hope uh I hope that summer uh incredibly. rewarding for all of you I've been. preparing for the Mikey um I don't know. for all you are watching from but if. anything why can't we. way too long five years now he's got to. go closer. some exciting things on. he's got to go closer to the mic it's. cutting him out into the show so uh yeah. here's uh reuniting and just to reunited. hey cheers wish we could do it once a.

Week. I wish I had a drink. oh boy hey Elder. I'll just cutting okay we'll fix a noise. a little bit. I like that he's going strong a hot mic. it's all Mike I like that he's wearing. State Property though that's that's dope. I have not seen someone rock some state. property in a long time yeah I love The. Chopping let's see that's a that's a. late 90s very very early 2000 brand. right there let me find out it's making. a comeback. somebody said Anubis Anubis or nubisk. Anubis so it looks like he's gonna be. just bouncing around some slots buying. some Bonus Buys here and there which is. cool I mean it's a lot better than. watching them spinning a bonus so you. could fall asleep doing that . he's gonna just straight keep buying. them try and get our money back I like. it Michael's cutting out is it really. that bad can you guys check it out if.

It's it's entertaining for me. wait I don't think it's that. I think they're trying to fix the mic yo. this man should be pretty good yo this. man Drake is addicted to hookah it. should be pretty good. yeah audio audio audio. I've never hit a hookah before the. shisha. I've never hit a hookah before that's. like basically just like tobacco right. like. I know what it looks like but it's I. mean you could throw other things other. than tobacco in it but. good yeah good we're good we're good. we're good all right. all right. commercial. s. you know Drake got crazy money. I'm gonna google his net worth. you know it for even though Google's. always wrong. you gotta say microphone is cutting out. but there's like no one saying anything. yeah. it says his net worth is 260 million. it's probably more than that. it's probably the audio is good though.

I'm like I'm looking at the levels here. we're not saying anything that is yeah. yeah yeah don't worry. I would say like perfectly clear I would. say yeah perfectly good yeah yeah I. think it's just trolls I mean yeah yeah. it's not it's not my first time on the. internet all right guys come on now the. mic is better now. if I had to guess I would say and more. accurate would be between like 400 and. 500 million. it's probably a more accurate net worth. for Drake. if not more than that so like this one. as well oh that's two oh. sure golden building building. I know on this slide you want those cats. yeah yeah yeah another striped one but. yeah yeah that's good definitely want. those. I think there's one that multiplies. everyone. there's a cat that could drop that. multiplies. okay okay. that's good it's going somewhere as I.

Say it he gets it. yeah I never get these. come on. there we go that's what we needed don't. die just don't die don't worry don't die. oh cool could have been crazy right yeah. I think so yeah yeah it might be profit. yeah would you buy for a hundred okay. I think he bought it for 100. that could. have been that was a nice setup yeah. yeah that was a nice setup and I know. this is by the way like also from. watching your streams I know that every. time you you hit you always like. it's never feeling better it's never. it's never a walk it's never just a dip. from the slot always has to get like 10. extra spins in or like just in case a. bonus drops never know you never know. you never know you never know it's true. he does do that. shots. my measures yeah like he's giving the. only thing he's providing his shots. it's on his like list of services yeah.

You could tell like Drake is kind of. hoping he hits big on these Bonus Buys I. guarantee you deep down he's just. itching for some roulette I I guarantee. it you actually have to call the next. Locker oh okay okay. I feel like we have to get the. um one more I'm gonna go for one more. well you know what I'll I like to do. this. just like this it's I mean I don't know. but dude's just chilling with 9.7. million dollars in his account that's. our theory always I don't know if you. feel the same but it's always it feels. better to get the bonus like this. organically without without I mean oh I. agree like buying it feels like I feel. like I feel like I feel like the chances. are way Slimmer on a bonus buy than they. are on of course will get slower as well. yes exactly yeah the problem is though. it's definitely better to spin in a.

Bonus than buy it right but it just. depends how many times you're gonna have. to spin it to spin in that bonus. nobody's got patience but I'm I'm guilty. of that I don't have the patience I. think we should do some wanted I mean. it's my game you know that I know it is. it's like where am I gonna go am I going. to go to like a dark house. all right let's get in here yeah yeah. you know okay oh it's six five. dude wanted has got me bro so we got uh. not a thousand people wow not a thousand. people right now. okay that was so there's 90 000 people. watching her right now wanted. you want to go back to once and let's do. it yeah of course you do I know well. this slot has got me by the balls right. now I'm I'm so mad for getting involved. with this dude I'm so mad about it. I don't know what it is you know what.

