30.04.2024 DROPPING $1,000 BALLS ON STAKE PLINKO... profit

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We're going to be dropping $11,000 blls. on Plinko I'm not kidding but before we. do that we need to run this balance up. I've got. $2,347 in the balance and if we start. dropping $1,000 blls right now you guys. will have a 2minute video we need to. get this up to 4 grand and then we're. going to do it so we're starting out on. mines we're going to lock in a $100 bet. on one mine and uh let's see if we can. make a little bit of money here I like. to start out by going for the corners. please that's it $45 let's go for this. corner that's 90 ooh guys we're actually. doing fairly well right now please okay. 125 let's go for a quick 200 Prof and. then take this out let's go for one here. that's 147 we should be at 22 Clicks one. two that's 209 I'm taking it out nice. way to start out the day $200 profit. great I'm locking the next one in let's.

Do a plus sign nice and we'll start out. by clearing the corner. good 54 I'm thinking we go for the. bottom left corner nice that's 106 boys. maybe we should make this whole video. around mines let's go for one oh I'm. scared too one more I'm cashing where is. it it's in the bottom right corner. 2731 in the balance wow steak what's. going on we normally have a bunch of. losses at the start let's lock in let's. go for a plus again. oh wow 23 let's go for the corner 54 and. I'm going to go for two 76 2 more that's. 106 random cash where's the mine wow the. mine has been on this side of the board. the entire session so far we've got. 2.8 in the balance let me try something. I'm going to do this once if this. doesn't work out we go back down to 100. because that was working out really well. for us 200's locked in all right we're.

Going for a $200 win so uh that's just a. 2X shouldn't be too difficult provided. we don't hit the mine early on let's go. for a plus oh man no I think that was. like like the fourth click or something. all right we're going down again we. can't uh we can't be taking those risks. we were doing so. well nice that's 30 that's 54 good stop. I'm going to go for the top three please. oh no the last click I had one time to. clear we're back down to 2.5 I am going. to do five mines on the. board oh dear right try it again yeah. that's 23 the thing with this is we. don't need to clear many $56 we only. have to clear like four or five and. we're going to be up a lot that's $99. already we've cleared three mines do we. just go for the full plus I think we do. please that's 158 oh man I'm pushing it. I know I know I'm pushing it please this.

Should be 300 if we get it oh that's 200. I'm taking it out for sure great 2.7. let's get this to. 3,000 oh man try it again that's two and. then one in the middle yeah that's 9 and. then we go up one that's 158 and then we. clear this ah that was such a random. click why did I click there it should. have clicked over here or something all. right we're going back in 2.5 I am going. to risk $200 on four mines yeah I don't. know I don't know what I'm thinking. let's try okay good start that's. 82 that's 142 we just got to clear two. more that's. 218 one more and I I promise I'm cashing. this out that's 316 we're definitely. taking out that's the biggest win so far. 2.8k in the balance I'm going back to. one mine but we're sticking with 200 um. let's do the corner strap that's good. let's go for the top left oh no the.

Click didn't register I'm going to click. it anyway nice that's 91 okay we got to. get this up to. 2x3 oh my why is it there I'm doing it. again corner I'm doing a plus this time. long plus even longer plus that's 109. now we start picking up the corners this. one that's. 153 yep that's. 212 that's 295 where does the has put me. this puts me at nearly 3 Grand we just. got to get this up a little bit. more Yep 350 ah this is when it gets. very difficult because every single. click right now is around $150 $200. profit and look there's a lot of clicks. we can make look at this please nice. that's 418 guys oh man um one more guys. if you enjoying the video and you want. to check out stake and get access to the. VIP rewards click on the guy in the top. right go over to settings go to offers. and then in the top box if you guys use.

The code quick timing within the first. 24 hours you guys will get access to the. VIP system you get money back on every. single bet you plays and if it wasn't. for you guys I would not be able to do. these videos with that being said let's. get back to it yeah I'm done 507 we're. uh we're so close to three grand I'm. going to back out I'm going to leave. minine for now we're not quite at 4K but. what we can do is 25x on limbo I'm going. to do this with. $10 I'm hoping that we can get really. lucky here and get this early on come on. oh 22 man don't show me that I'd prefer. to see a 1x if you're going to that. makes up for it three grand is official. all right we just need a few more of. those and we're going to be incredibly. close to four grand here so we can drop. a few 1K Plinko BS oh man we're. struggling we're struggling to get it.

Again it doesn't seem to want to go over. 15 right right now 2.8 okay we need a. few of these 25s to come in very soon. we're not in a good situation right now. limbo 16x we just can't get it over guys. 8X there's one I appreciate that we're. going to need a few more though 60x I'm. thinking we raise it to 20 for a couple. and hopefully this hits this is 500. profit if it hits does it want to does. it 1X 1X so many 1X 99's in 3.2k okay. back to back right now and we're so. close to 4 grand I'm going to lower this. to 10 I just don't trust it I don't want. to give all that profit back we'll try. it with 10 700x up to 20 surely surely. the back toback is in if we get 700x I'm. only asking for 20 55x limbo is actually. broken this is insane you don't normally. see so many big multis back to back guys. we are 300 away from getting four grands.

In the bow here come on make it official. if you give me the this right here with. $10 I'm going to mines and I'm going to. make it official 4K going to risk a 20. nope 20 again no one more 20 one more. for real y done 4 grand exactly done 200. that's ridiculous I've Just Seen A 700x. let me check this out I've seen a 700x a. 200x a 100x a 99 all within the last. minute okay guys probably the moment you. guys have been waiting for we are. dropping $11,000 plink balls there's a. real real good chance we lose or of the. profit if not more doing this right now. but for the content we're going to do it. I'm dropping $1,000 ples I did a video. where I dropped $500 plink Ables and the. video went really well you guys enjoyed. it I'm doing it on high risk so you know. if this does hit we're walking away with. 28,000 plus this 30 grand easily.

Obviously if we lose and uh we probably. will we are walking away with 800 or . 700 all right I'm going to do a few of. these I'm just hoping that we can get. these 1.5s to keep us going the first. one's in let's. go okay that oh that could have been a. 29 or a four will take the 1.5 10%. chance okay let's go. again oh my goodness guys I've just made. a grand I've just made a grand in the. last 20 seconds well um we're not done. we're not done we're at five grand uh. okay let's. go oh my goodness a grand man what how. has every single one hit I promise if. this is your first time watching plinker. or stake in general this is not normal. like at all bro this is not normal at. all I've done this before like 4 months. ago I dropped a few 1K plink balls they. all went down the middle somehow every. single one is paying out where's the.

Forx it hasn't come up yet Stak there it. is 4,000 we're not done but let's set a. bottom line of 5 grand if we get to 5K. we're done we're done that way I can. guarantee some profit for this recording. and I can record another video right. after here we go 1K ball. again okay it was bound to happen I. can't even be mad I'm up an insane. amount we're going to drop two. more oh man all right maybe we should. just call it 6.5 if I lose the next one. I'll be at let me do some quick math. like 5.7 Kish you know what I can do. that let's go please hit though no that. that was a 1.5 bro how 5.8k yeah I'm. going to do I think one more and uh. should I I don't know 5 Grand's good. still or six grand if you think about it. oh I'm doing it here we. go 5K exactly all right I will catch you. in the next one have a great rest of.

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