30.04.2024 FROM NOTHING TO $500 ON CRAZY TIME IN 10 MIN!??

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What is going on malay chicken against. it is your big daddy we're back on true. bet we got zero dollars in the violence. how are we possibly gonna be able to. make a video guys today. we try and see how far we can go from. zero dollars in the balance without. depositing a single penny. and if you guys also want to try this. for yourselves in the future click on. the promo section enter the code fly. 69 and redeem promotion and boom you. unlock rewards as well and you can try. this yourself in a month in a week and. in a day obviously you get three. cashbacks let's start off with the daily. i i don't think there's gonna be. anything basically. 20 bucks we'll take that 100 plates so. that makes sense the monthly. i hope this is enough guys i. really do the views are down as well so. i i'm not trying to deposit too much.

Here come on please. 300 ah that's what i was kind of. expecting okay i we can definitely make. a little run with 330. let's actually. before we start do 30 dollars on gold. and in case this hits we have like 700. that would be perfect if this. could actually hit gold it would be. absolutely perfect. is that gold no way no no no no no. no no no no no no no that was all that. was off yeah we're doing a big bad start. off. 100 bed with a 300 balance if this is. bro actually if this is five. this would be amazing. this would be like. oh my god imagine double crease time. could be attend though. oh did we just rip all that money. oh no that's not good okay wait. wait wait wait what what what should we. do now if there's any slot that could. save us i feel like it's a b gaming uh. sweep bonanza knockoff so it on 100.

Bonus. please please don't [ __ ] me here. please don't me here we need this. badly this is all our money 100x imagine. oh my god no bombs it usually drops. bombs guys it usually does drop bombs. i thought i was connecting oh my. god no connects. so many bombs huh 10x come on baby. please. please stars no . oh we really don't. we can't afford this please please don't. oh my god please no we got robbed. [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] wait. what should we do now guys hell. let's do another 100 bonus i guess that. bro that's literally all we can do. basically that really did not pay at all. though so this needs to pay multiple 100. x's here. okay. yes let's go 200 let's go oh i. just knew that okay let's [ __ ]. go we made the money back we're back to. 200 okay we're back to 200. now. everything's just profit here we need.

Another 100x right now another 100x. right the now okay that helps. that's an extra 50 bucks okay. we'll take that we'll take that i. told you guys oh my god that felt good. that felt so good we're almost. back to 300 again after that stupid ass. bet. on on on crazy time imagine bombs. imagine a bomb right there guys he. imagine bomb right there come on. baby please. one more hundred x or a 50 60 x we'll. take a 6x. a quick sweet 60x. no i okay whatever i'll take that i'll. definitely take that if we can just hit. a goal i mean. i bro just imagine the potential imagine. the potential. that's not going to be gold yeah . we'll just stick to crazy time actually. we've only missed a bunch of like. two two and one uh that's uh that's good. i mean we just came back with a little. bit more profit. five does not really make a lot of sense.

I believe we might break even maybe even. lose money five hits no we're definitely. making my braum so stupid and now it's a. multi on there as well whatever uh we. have missed a lot of fives however uh i. i. oh please imagine no no no no imagine. that would be hit oh my god i'm not. around today big boy. we got the root bed shirt. with the. slide six nine on the back. obviously from the section up here five. six nine cuts out a ton that's not a ton. guys allows me to get actual sponsored. videos in the future we are getting a. little cooked right now but we we just. put the shot on i believe the luck is. just. it's coming in any second here guys it. has to be a five or a ten at some point. right. stop oh . of course it's a one god damn it. this is dumb i know this is more than. half our money but the thing is we are.

Making profit please please please. please please please please that's. a two. that's a two is it. let's go oh we needed that 100. oh my god we needed that i know. it's not a big win but we definitely. needed that oh my god that was so good. let's up the bed on 10 a little bit to. 750 in case we hit another one imagine. the 5x. hell man. cash on that could be a cash on this one. no it breaks fast on that it's probably. coin flip. that could be coin actually it's going. to break it's coin flip or nothing. that's a coin flip that's that asset. coin slap. banger we got a coin flip five dollars. is a little cheap we need like 100x. right there to make some type of money. 20x i'll take that i'll take a 20x blue. please. please. reespin. man. i feel like it's breaking a lot right. now. is it not bro it's that ass breaking a.

Lot stop that's a 10.. banger oh my god let's not remove 10 and. five bro are you stupid who told me to. do that i don't know i mean we started. with literally zero dollars we got all. this money from just using group bet. instead of. any other website obviously some. websites have cash backs but uh. the amount would have been completely. different so. that sucks that sucks let's do 29. dollars gold a gold hit would . sick here some profit right now for your. boy. no. what. there's no way oh my god that's. just rude good old 80 dollar. bone spy on sweet bonanza these can go. crazy the purge is coming for ruben. right now we're purging their wallet in. a second with this 80 bonus buy that. seems to be paying a lot right now. okay. yep i'll take that i'll take that three. more spins we need one good spin guys. please.

Okay that's gonna pay more no. definitely died. come on baby please no one more spin. yep we got we got robbed we got. rob. never mind oh my god oh my god i lied. 100x oh my god hundrex please more more. more more daddy please study please oh. my god more. oh my god bro we just got saved oh my. god. we just got saved. no way i just did that uh yup that was. me that was me who did that now you. might say how did you do that it's the. shirt. and it is the 90 cents. on 10. we're gonna end this video right. here with 500 in balance if you guys. want to see how much we can take this. balance we're aiming for a thousand. dollars probably we might catch up we'll. see we'll see in my next video you'll. find out if i uh. imagine actually hit that. uh. next video you'll find out what i do. with this balance we're most likely not.

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