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Two weeks ago we released this video we. dropped $1,000 plinker BS on medium risk. and we walked away with profit. surprisingly today we're doing the same. thing but there's two differences we've. got double the starting balance we've. got $8,000 but not just that we're doing. this on high risk let's go right now as. usual we can't just go straight to. Plinko and start dropping the ,000. Plinko balls so what we have to do is. take this 8,000 to 11 to 12,000 make a. bit of profit ideally we then use that. profit to drop $11,000 plinks we're. going to start out today's session on. limbo I've been starting out a bit on. limbo lately in these steak original. videos and that's for a good reason we. got a 1,000x guys 1,000x paid out 10K on. a $10 bet I'm sure you guys have seen. the video at this point so we're going.

To start out with a 25x not quite 1,000x. that's a couple losses very early on I'm. hoping that we can get one within the. first 10 I have haven't seen a multi. over 5x yet that's the first one. 13x hey I'm just asking for a 25 here. I'm trying to make a bit of profit so we. can then go to Plinko 20x is in guys. we've gone down3 or $400 within a matter. of seconds all it takes is one and we. should be on profit probably not much. profit it's much better than being down. however look at. this yo finally we're back to 8,000. I'm going to increase this to $50 and. we're going to try and get the back to. back up to 50 we go let's lock this in. real quick though before we do that guys. if you want to check out stake or stake. us for yourself click on this guy over. here go down to settings go over to. offers and use the code quick timing.

Within the first 24 hours after signing. up that will get you in Stakes VIP. program which will give you money back. on every bet placed I've got 100 $4 for. free that I could claim not bad what we. need is the back to back if we pull up. the graph I'm only down 100 okay that's. manageable let's close the graph let's. get the back to back in 3 2. 1 oh what's going on with the delay bro. I'm going to try one more time on. 50 okay it's sending a very clear. message do not try this anymore. understood we're going to back out. unfortunately limbo was a bit of a fail. to start out but I can say that we tried. so you know where we're going next to. the greatest steak original of all time. we're going to stack the left side of. the board like this we're going to. actually do medium risk today that might. surprise some of you guys we're doing.

$250 bets we can't be doing this on high. risk unless we go up a lot let's lock. this in I'm hoping that we can start out. with a win here that's a good win that's. a nice little 2x we should officially be. in profit now yeah $50 profit obviously. uh it's not the most but it's a start. okay here comes the next. one okay h 1.6x slow and steady that's. another win let's go for another one if. I get this no I was going to say if I. get this I'm going to risk a 500 right. let's go for. 250 again that's in that's a 2X if you. give me one more I'll increase this to. $500 that's in that's in for sure you. can already tell by the way it starts. out if it's going to connect or not. right we're going up to $500 I'm going. to do this once because this is all. profit we're trying to get to 11,000. before we do plinker so let's get that.

In let's hopefully secure a win here. here we go I in that's good that's good. oh nearly had the 2x still a really good. Win Regardless we're nearly up $1,000. okay back down to. 250 oh I couldn't quite get the back to. back so we're going to try that. again just about got that right let's. get this to. 9,000 and then we can move on that's a. loss that's another. loss that's a win right we're up 500. let's go again. oh oh my goodness it's so back and forth. we get one win and then it gives us. three. losses okay I was about to say if we. lose this this BET right here we're. going to be below 8,000 let's go. again nope right I'm going to go for. another. 250 oh my goodness this is unbelievably. dry right now I'm counting on a 4X to. come through we've just G from being at. 8.8 to 7.1 in a few. seconds know what's going on I'm going.

To risk a 500 we need need to pull this. back we got that thankfully just about. let's go. again missing that one 6.4k in the. balance we're missing that one too right. I've got to make a decision here do we. get out I'm down. $2,000 we're just going down we're meant. to be going up I'm going to try one more. that's got to be in it's not we started. out with a green number and then we. couldn't follow it through with another. right one. more right that's good that's a for 2K. right we're back to seven oh my goodness. right don't do this I'm going to do one. more please if you back to back Forex us. no I'm going to try it again please. that's oh my goodness 3.5k just like. that 9.5k in the balance guys gut. instinct told me stay on Kino stay on. Kino do a few 500s thankfully we managed. to pull a 7x out the bag look at that.

