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Can lower stake bonus buys pay. let's find out welcome to the video. everybody how are you doing well. uh 300 odd euros we're gonna do some. bonus buys try and stick around the 80. cent mark and just see if we can get a. nice big win because you don't always. need to spend big to win big. that's my philosophy on this video. anyway. what symbol we get in ok ok full screen. required let's see how we do guys. welcome to the video hit that like. button if you enjoy a full screen on the. first press. 120 straight off the bat. there we go make sure you subscribe if. you're new. don't forget leave me a comment what. game do you want to see me do some. bender spies on on lower stakes. and also don't forget check out all of. our offers links are down below. obviously without your support on that. we can't keep doing this so i do.

Appreciate you signing up. through our links and offering the. support that a sign up brings but please. make sure if you do sign up you do it. responsibly or i'll send governand and. he will hit your hip hit your fridge. where his head. no one wants that. i keep thinking it's going to full. screen again every time i press spin. yeah there's a four. what will the four be 40 maybe. 32 not bad. okay. that cost 80 euros. we've over doubled our money. i mean i'm absolutely blossom of that. right i won euro buy. i mean let's see if this can do anything. on this one. a big symbol would be nice just for the. excitement it brings. oh okay i thought was getting the top. boy then. i mean full screw to this and there's. gonna be money in it. big money. the only problem is with the bigger. symbols. you just don't know if you're gonna get.

Any which is always frustrating but. we're not had one yet that's our fourth. spin. need at least a four don't wait to make. this pay. at least a four. yeah it's only paying a five a foot two. can we go to four please. now we haven't given us anything. and he's been on the tape there. let me keep track of how many bonuses. i'm buying that's two. right i'll do one more. uh we'll lower the stake again because. we didn't win on that one. let's try and get a big big symbol and. get some this time. it's a 10. maybe that's not a bad thing. maybe we've got more chance of getting a. full screen with it being a 10.. or maybe it's going to give us nothing. there's a three. four euros for free. retrigger really helps with a lower. symbol. if you could hook us up with that maybe. again. yes. there we go. that's what we needed. that's money back on one spin for that.

Buy so let's mush this profit in a bit more game here's another full screen please there's a free well a four now would be lovely no okay could be worse right i think we've had our fun on here let's do some sweetie b baby we like sweetie b right 125 is 100. let's do it let's add that 100x goodness you know and actually hopefully it will hit oh there's a 20 30 on the first press a win would be a lovely game hello sweetie b please don't tell me you're gonna be nothing oh there's a retrigger why where do we need that oh we gotta win at least you're not as error oh look at all the blues have you missed there hey the maltese yeah this is a tough one a very tough one not the best 42 68 less than uh less than half back so we did the 80.

Let's see what this can do. come. on not wrote down the money i've done. that's four. we'll need a nice chain of wins and a. big boy multi. that's uh that's what we need. have you not kept going there. 33 not bad nearly half well we're just. over half back now. still got six. spins bananas. multi extra multi. come on. well these have been horrendous so far. uh i'm gonna give it a raise. right if this don't pay we'll try. something else. plays a multi year big multi. grapes oh look at this it's going off. grapes. anything maltese. that's that's massive in it. yes 229. boom. greens. i reckon we're getting 100 on this uh. bonus oh yes nice we're getting 100 i'm. calling it now i don't know if it'll. land or not but we're getting it. i'm feeling it. feeling it in my water. something's happening. come on. don't make me look silly in front of all.

These good people i've said you're doing. well here don't ruin it. don't ruin it. come on. nice multi. leave this a chain on a bit more. all. right well the mythical 100x didn't come. out but still that is a very very nice. hunk of profit there. one more on a raise. don't you dare crash. don't you dare. no. don't do it. don't do it. it doesn't took the money thankfully. hey. just like that. come on then i'm ready i am ready. i've been trusted in your game. i trusted you. well we need the retrigger there. no this is bad one. i need you. really. we need the retrigger. or a multi or both. ah that's a shocker. absolute shocker that one. so disappointed right. where is it. i like this game. in fact i would go as far to say. i like it a lot. 140. 10 and five i mean i could have took. that anyway but it's not bad. just need to change some wins build a.

Multi and it can pay. see the blue guy here. now. turns okay. i need it to be better than this look at. that. okay. christmas in february it's great. come on game i know you can do better. than this i know you can. ace yeah this is in. just doesn't feel like it's gonna hit. need a jack. just feels flat doesn't it oh there's. wires i put just kings in. so lame. horrendous one again. let's try again. oh dear me. absolutely stuck two fingers up at us. there. just laughed in our faces. so lame. two years twentyfour. there's a lot this game. oh we're all in. if it lands. if it lands. frustration overload. yeah i know last one was crap. can we correct one please. well we need this to to pop really that. way or it's a game over. five and ten. yeah it's a times ten but. is this really going to hit something. that pays 60 euros. they can't even now win.

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