30.04.2024 FACT CHECK: Viral Videos Show Akshay Kumar & Virat Kohli Promoting Aviator Game 1Win App?

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Videos of actor Akshay Kumar and cricketer Virat  Kohli promoting a gaming app named Aviator Game  . 1Win are being shared on social media platforms as  separate posts. Let us look at each of the claims  . individually. A keyword search on the Akshay Kumar  claim led to several media reports stating that  . Kumar’s team has denied his endorsement of such  an application and is taking legal action against  . the misuse of the actor’s identity for false  advertisement. Reverse image search of screenshots  . from the video led to a video with similar visuals  that was uploaded on Kumar’s official Instagram  . account on 9 August 2023. It shows him promoting  his film OMG 2. It appears that this video was  . manipulated to create a deep fake by altering the  audio and lip movement to make it appear as though.

He was endorsing a gaming application. We also  put the video through deep fake video detectors,   and these identified it as potentially being  a deep fake. As for the video of Virat Kohli   promoting Aviator Game 1Win, a keyword search  did not yield reports about him endorsing such   an application. Reverse image search of the  video led to the original video published on   YouTube on 22 December 2023. In it, Kohli  spoke about his personal life and cricket,   and did not promote any gaming app. It appears  that AI and deep fake technologies were used   in this case too. We have earlier debunked a  similar deep fake video of Sachin Tendulkar   promoting an online gaming app. In these cases  too, as the viral videos featuring Akshay Kumar   and Virat Kohli endorsing gaming or betting  apps are deep fakes, these posts are fake.

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