67% chance of us hitting that right. we're going to leave get me out just get. me out we got to stay away from Kino for. the rest of the video because I see this. video going downhill and uh it might get. so bad we can't even do a $1,000 plink. bbls which is what this whole video is. about this might surprise some of you. but we're going to go DJ tower for a. couple of bets here I'm going to go to. Hard Mode I'm just going to do some. small bets but I'm going to see if we. can um get to the middle point which I. believe is like a 20 something X that's. a really good start okay so we can. expect to lose our money a few this. might take a few attempts we're just. going to click random tile that's a. really good start 170 now if I get the. next one this should be like. 350 oh man mine right maybe we should. just start taking profit if we get there.

Again no we got two that time. nothing nice nice That's 170 I'm just. asking for one more come. on every single time bro right I'm going. to manually do this one two jump. sides right one no try it again left. side left side we go left right left. left right left we got to get the first. one left right left oh my goodness we're. going to try this one more time uh I'm. going to random to it nice nice nice 170. I'm going to catch it out we uh I think. we'll leave Dragon tower for now the. question is where do we go next I'm. looking at mines let's go we're going to. lock in a. $250 $250 bet on two mines and let's see. if we can make a plus in the middle $140. back decent try and extend it nice. that's 235 if we get two more there. should be around 400 profit or 320 1 two. 368 I'm going to cash that out beautiful. well mines is treating us well so far it.

Is the first bet of the day though on. mines let's lock in the next one let's. go for a corner yeah 103 going to. quickly take that out so if we get this. next one to twox this is. $110,000 thought we had it try it. again nearly Bro One More Time Plus in. the middle surely okay that's 140 we've. obviously given back a bit though nice. that's 235 I'm thinking we clear the top. right corner and we cash this. out oh my goodness man of course it's. there bro right we're back down to 9,000. I think it's time we go back to Kino two. more that's 184 should we just go for. the bottom two rows. 457 that's not bad at all that's the. most we've made on M so far I'm going to. I'm going to push my luck here and go. for one. more moving on moving on it would not be. a video of ours if we did not go to dice. at least once so we're going to try 25%.

Dice uh we're going to do a $100 bats. now we just need a few of these to be at. 10,000 that's a beautiful start back to. back it oh my goodness two more the. triple's in this is why 25% dice stays. undefeated oh imagine imagine the quad. right. 63 9.25 imagine we just start losing now. oh dear we had three at the very. beginning and now we're just giving it. all back there's 83 that makes up for it. a little bit uh 9.1k I'm hoping that we. can come through with a few but I'm. seeing a lot of losses right now there's. one can we get the back to back to make. up for it we can't right now 8.8k we're. pretty much back to what we started with. 74.6 4 I did not want to see that. there's one. I'm looking for a couple here there's. another one back to back here 7.83 95 is. in 92 is in uh 99.3k in the balance 34. does not do much 68.

65 right I'm just deciding if we leave. or not there's another one hold on. there's another one there's another one. if we get one more in fact I'm going to. lower it we're going to do a 50 okay we. we can still get to 10K if we get this. up to 100 100 again I was $25 away from. 10K you're surely going to get me there. right there's one back to back here no. another one 9.6k right now 65 44 99 is. in 9.5k it's so Back in Forth guys. nice nice that should be at $10,000. $10,000 and5 okay oh what a video we're. having so if we uh pull up the chart I'm. I'm up 1.8k we're doing okay I did go. down down 2. I didn't realize I went. down that much on Kino wow we're going. to back out we're going to leave dice. there for now what I'm about to do I. have not done before so I'm a little bit. unsure of how I feel about this but.

Someone recommended in the previous. video that I should go diamonds once I'm. up and Martin G until I get a win we're. going to start out 100 the thing is. though if we lose five times in a row. we're about to give all of our profit. back so uh let's just hope it goes well. 100's the base and we're starting out. with a win so that's good if we can. that's a 3X if we can just get a few. more like that we should be at 11 that's. another win three wins in a row that's. another win if this is your first time. watching diamonds trust me this is not. normal okay so 200 because we. lost oh this is when it gets dangerous. we're we're up to 400 if I lose the next. one I'm going to have to risk an 800 and. potentially a 1.6 at which point if we. lose all those I'm probably out right. right let's. go that's it that's it that's beautiful.