What I think it is it's the sudden hit. yeah it's like it just happens no they. put something in the game it's like an. endorphin yeah yeah but it's so. beautiful it's so simple yeah it is and. it's so beautiful it's just it's like. our Roots you know yeah it just feels. good when the verse is when you hear the. the sound of the verses dropping and you. get at least three or four of them to. drop oh it feels so good no I just mean. like it's like one of the first games I. was ever oh yeah yeah I actually I. actually have a a crazy story about this. I I've only like when I first started. with steak. Eddie was like oh man you should try. something different you know like maybe. like Blackjack or whatever so I'd pick. this slot yeah if I saw everybody. playing it yeah and I uh and I did uh um. a hundred spins on autoplay and I walked.

Out of the room and as I was walking out. of the room I heard all these gunshots I. had never played before. I had a full screen. am I in New York with the book what do. you want to do. what are we doing Dad. um you know if that's a true story that. pisses me off so damn bad the first time. he ever plays it he puts on 100 spins. goes to walk out the room and he hit a. full screen which which basically means. within the first 20 spins he's ever spun. on the slot he got a full screen like. come on bro here I am I've bought I've. bought in. this. that noise of the verses man that . is like uh it gives you it gives you a. hit of dope even if you're gonna get. like three connecting like three. versions of course even that can be. massive yeah yeah massive. when you hear three drops. oh. such a hit of dopamine man so dangerous.

Guys trust me do not get involved with. this man I started buying it so um. do people in my chat have asked me a lot. yeah. um and as you know my audience is. usually you know Europeans. and they keep asking me when are you. coming to Europe. tours touring show at least one show oh. no for us Europeans you know well right. after I mean right after this tour it'll. be my birthday and hopefully we'll uh. we'll I'll take a little break and I'll. go see everybody. you hear that yeah you're here stop. lying wait we go here yeah we'll go Chad. did you hear that we'll go we'll go. a little break for the birthday my son's. birthday same month. and then you know towards the end of the. year so Europe yeah yeah Europe all. right all right yeah we're coming I like. that I like that. I kind of wanna. see your first call oh yeah we gotta.

Give some maybe that's what we see that. that's the problem we haven't given any. money away yet oh yeah. exactly exactly my suggestion we put. some spins meanwhile we do the call yes. perfect all right for those are watching. I'm just gonna leave this all in dude. like basically pretty much this whole. damn stream I'm just gonna upload it all. but um. what they usually do is like a couple. days before he streams you could there's. a email you email your your name your. phone number and everything and uh. they call people on stream like live on. stream and they give away money for. those that haven't seen his stream. before so they're getting ready to do a. giveaway. thank you check the state Twitter. there's a 50 000 giveaway from say. that's separate from our bread by the. way that's just a little something extra.

For Maddie as he just takes as he takes. ours. that's kind of how it works around here. that's exactly I was like I don't wanna. I don't want to say that because if my. hurt well no don't worry I'm I'm uh. it's my translator. uh all right so Nicole okay we'll we'll. buy one until yeah sure let's buy one. more yeah yeah we can go super turbo or. something. let's try uh let's just do like. oh you just answered. this. yeah no. no connection all right that's weird. connection lost the wallet um the hell. somebody's hacking his wallet for nine. million dollars right yeah yeah. yeah we'll do this all right so a. thousand. turbo I mean it's not like you don't got. the balance for it right. there guys we're we're live right yeah. nothing happened there okay some people. seem to be all right. um all right so we'll do this. what's up what's up what's up what's up.

Roll up. what's up boss how are you. what's your name. you probably don't even speak English. can you hear us. I don't know oh he has a connection I. think it's a WiFi hello yo yo can you. hear me what up. I drink what's up I'm good how are you. what's your name. beautiful name yeah with the Amazon Polo. on I like the M I need that that's hard. it's all good we're all working we're. all working well listen uh listen on. behalf of uh me and Roshan steak uh you. just won twenty thousand dollars so. hopefully that makes work a little. better today yeah. yes. uh I mean I used to speak to him I. unfortunately never got the uh chance to. to meet him in person but we talked a. lot he was a great guy I have a lot of. love for him who I love that guy yeah. yeah me too me too thank you I. appreciate it brother I appreciate it.

Congratulations 20K say what up to. everybody watching right thank you thank. you congrats man yeah congrats enjoy. work that's dope I I'm I'm not gonna. guess what country This Guy's in but I'm. pretty sure wherever he's from twenty. thousand dollars is probably a lot of. money there so that's pretty dope. all right all right so that was that was. what was that 20K that was 20K I mean. 980 Kayla jeez that's gonna so we're. working through it it's funny slowly but. surely giving away twenty thousand. dollars a piece. just it's gonna take forever to give. away a million dollars. do it. I think it's the one though buying. another one 200k. I want a team at I want to see him at. least get a three drop oh wait you. started whenever you're ready or she. would do that yeah yeah I feel like. we're let's do this yeah full screen.

