30.04.2024 Every bet I do on Stake, I go all in

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I have $800 in the balance today and. every single bet I do is going to be an. Allin one click the whole balance let's. get right into this I'm going to start. this off on some mines it's the most. played game mode on stake right now and. hopefully that is for a good reason I'm. going to go the lowest risk we can. possibly do we're going to do one m on. the board and we're going to take our. whole 800 balance and we're going to put. it on risk to try to make ourselves some. profit before we get into this if you. guys want to try out steak or steak us. for yourself you guys can hit this icon. right here hit the settings button hit. the offers tab and you guys can use the. code fat newb right here in the welcome. offer box in the first 24 hours you guys. get instant access to VIP rewards which. as you guys can see gives you free money.

Back on every single bet that you place. let's get right into this guys this is. so nervewracking I've never done. something like this before to this. extent I've went on Plinko before and. done some crazy bets where we go all in. but not all in one click every single. time so let's see how far this challenge. goes guys we're starting off with 800. I'm going to try to double this up let's. go nice okay there's only one m on this. board guys so if we hit this we are. going to be really unlucky we're at 1.03. which is only $24 I think the lowest we. should go for is a 1.05 it's a little. bit less than 50 bucks I'm guessing I'm. just going to go right next to it wow. that scared me the suspense right there. 1.08 that's 60 bucks you know what guys. I'm going to take it as we said we want. to double this up to. $1,600 today 2K if we're feeling cheeky.

So I think the strategy here is just. going to go for like 1. ons 1.2s 1.05. some very small multipliers and just. hope to win like 10 times I think that's. my goal so there we go that's one bet in. the bag we are up 60 bucks so far let's. go ahead we got to all in this right. here 853 now we're putting it back in. the mine we're just going to do the same. thing with down here real quick oh my. God no way there's only one m on the. board that was our second bet of the. video and we're already going to hit it. looks like we're going to go in for the. redeposit well here goes another $800 I. cannot believe we lost that on the. second B that is just mental all right. I'm going to get out of Mines guys I. think we'll come back I thought mines. was going to be good I thought one mine. was one of the lowest risk things you.

Could possibly do on steak but no I was. wrong so we're going to do low rist. right here eight rows for some reason. has a 27% chance of halfing your money. where at 16 it's got a 19 so I'm going. to go ahead and take those odds let's go. ahead and do an Allin right here guys. and let's just one ball we're going to. do $86 16 rows and we are just going to. hope that we do not hit this five here. we go one two three wow whole balance in. one bet is crazy come on please oh 2x. yes no no no no wow okay we just halfed. our $800 we are down so much money on. this video I think this was a terrible. idea we're going go ahead just run it. back $43 if we somehow hit the 16 though. that is $6,000 but I don't know man this. is just this is absolutely brutal that. was looking so good and it came all the. way back to just straight up a one so.

Far this video is going atrocious do we. give it another try guys I'm going to. switch the odds right here bro imagine. we hit this okay 24% chance of halfing. our money to 200 all the way from 800. we're sending it though come on please. go to the left side no it always comes. back to the middle all right we have $21. left this is just looking horrible this. video man oh my God this is a horrible. idea okay let's do it. again I guess we're just going for a. really high multi another one . hell bro we can't even get ourselves a. three what is going on here. another one are you serious Plinko okay. I used to root for you Plinko but I. don't know about anymore all right if we. get a three we'll get half of our money. back on this deposit which is. crazy 1.1 okay that is only 20 bucks you. know what at this point mine was better.

For us guys I am going to go ahead and. just set it to medium go to eight rows. and just take my chances with this what. is this oh boy dude there's higher than. 80% chance we're going to lose our money. right here I'm going to send it we're. down so bad that we need something. crazy no okay. 155 this this is looking like a whole. another redeposit right here of another. 800 guys all right 62 I should have. said that to high risk honestly at that. point come on please give me a savior oh. it's not looking like it all right guys. we just hit a 7 we have $43 left let's. go highrisk let's go eight rows there's. a chance of redemption right here right. yeah chance of redemption right here if. we somehow get a 39% chance it'll save. us $8 all right final all in and we're. going for the next redeposit wow we are. three deposits in this video that is.

Nuts okay 13 Let's see we hit anything. that is negative we are out okay let's. go ahead deposit another 800 in the. balance guys we are down almost. $1,600 so far on this session let's try. something else man that's clearly not. working for us Flack 50/50 I was going. to do you know okay let's just go limbo. I was going to do 1.1 that was kind of. the goal for the video today so I'm. going to try this out uh we're going to. play a little bit of high low guys we. don't really ever play this on the. channel let's give it a shot I think. this is the highest odds you can get. right here and if it's the same card I'm. going to be a little salty right here so. let's go right here we're going to put. $83 this is our all in right here we're. going to go for this we are going to. make $58 profit 1.07 you know what I'm.