10.6 I'm going back down to the base 100. okay 200 it please give me. this back down to 100 if we get a three. if we get a three we're going to be. close no. 200 yep back down to 100 just get me to. 11 and I'm leaving 200 it give me a. three I'm. out 400 is in oh no right oh right right. we've got to do an $800 bet on diamonds. don't do. this um let me check the stats I'm up. 1.6 if I do a 1.6k and I lose it I'm. going to be down let me have a look I'm. going to be down 300ish I'm going to. take the risk yeah let's go. done got it got it 11k that was not. worth the risk at all that was a 2X that. was not worth the risk at all get me out. of here now what a video we are having. so I'm going to go to Blackjack we uh we. definitely don't play very often on the. channel right $250. hands beautiful beautiful now have two.

10 or two face cards and we are good Ace. is not ideal 18 however it does work for. us I'm going to do another 250 Ace start. me out with an ace 7 17 to a three okay. pretty good odds 16 bust 26 beautiful. right I'm going up to $500 we get this. $500 win we go straight to plinker we. start dropping 1K plinker balls let's. lock this in start out with a 10 six 14. to a 10 not like we can do much here. let's go five or six beautiful oh my. goodness but he's going to have a 10. isn't he let's find out 13 boss 19 we. got it we got it $122,000 okay it's time. it is time we're going to Plinko and. we're dropping $1,000 Plinko B if I lose. more than. $7,000 doing this I will end the YouTube. video there we have to set a bottom line. when recording these I'm up a lot on the. month however um you know 7K for one. video that's kind of pushing you already.

I told you guys as promised we're going. to do high risk however we can't we. can't do 16 rows okay hopefully you guys. do understand that we're going to do I. think 10 rows eight maybe nine rows oh. the odds bro look at the odds it's so. stacked against us right let's try 10. rows oh even even the odds here are not. you know oh we'll do 10 I've decided. yeah I've made up my mind we're going to. do 10 right guys we're going to check. the odds out before we start 20% of3 24%. of 2 and 20% of3 Which means we've got a. 65% chance of losing most of that 1K. almost all of it actually okay okay oh. all I ask is that uh you drop a like on. the video and we might do another one. depends how this goes depends if you. guys enjoyed these videos or if you'd. rather just see me walk away with 4K. profit I guess we'll find out soon all.

Right man we're doing a guaranteed four. and we'll see where it goes after that. the first one we're going to do one a. Time the first one's in I've clicked it. it took a few seconds to load that has a. bit of potential yeah okay the dream. scenario guys the dream scenario is a 0.. n I'm I'm I'm so happy with that. obviously a 76 x uh a 10x we're not even. going to let our heads go there we're. not even going to think about that well. that isus 8800 of the profit let's go. for the next one just give me a little. three if we if we get a three we're. going to be in a really good oh man that. was so close try it. again one no it's going down the middle. I can already tell point two right 10.3k. in the balance we've dropped three so. far we've lost on every single one here. comes the. next now it's going down the middle.

Isn't it yeah ah would have taken a. n. quite happily all right next one in not. looking good guys I need a 3X to keep. this going oh my goodness if we lose the. next one I'm going to be back to what I. started with let's go just just give me. a three I want to keep recording this. video9 okay it gives us another. opportunity to do one more please man if. you give me a three I will do another. four balls guarantee that that has bit. of right we will do two more and I will. end the video there I'm going to drop. both at once I've done it I've done both. clicks uh the second one hasn't gone. through so we'll drop one more I'm back. to what I started with uh I'm actually. down I'm actually down after going up. nearly 4K right we will do two more and. I will end the video there I'm going to. drop both at once I've done it I've done.

Both clicks uh the second one hasn't. gone through so we'll drop one more. that's going right down the middle and. uh so is that right we'll do uh I. shouldn't do this but we'll do 755 we'll. even this out at 600 I'm hoping we can. get a multi just to pull this back a. little bit. okay I mean we can do one more I'll do. 679 um yeah this was not a good idea at. least we made money in the previous one. we did. please oh oh my goodness this is an. absolute disaster actually um right this. hurts this this really hurts to walk. away minus 2K after going up four I. shouldn't do this but genuinely like. genuinely the bottom line is 5,000 here. it's going down the middle again so. we've got $44 left I will do that if we. lose this I'm done I'm done done done. done done done 3x at least all right I'm. out okay guys that's it thank you for.

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