Shots yeah full screenshots that's what. we call them ah Cheers Cheers again. I can't um I can't get over the yellow. nails man. cheers. are you gonna join Cheers Cheers. you're a regular yeah yeah you've been a. very good morning chat she would have to. cry you already know familiar face. cheers boys. man you know how much not good it must. feel to just have 10 million bucks. sitting in your account you're chilling. sipping some drinks you're in probably a. beautiful big ass house. and you're just relaxing gambling and. it's. that's the life right there go. come on three drop at least three one. two three. open. that's not really. it's nothing nothing big. foreign. it's a story. it's usually a good sign when something. hits on the first spin. it's usually a sign something else is. coming but does not seem to be the case.

Here no this never oh. always the first one gets me yeah it's a. 20x connects to the revolvers. you know. 100K 100K loss basically all right. wow. I know you hate dad but I feel like you. know I like that I like that you're. shifting around oh yeah oh no okay. okay I've never seen someone. bonus this is supposed to be the best. bonus you could spin into. it can't die until you have at least. five wilds and a five multiplier. no that's something okay so first of all. there's a here's a spoiler yeah I don't. know if you know it but it can never be. below five five five yes yeah you know. that right yes yes so but it's never. good when the multipliers go really. exactly I've never seen a a high. multiplier turning into a high while it. catches up or something yeah it's all. like a good bonus for me at this point. it could die now at any time so right.

It's gonna suck yeah I know I feel like. but I hope not. yeah you're right you're right as soon. as you see five on the wild side I feel. like like this might even zero out this. is a this is a minimum Wilds. from what I've heard of all the times. watching train wrecks we know. for a lot of people watching right now. you guys probably know train wrecks Farm. the out of the slot machine from. what I've learned is you want at least. 10 10 and then that's when it starts. paying decently and then anything more. than 10 10 is when it starts paying. really really good it was our highest. win tonight. did you get any profit by yeah we had. like 50k profit no yeah we don't know. which one was that it was a wanted by. for like 50k on 100K so it's all good. don't worry like yes yeah maybe Gates. which are Gates. yeah yeah Gates of them.

We got a tip from. from 200 or nothing thank you. that's what I'm getting I'm getting the. tips eating away yeah yeah give me. roasted tips tonight so that's one. dollar for Rose. all right oh you like this one Gates of. Heaven. am I bugging Is this different wasn't it. called. Gates of Olympus is this Gates of Heaven. I don't even know. yeah this is this is not Gates of. Olympus this is Gates of Heaven it's. like what the hell. I don't know what the hell. okay it's good. yeah it's a good start this is different. it's like the same slot but just a. different name right. yeah cause usually like Zeus the gates. of Olympus is Zeus. 13th left yeah I mean your body four was. about eight times. yeah we're watching yeah we're watching. Drake literally the number one rapper in. the world. do Bonus Buys right now for all like.

What what is this world coming to. he's kind of getting wrecked dude he. started with 9.9 he's at 9.2 I think. he's had one profitable buy and it. wasn't that big of a profit no oh I mean. it's not going to turn. not like that. I mean at least we got to see his abs. this is a flop. this is a flop. oh yeah I like that you know what we. need right now is Aiden Ross the kick in. the door and be like all right let's go. to Sweet Bonanza yeah I mean yeah. let's be honest. I think they're doing another giveaway. but yeah. let's be honest though we've seen Drake. with roasting this is the third time now. we've seen Drake with Cody from the. exposed kick Channel. we've seen Drake on Discord with train. wrecks but we need a Drake and train. wrecks in person. I think that stream right there would. hit. a life passion yeah. here in college.

I love that well listen uh you won. twenty thousand dollars tonight so I. hope uh yeah man the guy said oh yeah I. hope uh I hope that I hope that makes. the summer a little you know a little. more turn for you bro it's starting. oh man that's really nice oh wow it's a. really nice thing to say I appreciate. that big Benji that's what we need. tonight some big benjies right now yeah. I have no idea what he said but. yeah please please we need to we need. your uh we need your your blessings and. your prayers man so keep watching. congrats chat chat W's for Benji. obviously my guy in college grinding. just 120k it's gonna go to a new car. yeah oh yeah okay I love that well we're. whipping this summer then cheers to you. brother. thank you bro man congrats. thank you. oh he's got one. he's got one nail painted blue. blue and yellow isn't that like the.

Denver Nuggets did he do that for the. Denver Nuggets it's the best feeling in. the world by the way it's the Denver. Nuggets record oh another 50k on Twitter. every time do you see a pattern yeah. yeah yeah you're spend every time we get. cooked yeah you're spending like pretty. much you guys almost like want us to get. cooked a little you're like losing water. okay there's another 50k on Twitter yeah. yeah. um all right I can't lie I think this. slot right here is a. I mean it has no bearing on if you're. going to win or not but I think this. side right here is like one of the best. looking slots I've ever seen I like the. colors everything just pops. I think it's a really good looking slot. I could say that much but don't play it. all right Chad save your money don't. play it energy we need your w. 's come on.

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