Happy with that wow if we hit this we. make 9k but on the same I'm going to go. higher nice we're going to hit it I'm. going to go higher again yes okay nice. this is the highest multi we've hit all. video that is how much profit that is. 130 bucks of profit let's go ahead cash. it out that's our first decent W of the. video and you know what they say if it. ain't broke don't fix it so let's go. ahead put all of our profit back in. let's go ahead and do the same exact. Strat let's just keep skipping this card. till we find that same odds I don't want. any of this 76% I want this same card. same thing. 92 do we go for two I'm going to take it. this is 67 it let's take it nice. th000 bucks right there all right we're. slowly coming back guys I'm just a guy. with a dream right here we're going a,1. again I'm going to go for one more on.

Here this is the only thing that's. worked so far for us so here we go. should I have went for the ace that was. our lucky card today I'm going to go for. this yes there we go do I want to go for. one more um let's go for it guys let's. go for it let's find the same thing yes. there we go okay what is that that is. 162 profit once again guys it feels good. to actually win a couple bets in a row. I'm going to send it to dice let's take. a look at how the odds work on here. let's put in our bet amount real quick. right here guys and then let's see how. these odds work and see if I want to. mess with them so 90% is going to make. us 100 bucks that's a 10% loss chance we. could go something a little bit lower. like 95 and go for 50 I'm going to do. this if I lose this I'm going to be so. salty right here we're going to go for.

Roll over I feel like this is it right. here and let's just send this right here. come on please give me two wins right. here I'll be. happy okay I'm going to send it again. yes this is so nervewracking do I go. for a third one guys I think we have to. yes okay 150 total profit on dice right. there let's take a look at the chart. okay we're $1,000 down on this video we. are slowly churning back my question is. what do I play now do I do something. different do I go mines or I don't want. to go Dragon Tower in this video at all. let's try a limo but let's see how this. goes let's just go ahead put all of our. money in here um I don't know if I like. this at all let's go for a. 1.0 let's go for 1.1 how much money is. that it's. $131 I've seen so many just on so I'm a. little bit skeptical I'm not going to. lie let's start off with this okay we're.

Going to go for zeros and let's do a. couple here do a one do a one. what a one what a one oh boy I feel like. the one time I do a bet I'm going to. lose I'm going to be so. triggered if that happens guys holy crap. okay any low ones okay there we. go okay I feel comfortable now that we. lost one okay this makes no sense that. just makes me comfortable I'm going to. send the whole 1.3k here on 1.1 here we. go guys yes oh that was a close one that. was a close one all right we're at 1.4k. let's go ahead slide out of here I'm. going to go to mines and I'm going to do. my biggest bet ever on mines guys I know. we lost our money on mines mines and. Plinko did not serve us well but I. locking in one mine on the board guys. $1,400 bet I think we're going to go for. one click I forgot if I got one click on. the board and the second one messed me.

Up last time but I can't believe we lost. on our second bet it can't be in the. middle can. it wow oh my God guys mines is just this. is this is insane you guys see this I. went for one tile the center tile and it. had to be that we were having such a. good run and here comes the last deposit. guys I'm not willing to lose more but we. are going to chase this I can't believe. that happened min's is straight banned. from the rest of this video probably the. next couple sessions we were doing good. we were having a little bit of comeback. and then boom first mine on the board. first bet we did three mines bets on one. and we lost two of them and we literally. only did two clicks and we only got one. click on this we didn't even get it dude. that is insane all right guys dice was. doing us well so I'm going to do a.

Couple bets on dice please don't let me. down here dice 709 straight all in right. here guys I think I'm going to do some. Plinko if we can make it out of here I'm. going to flip it to the to this side. this time let's make sure all of our. numbers are good man this has been such. a rough video right here if you guys are. not subed to the channel hit that sub. button for this absolute degenerate. video I hope you guys are enjoying it. that was really close to that end we're. making $30 profit per bet. basically one. more there we go I'm going to take it. that is 802 let's go straight to Plinko. right over here guys low risk let's go. ahead do. $82 all in I am just going to send it on. here we have a 39% chance on each side. of hitting this 5.6 and we are just. going to straight up send it for this. guys make sure you guys do join my.

Discord there's more information for the. $2,000 wager competition we do every. single month that was looking so good. that had me up the edge of my chair that. would have spawn the whole session. around please $4,000 come. on no no no no. no no what is that 441 all right it. we're sending it again 2K we're going to. be down if we hit that wow that is. insane all right I'm going to send this. $441 bet one I do not like that let's go. again. Plinko oh boy what is going on man we. have no motion at all today on. blinko wow that was close to a0 five all. right let's go. again that was looking good all. right 220 guys I'm going to send it. again it's a $1,000 win if we hit this. we are just straight degenerating at. this point we are due for something. right Plinko did us nothing at all today. 220 guys we're trying to to make back.

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